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DOWNLOAD ✓ In the Arms of the Heiress Ó It's all fun and games until someone falls in loveIndependent heiress Louisa Stratton is going home to Rosemont for the holidays and at the family's reuest she's bringing her new husband Maximillian Norwich art connoisseur and artful lover the man she's written of so glowingly There's one hitch—he Proper impressionCharles Cooper captain in the Boer War and with a background far from silver spoons or gilded cages is so hard up that even Louisa's crazy scheme appeals to him It's only thirty days not till death do them part What's so difficult about impersonating a husband even if he doesn't know a Rembrandt from a RousseauThe real difficulty is keeping hi. Favorite uote ”What will happen if they discover we’re not really man and wife This scheme might be considered proof of your insanity”Louisa’s brown eyes widened “Do you think I should be institutionalized”“I wouldn’t wish that on the other patients”This book made me smile a lot The fake husband trope doesn’t always work for me but Maggie Robinson does a nice job with it in this story Set in 1903 Louisa Stratton is very wealthy independent and some might say outrageous heiress She lost her parents at a very young age and was raised by her Aunt Grace After being caught in an indiscretion with another man as a young adult Grace locked up Louisa to keep her away from men This somewhat kills Louisa’s free spirit so when she finally comes into her inheritance she escapes with her maid who is her best friend and goes on an adventure It is during this time she writes to her aunt that she has married the charming and illustrious Maximillian Norwich When she learns her aunt may be ill she decides to finally return to her childhood home The only problem is Max doesn’t exist And now she needs a fake husbandCharles Cooper grew up poor but fortunately had a mentor that schooled him and then sent him into the army He has seen brutality and devastation and comes back to England a broken man With only one eye that works he presently finds himself contemplating ending his life But then he is approached by the Evensong Agency an agency that hires people to fix problems to become Louisa’s fake husband for a month for a very large sum With no other options Charles agrees to become Max He sobers up cleans up and then meets Louisa and realizes this crazy woman is going to very amusing for the next month or soLouisa is such a fun character in this book She drives cars recklessly she says outrageous things and she is very forward in the bedroom She is high spirited and just goofy sometimes I loved being able to watch Charles come to know her His initial reaction to the whole ordeal is that Louisa is a rich and spoiled heiress But he soon learns that is so not the case Louisa is treated uite poorly by her aunt her cousin He learns just how poorly when they arrive at her estate Worse they realize someone is out to harm them after a series of events which leaves Charles and Louisa in danger Charles goes from just playing the part of Max to get money to invested in Louisa’s safetyand her heart He starts to fall for her hard and I really enjoyed their romanceLouisa has this grand notion in her head of how her fake husband Maximillian would act under all circumstances He is of course perfect and at first she often compares this perfect dream she has to Charles who while handsome in his own right isn’t uite as refined Even after Charles gets uite injured Louisa poured a cup with shaking hands “It’s probably gone cold by now”“Doesn’t matter” He took a loud slurp something Maximillian Norwich would never do even if he had been hit with a brick or a shovel Maximillian did all things in moderationExcept in the bedroom There he was fiendishly artful a sleek animal with endless inventive sensual appetitesAlso very amusing is how forward Louisa comes to be in the bedroom after they start fooling around For as randy and devilish Charles can be Louisa still shocks him a lot Like when she catches him in the bath tub She was still standing there making puffy little bunches in the fabric of her nightgown with her fingertips“Oh what the hell” she mumbled then pulled the nightgown over her head“Louisa” He was so shocked her name came out a croak He closed his bad eye and gazed at her in openmouthed wonder“I lied I knew you were in here – I hea

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S hands off Louisa once there's nobody around to see their ruse And then there's the small problem of someone at Rosemont trying to kill him Keeping his wits about him and defending Louisa brings out the honor he thought he'd left on the battlefield But when Louisa tries to protect him Charles knows he's found a way to face his future in the arms of his heires. I'm to sure how I feel about this book It's my first Maggie Robinson so maybe this one wasn't a good introduction to her work On one hand it was a light fluffy uick read with a very farcical premise The heroine is a heiress who creates a fantastical husband to please her overbearing aunt After a year of running wild on the Continent she's 25 or 26 and the setting is 1903 she needs to return home But of course she needs to bring home a pretend husband So she hires a decorated war hero who has the deepest of issues I understood the PSTD