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The Complete Roman ArmyThe Roman army was one of the most successful fighting forces in history Its organization and tactics were highly advanced and were uneualed until the modern era Spectacular monuments to its perseverance and engineering skill are still visible today most notably Hadrian’s Wall and the siegeworks around the fortres. I admit I am a history geek Roman history especially on the Roman military happens to be one of my fave go to topics Adrian Goldsworthy is one of my fave authors to read when it comes to the history of Rome I find his books incredibly informative and easy to read This book did not disappoint I found it engaging from start to finish I was able to learn in depth about the Roman army I am now looking for my next Adrian Goldsworthy book to read next

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S of MasadaThis book is the first to examine in detail not just the early imperial army but also the citizens’ militia of the Republic and the army of the later Empire The unprecedented scope and longevity of Roman military success is placed in the context of ordinary soldiers’ daily lives whether spent in the u. The author is an expert in Roman military matters with several previous works to his credit and even though he’s an academic his style is exceptionally readable without being oversimplified or talking down to the reader He begins with the origins of the citizen army under the early Republic made up of soldiers who volunteered as a matter of patriotism This worked fine for several centuries when Rome’s sphere of influence was still relatively small and campaigns were limited in time As conuests expanded though and continuous occupation became necessary a full time professional army became necessary made up of career soldiers receiving pay The ethnic make up of the army also shifted with a large percentage of non Italians being accepted though they were still citizens as the law reuired and with a much greater proportion of non citizen auxiliaries added to the TO Other sections of the book cover the many aspects of a soldier’s life both on garrison duty which might be most of the time and at war Great attention is given to weapons and euipment and the author is careful to note the many competing theories based on scarce evidence The nearly 250 illustrations even include photos of modern reenactors whose experiments and field trials have answered many scholarly uestions A lovely book well written and edited and very useful as a bridge between casual interest and academic study

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characters The Complete Roman Army ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ñ The Roman army was one of the most successful fighting forces in history Its organization and tactics were highly advanced and were uneualed until the modern era Spectacular monuments to its perseverance and engineering skill are still visible today mosIet routine of a peaceful garrison or in arduous campaign and violent combat Key battles and tactics are described and there are brief biographies of the great commandersDrawing on archaeology ancient art and original documentary sources this book presents the most convincing history ever published of the Roman army. If you are looking for a terrific detailed look at the Roman military look no further It's true that naval warfare and marine engagements are given short shrift but fighting on water was never the Roman preference anyway For a look at the legions for most of Roman history the well trained well euipped multi skilled land army this book is the best you'll find The book covers 500 years of history but the time up to Augustus and the Principate is given only 50 pages or so at the beginning of the book and late antiuity civil wars the fall of the West is given even shorter shrift However this leaves 150 or so pages of detailed analysis on all aspects of the late Republic and Imperial army This includes euipment and organization recruitment and training duty rosters and even what legionnaires did off duty religion sieges and heavy euipment logistics and much For example the author talks about the ways that ancient armies greeted each other their contrasting methods of attempting to intimidate Germans with war cries Romans with a near silent relentless approach until in spear throwing range when they toss bellow and surge forward I've read a lot of Roman history but I've never had as clear a picture of what a legionnaire did in battle as I did from The Complete Roman Army In my opinion the best parts of this book are those that try to get down and dirty with ancient soldiers and officers A lot of time is spent explaining who these people were where they came from and what their lives were like I especially liked how in places the author contrasted the best available evidence with the Hollywood image and explicitly states that though you've seen that on the big screen what probably happened is this instead Mr Goldworthy explains both strategy and tactics in detail down to the level of a front line soldier clashing with his enemy These sections paint a vivid picture of these people's lives some of the most dangerous and pointed moments of their lives and makes their world breathe again This is an excellent book on the subject good for a read through and as a check a topic reference If you are interested in the topic check this one out