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Guinevere On the Eve of Legend Read & Download Ü E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ At twelve years old Guinevere is a typical girl except that she is a princess and unknown to her at this time slated to marry King Arthur Like any preteen she enjoys having a good time but also is unable to refrain from getting into tAt twelve years old Guinevere is a typical girl except that she is a princess and unknown to her at this time slated to marry King Arthur Like any preteen she enjoys having a good time but also is unable to refrain from getting into trouble and rebelling against her father's authority And even though Guinevere lives in the Middle Ages she still has to deal with going to school This includes being chastised by for not doing her homework However being a princess does create problems for her because at thirteen she is expected to leave childhood behind and assume the position of the Lady of the Castle While she is sure that she is not ready to grow up several adventures help guide her to accept her future and even to look forward to it Because of her preoccupation with growing up Guinevere mistakenly shoots a wild boar with an arrow when she and seven year old Cedwyn are out hunting rabbits The two scramble for their lives and their reward is the discovery of a rabbit in one of their traps This innocent rabbit creates problems when it gets loose in the kitchen The rabbit's escape leads Guinevere on a race to redeem herself and puts her directly into the path of. Guinevere On the Eve of Legend – Arthurian Fiction for TweensRating 4 of 5 starsAuthor Cheryl CarpinelloFormat Kindle PaperbackLife as a young princess was perfect Playing and hunting with her seven year old friend Cedwyn Guinevere filled her days with joy and merriment Unfortunately much was set to change as her thirteenth birthday approached She was expected of course to master Latin—a language few spoke But it would be her duty as princess to liaise with the officials who would visit court There were other responsibilities as well as she came of age and no matter how much she wanted to avoid them the march of time would not yield to her wishes Already overwhelmed with these changes Guinevere learns of her arranged betrothal and her world collapsesCheryl Carpinello’s Guinevere On the Eve of Legend is a uniue introduction into Arthurian Legend focusing on the life of the young princess It is perfect for tweens interested in this genre While most young people aren’t royalty they will likely relate with the emotions associated with wanting independence while struggling with the responsibility that comes with itI also enjoyed the simple line drawings introducing each chapter They are wonderfully illustrated and provide additional texture to the novel While the author provides and epilogue foretelling Guinevere’s future I believe additional volumes continuing the story from these early years would make a wonderful series

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A charging knight on his steed with disaster narrowly averted by Merlyn One night Guinevere's father holds a giant feast in honor of King Arthur Guinevere and Cedwyn marvel at the different knights enjoy the feast and hear the storytelling by the bard Guinevere is introduced to King Arthur for the first time experiences the first stirrings of love After the feast Guinevere is treated to a surprise encounter with Merlyn Nimue and a special unicorn Merlyn doesn't miss his chance to relate the tale of the unicorn to Guinevere's future as a ueen Later at a meeting with her father and Merlyn Guinevere discovers that she has been promised in marriage to King Arthur Her response to that is an emphatic No ; as she storms out of the room and literally trips over Cedwyn Guinevere informs Cedwyn that she is running away and he comes with her On their runaway Cedwyn learns that Guinevere is to marry King Arthur and his excitement further enrages Guinevere King Arthur is his idol and one who can help him become a knight Not understanding Guinevere's reluctance and anger Cedwyn helps her to see that she is just like the princesses in the stories who become ueens so that. My daughter read and reviewed this book for our website Here's what we have to say excerptsDAUGHTER SAYSWhat I liked and disliked about it I liked how in the story there was a twelve year girl playing with a seven year old boy because it shows that you can be friends with anyone and it doesn’t matter their gender or age So I liked the relationship between Guinevere and her friend Cedwyn and I liked how Cedwyn said “Guin’ver” – it was cuteIt was interesting to read how people in those times lived It was weird that in medieval times girls would get married so young I wouldn’t want to get married so young Mom thank you thank you thank youI liked that there was magic in the book with Merlyn the wizard the unicorns and the dragon I thought the story of the unicorns was sad because they have to die to save humans but I understood after my Mom explained it to me that meeting the unicorn helped Guinevere decide that she has to meet her responsibilities as Lady of the kingdom and marry King ArthurI liked the pictures inside the book but in some of the pictures she looks like she’s seven not twelvethirteenI didn’t like that at the end in the section called “King Arthur Legend” it said that Merlyn was imprisoned by a lady named Nimue It felt like a bad ending to the story and it made me sadMy bottom line I loved loved this book and I would recommend it