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CHARACTERS ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ Victoria Bylin Cle happened Soulless Jake Malone began to care about Alexandra Merritt an indomitable heaven sent beauty and the small suall. Of Men And Angels by Victoria BylinThis was a great read and slightly different It had the good the bad and the ugly Life and death mistakes in life that could not be fixed and other's that couldJackson Jake Malone was a man who was selfish and didn't think much beyond the moment His brother Gabe had raised him from the age of eight but they were mostly at odds with each other After his last mistake he did not know if he was a wanted man Hung over and beat up he heard an angel singing in the desert He did not care about others but something pulled him towards the angel There was one woman giving birth and before long his angel held a baby and the other woman had died For some reason he felt he needed to protect them Jake brings them to Grand Junction and ends up staying to work for his angel's father's peach orchardAlexandra Merritt was heading back to Grand Junction after ten years in Philadelphia Her father was having heart issues and she had to get home After many delays she was already a month later then she planned After a stagecoach accident that left her alone with the very pregnant Charlotte Smith she soon found herself delivering a baby When she looked up she thought she saw the angel of death watching her but he ended up being her hero Charlotte didn't make it and she had to get home along with a baby boy in her care Jake brings her home and that is just the beginningSexual situations and some languagehttpjustjudysjumblesblogspotcom

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SUMMARY Of Men and Angels î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Õ JAKE MALONE HAD NOTHING MUCH TO BELIEVE IN UNTIL HE HEARD AN ANGEL SINGING IN THE DESERTUnder the blazing Colorado sun a miracle happened Soulless Jake Malone began to care about Alexandra Merritt an indomitable heaven sent beauty and the small sualling life she'd helped b Ing life she'd helped bring into this world But could she help Jake forgive himself his past so that they could have a future. Not well written predictable

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Of Men and AngelsJAKE MALONE HAD NOTHING MUCH TO BELIEVE IN UNTIL HE HEARD AN ANGEL SINGING IN THE DESERTUnder the blazing Colorado sun a mira. Every once in a while you run across a book that seems unassuming and no different from the other books on the shelf at Walmart But then you start to read and the the story unfolds the you think wow This is that kind of book Jake Malone is on the run He's ditching his past and leaving behind all the mistakes and heartache he's experienced over the last few years Along the way he hears the voice of an angel only this angel is crying Disturbed and not even remotely wanting to know why such a beautiful voice would carry such sorrow he tries his best to skirt around the noise to no avail The angel he heard is Alexandra or Alex tending to a pregnant woman giving birthAlex has been on her way home to visit her parents Her father is dying But just before she gets home a terrible accident crushes the stagecoach she's in and the very pregnant woman she's with goes into labor On her own and with no idea what to do Alex does her best to calm the woman by singing while she helps her to give birth Unfortunately the woman dies but her child a boy lives Its at this point that Jake rides up and finds her He agrees to take her and the child to her father's town and see them there safelyThis story had so many layers The past Jake was running from was both emotional and physical He'd spent years under the care of his half brother who both despised him and mentally abused him You would think Jake would be a character you felt pity for but Jake's made his own share of mistakes as well He's definitely in the alpha male category with a take no prisoners and damned the conseuences attitude but deep inside he's still that 8 year old boy who was told he was no good and would never amount to anything He's bought into that belief by being a drunkard a hell raiser and a womanizerAlex also has her share of self doubt She's a spinster at 27 working with orphans in Philadelphia when she gets the word her father is dying She's also just become engaged to her deceased best friends husband a man 25 years older than her in a bid to feel wanted and needed She's used to being self reliant yet when she finds herself in the wilderness with a dying woman and a baby she's finding out that maybe she's not as together as she thinks she is Jake's arrival and subseuent help only reinforce that feeling in her But Jake also pushes all the buttons in her that her fiance never has buttons like passion and want and loveThis is not a wilderness or travel story at all In fact the majority of the book takes place in Alex's hometown But it has a wildness to it that's hard to describe Jake feeling and wanting things he feels he has no place wanting and Alex feeling pulled toward Jake yet feeling guilty about her fiance whom she really doesn't love but respects Victoria Bylin always writes a good story and she really delivers with this oneA