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characters Resistance ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF é Marianne a French 15 year old is reluctantly working for the Resistance during World War II The fear and pressure are getting to be too much for her and she is angry with her mother for continuing to participate in the movement despite the mounting danger to the family MariannLeted with the family and a sickly British officer is hidden in the woodshed Marianne never knows who is a fellow Resistance worker and who is colluding with the Nazis Compounding her escalating terror is the predatory Nazi commanding officer who left one girl in a nearby town pregnant The taut story line builds tension from the first page Marianne's confusion and fear are realistically rendered Yet she is a typical. Resistance was written by Janet Graber This is a story that is set during World War 2 in 1942 in Paris France Marianne Labiche a 15 years old girl who is taking care for her deaf brother Micheal ever since her father died in war Marianne is a caring for her brother is very impulsive when they are hiding a Jew in their shed and is very hardcore when it comes to love pg13 and pg138 After Marianne's father died in the war Marianne is worried about her deaf brother Micheal when he is doing very dangerous assignments for a secret organization called the Resistance although her mother Maman does not worry about the danger Micheal is getting into One of the tasks the Resistance assigned was to hide a Jew until they can find him a way home Later throughout the book the leader of the Nazis in France Colonel Bloch starts to get really suspicious about Marianne's family so he sends a soldier by the name of Sergeant Mueller to live with them for a few weeks pg 35Throughout the book they handle tough times dealing with the soldier and the Jew hiding in there shed Five days later at precisely five o' clock in the afternoon I answer a timid knock on the parlor door And there stands Sergeant Mueller come to live in our housepg35The novel is written in first person point of view with Marianne as the narrator of the story This helps the readers of the book notice the thoughts going through her mind and how her moods start change throughout the book The themes in this book are family should never let each other go and trust on another The mood changes throughout book because of the struggle living with a random Nazi solider while hiding a Jew right under his nose Marianne learned to trust the solider she was living with because he didn't tell his boss that they were hiding a Jew in there shed Also Marianne knew to not report Captain Crossland Jew in the shed to colonel Bloch because she knows that he has family out there waiting for him to come home The most important uote in the was spoken by Marianne With every stitch I will sew a seed of hope Hope for us all pg139 This uote shows that even though there is bad things happening right now there is still a chance of good out there With these words Marianne knew there is still hope that the war will endThe way Marianne and I are alike is that we can learn to trust other people Marianne knows how to trust Captain Crossland pg9 her mom pg13 and Sergeant Mueller pg138 Even though I am hiding a Jew or living with a solider trusting others in my house is the key to family and friendship Overall this book was really uniue Like on page 139 when Marianne already started to hate Sergeant Mueller just because he was a Nazi solider It started out to be really boring for me in the beginning when it got close to the end there were conflicts between the characters which started to make it really interesting I would recommend this book for people who are interested in wars and relationships with family I would rate this book a 810 because of the interesting but uniue personality of MarianneSPOILER ALERTThe climax of the novel is when Sergeant Mueller finds out about the Jew that is hiding in there shed Marianne and her family must be cautious around Sergeant Mueller On pg 132 Believe me Madame I a not a monster I did not report the fugitive in your woodshed This is the climax because the trust throughout the family starts to fall apart Unfortunately Micheal dies after taking a bullet for Marianne that was shot by Colonel Bloch Marianne and her family couldn't trust him any Towards the end of the book Sergeant Mueller returns home late that night with Captain Crossland who was found lonely at the train station and Marianne and her family trusted him At the end of the book Sergeant Mueller told how he felt to Marianne and left there family forever And I kissed his Lips page 138

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Teenager who dreams of being a clothes designer someday and only wants her family to be safe This leads her to do something terrible that imperils all of them Ultimately she is forced to look beyond the war with its established enemies and allies to see real people and judge them as individuals With winning characterization and a compelling plot this uick read will appeal to reluctant readers as well as voracious one. Fifteen year old Marianne can't understand why her mother has put Marianne and her brother at risk by joining the Resistance an underground movement organized to fight the German occupation of France There is plenty of emotional conflict as she has to deal with the English soldier her mother is concealing a German commandant who attempts to molest her and the young German soldier who is temporarily billeted in her home It is a story of war but also a story of inner conflicts and struggles as Marianne works through issues of trust and loss and the realization that people are individuals and can not always be easily categorized as enemy or “friend”

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ResistanceMarianne a French 15 year old is reluctantly working for the Resistance during World War II The fear and pressure are getting to be too much for her and she is angry with her mother for continuing to participate in the movement despite the mounting danger to the family Marianne promised her father who died while fighting that she would care for her deaf brother and keep him from harm Now a German officer has been bil. I have read previous reviews and I noticed how one woman pointed out that the rape scene was unnecessary and disturbing or whatever she said Honestly I disagree with her 100% German soldiers DID take advantage of younger French women and Jewish women back then and it wasn't uncommon at all That DID happen I'm glad that this novel did not go into EXTREME details about anything but it did refer to it in the smallest way I loved this book I'm used to hearing about how mistreated the Jews were by the German but I haven't heard much about the French which is why this book appealed to me so much Great read