to girls and maybe boys 8 years and olderMOM SAYSWhat I liked and disliked about it While much of Arthurian legend focuses on the adult characters of King Arthur Merlyn Guinevere Sir Lancelot and the other knights of the round table Cheryl Carpinello brings to life the story of Guinevere as a young girl prior to her role in the legendary love triangle involving herself King Arthur and Sir Lancelot I love how Guinevere is depicted as strong and loyal yet contemplative The reader is privy to Guinevere’s inner thoughts and turmoil concerning her decision to abandon her childish ways and embrace her responsibilities as daughter of a king and spokesperson and protector of her people I thought she was an excellent role model for tween and teenage girls alikeCarpinello introduces elements of legend and magic as a metaphor for the position that Guinevere finds herself in When Guinevere follows a shadowy figure into the forest near the castle she encounters a rarely sighted unicorn and learns of the purpose and fate of its kind The plight of the unicorn as well as the story of the red deer touches Guinevere deeply and helps her to understand and accept her own destiny which was laid out for her at birth Carpinello weaves these elements within the story so beautifully and lays the foundation for the lessons learned by Guinevere and the reader That being said some of these complex nuances may be harder to grasp for younger children although I think that younger children like my son would still enjoy the storyAt the end of the book there are many “added” features such as a short Epilogue which ties this story to the popular and well known part of Arthurian legend occurring after the wedding of King Arthur and Guinevere There is also a short Afterward which discusses written accounts of the Arthurian legend Also useful in understanding terminology from medieval times is the glossary which provides definitions of words encountered in the text such as amphora a two handled wine vessel bratchet a hunting dog circlet a type of small cake and so on There is also a section entitled King Arthur Legend which provides a succinct description of some of the highlights of King Arthur’s life Finally there are two sections uestions For Discussion and Enrichment and Additional Reading for those who want to explore the story and legend in depthThere are not very many illustrations There are simple pencil drawn illustrations at the beginning of each chapter priming the reader for what will occur in the chapter These were perfectly appropriateOf note this is not the first middle grade book written about a young Guinevere Robert D San Souci has written a series of books centred on the lives of the main characters of Arthurian legend as youths including Young Guinevere Young Merlin Young Lancelot and Young Arthur Additionally Jane Yolen has written some books focused on Merlin and King Arthur as youths However we have not read those so cannot really comment on how good those books are in comparisonMy bottom line I read this story to both my children aloud From Chapter 1 all the way through to the Discussion uestions my children were captivated by the story The story is a nice balance between action elements of magic and fantasy and important life lessons all woven within the historical context of medieval times This was an enjoyable and educational read and I would recommend Guinevere to tween girls and boys Guinevere On the Eve of Legend was provided to us free of charge by the author in exchange for our honest opinion

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Guinevere On the Eve of LegendThey may take care of their people and friends like him Guinevere returns home to make amends with her father Grudgingly with many misgivings she accepts her future On Guinevere's thirteenth Birth Day people from all over the kingdom travel to enjoy the festivities The excitement of the day buries her doubts of her marriage She is met with good wishes wherever she and Cedwyn go They traipse through the tents and join in a rousing game of kickball before the evening feast begins Merlyn's firework show ends with a magnificent display just for Guinevere highlighting her future One year after Guinevere's thirteenth Birth Day finds her and Cedwyn in the forest again but this time Guinevere is teaching Cedwyn to shoot a bow and arrow A final shot by Cedwyn is filled with disaster as his arrow finds a stray boar and the two are in the same predicament as they were a year ago However by this time Guinevere has accepted her future and even fallen in love with Arthur This historical novel of approximately 29000 words Is written at the mid fourth grade reading level The dual purpose of this novel is to acuaint young readers with Guinevere and to entice reluctant reader. In Cheryl Carpinello's middle grade novel we meet Guinevere a young princess a few days before her thirteenth birthday But wait this was not when a princess of England was the princess of all England for no king yet ruled all the land One day King Arthur would accomplish this feat thought by many to be impossible And one day Guinevere would be the ueen of all of England But for now she'd rather play outside the castle with her young friend Cedwyn An interesting read for the 8 to 14 year old this book skillfully integrates vocabulary and information about life in medieval Europe without verging on preachy or textbook like While it will most definitely interest the bookish child with an unuenchable thirst for history it will also amuse those with a penchant for adventure or unicorns