and that was fine but what he actually did with the Boer woman was too much That was too over the top for me So there was this weird imbalance between light and fluffy and deeply troubling hero and for me it didn't seem to work out well This novel I'm sure is meant to be a romantic comedy with laugh out loud moment I mean the hero gets attacked pretty much every day but its done in a light way that is kind of serious but mostly not The reveal of the baddie was done in a ok there's 20 pages left here's the villain Maybe it was suppose to be done in a who dun it style with the classical so and so can be ruled out but not you sir or madam points figure I liked it but I didn't I wasn't able to fully connect with it Although what I did like was that the tables were turned and the heroine became the seductress and pretty much initiated the love scenes And even those felt a little over the top There was a point where the hero didn't want to continue because he felt like she was using him and she even uestioned what is the male euivalent to a mistress He even used the usually heroine used line I'll lose respect for myself and I'll grow to resent you line So in that aspect I thought that was interesting The next in the series is about a highlander I do like my highlanders so we'll see about this next one


In the Arms of the HeiressIt's all fun and games until someone falls in loveIndependent heiress Louisa Stratton is going home to Rosemont for the holidays and at the family's reuest she's bringing her new husband Maximillian Norwich art connoisseur and artful lover the man she's written of so glowingly There's one hitch he doesn't exist Louisa needs a fake husband and fast to make the. You know those books that you start to read and you love the beginning so much that you think you are going to devour them in no time at allbut then you get hit by a crazy amount of silliness and you just feel like crying because you spent your money on thatYup this one was one of thoseLucky me Once upon a time like in the beginning of the twentieth century there was an heiress well I guess there were lots of them but you know what I mean called Louisa Stratton who was in desperate need of a husbandA fake husband after all she is rich why would she need a husband after allSo why the need for a fake husbandWell poor Louisa has a family from HellHer parents drowned when she was a small child leaving her at the care of an aunt who basically kept her imprisoned until the girl came into the possession of her inheritance at the age of twenty five years oldBesides the aunt there's a cousin The evil aunt's son who apparently spent a lot of his time trying to compromise or even rape the girlFor crying out loudNow a year later and having tasted freedom for the first time she finds herself being summoned home because she may yes she did that have written that she had married a handsome devil aren't they all rich obviously and intelligent guyWhen your family already thinks that you aren't the smartest person in the world telling them that you married an idiot wouldn't probably be wise Now the family wants to meet such paragon which leaves Louisa in a bit of a situationLuckily for Louisa Mary Eversong the proprietor of the Evensong agency has just the right candidate for the jobEnter's War hero Charles Cooper Okay I am going to stop right now with the book descriptionThis story had everything to work but unfortunately around chapter twelve thirteen things started to fall apartThe whole romance or attraction ends up being developed full speed ahead which was really disconcerting considering that it involved two individuals that were in the presence of one another for about a day Two days maximum Also apparently suffering a head trauma may be considered as a prelude for having sex which was also weird to readAnd after that it just went downhill with all the soap opera silly moments that ends up taking placeIt goes from oh after this night of debauchery that we had we'll keep our hands to one anotherfive minutes later they're in bedEvery single day the guy is the target of some sort of attack with all the hits to his head I'm surprised he didn't go into a coma Then there's the marry me says he two days after they've met that will be followed by no I am not good enough for youMake up your mind and stick to it for crying out loudThey're a boring lot of characters All of them Louisa as the main character is one of the most boring heroines I've ever read aboutShe's supposed to be wild and reckless with her shocking modern way of thinking but I never bought it I wanted to see some character development because the girl starts with no backbone whatsoever unfortunately she ends up in the same way she started as As for Charles he has a sort of wtf back story that was supposed to make us see him as a hero but which was in truth appalling to read about He was a capt in the Boer war and during a time responsible for a women's concentration camp view spoilerand we are told that there was this girl who didn't want to die as a virgin so Charles heroic and noble Charles went through the trouble of depriving her of such conditiondeep breath but since the girl was in such an unhealthy state I just can't she dies immediately after of a heart attackof course being a gentleman he blames himself for having killed her with his dick hide spoiler