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There’s to winning battles than fists and feetFor world renowned professional fighter Georges St Pierre the greatest asset is not physical strength or athleticism it’s a sense of purpose From his beginnings as a small mercilessly bullied child first discovering karate to his years as a struggling garbage collector who spent all his free time in the gym his hard fought rise in the sport of mixed martial arts and his long painful recovery from a career threatening injury Georges never lost sight of his ambition to become the greatest martial artist of all time In The Way of the Fight Georges for the first time reveals w. An extremely insightful book I brought it with me to my teaching job at the high school and so many students who weren’t necessarily readers expressed an avid interest I made many connections with the book as a martial artist who had to fight from a young age I wish I had 100's of copies to give to kids Really They would read it Surprising in the vulnerability that GSP is willing to show in this book about being bullied losing fights and struggling but insightful and worthwhile because of this This is very different from other MMA fighters’ autobiographies I have read and of much worth on many levelsGSP on Bruce Lee and the Importance of Mental and Physical Fluidity“Bruce Lee is one of the greatest martial artists there ever was He was the first to try and accomplish so many new things He took the word ‘artist’ beyond the known boundaries of the word Bruce for example was the first to train his muscles not for power but for functionality He understood very early on that real physical power complements other skills that are important like strategy and techniue He believed that total fitness was the perfect combination of many things flexibility strength and a strong respiratory system He found that real strength was found in connective tissue—which holds muscles on the human frame— than muscle size or muscle mass In fact Bruce Lee believed that bigger muscles could actually be bad for martial artists because they limit movement and fluidity He saw that big muscles actually make people slower and reduce their mobility For Bruce everything had to be fluid Fluidity made Bruce Lee who he is and had a huge impact on my development too It shows the human and philosophical side of the ultimate martial artist Here’s something he said about being fluidEmpty your mind be formless shapeless like water If you put water into a cup it becomes the cup You put water into a bottle it becomes the bottle You put it into a teacup it becomes the teacup That water can flow or it can crash Be water my friend I’ve learned that a thing is perfect only if it’s perfect for you For me that comes from being fluid from being open to ideas and better ways of doing things Think of Bruce and the water analogy sometimes you can see through the water and other times it clouds and you can’t see anything Sometimes water can drill through the hardest surfaces while other times it can just go around them It can erode rock over thousands of years or it can carry tiny pebbles away In other words water constantly changes shape and consistency it’s essential to survive and it chooses its own shape Life is like that too To control it you have to master it and learn the source of its power and the nature of its course I like to think I’m like water that adapts to its surroundings and eventually finds a way in It’s certainly how I train and how I’ve seen other great fighters evolve “Georges St Pierre “The Way Of the Fight”Georges St Pierre’s reflections in relation to Bruce Lee may not be historically accurate as warriors who fought in hand to hand combat over centuries uncounted extending into prehistory had little time for non functional muscles but the points he makes should be contemplated in relation to how we should train and the essential need for practical functional strength and fluidity—both mentally and physically

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The Way of the FightHat propelled him not only to become a champion but to embrace obstacles as opportunities to build characterGeorges’s story is interwoven with fascinating insights from those who know him best his mother who tells of his drive to master new skills even as a child His mentor Kristof Midoux who describes a young fighter with an extraordinary sense of discipline His Brazilian Jiu Jitsu teacher John Danaher who witnessed the development of an indomitable work ethic His coach Firas Zahabi who worked alongside the champion through a potentially career ending injury And his longtime friend training partner and manager Rodolphe. I really like the style that this book was written in Its a mix of fighting philosophy and science while also learning about GSP and his lifeAs Aristotle wrote a long long time ago and I'm paraphrasing here the goal is to avoid mediocrity by being prepared to try something and either failing miserably or triumphing grandly Mediocrity is not about failing and it's the opposite of doing Mediocrity in other words is about not trying The reason is achingly simple and I know you've heard it a thousand times before what doesn't kill you makes you stronger Georges St Pierre The Way of the Fight Pg8The power of the unexpected The worst punches are the ones you don't see coming The ones that don't give your brain an instant to prepare you for the blow The ones looking for a place to connect Especially when the thrust be it a fist knee or foot strikes your temple or your chin Those are the strikes you don't immediately feel You can't Your body gives priority to all of the power exiting it The powerful and instant displacement of human matter is so great that your knees buckle then cease to function All of you ceases to function And you go down Georges St Pierre The Way of the Fight Pg27You don't get better on the days when you feel like going You get better on the days when you don't want to go but you go any way Unknown The Way of the Fight by Georges St Pierre Pg178The real test is this one When you're alone in a room when you're in a private place and nobody else can see you what do you choose to do Eat well or eat poorly Exercise or watch television Practice something or do nothing The best version of the truth appears to you and you alone when nobody else can see This is the test of discipline and it's what makes the difference in your life It's what regulates your own system and guides it The individual alone comprehends it Georges St Pierre The Way of the Fight Pg183 184

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The Way of the Fight Free download ↠ 0 ñ There’s to winning battles than fists and feetFor world renowned professional fighter Georges St Pierre the greatest asset is not physical strength or athleticism—it’s a sense of purpose From his beginnings as a small mercilessly bullied child first discovering karate to his years as a struggliBeaulieu who may understand this intensely focused athlete than anyoneThe Way of the Fight is an inspirational look into the mindset of a master To Georges all life is competition and there’s no perfect metaphor for competition than the life of a fighter He explains the value of discipline risk and even fear with the wisdom of one who knows that nothing is assured his next fight could always be his last Drawing inspiration from fighting legends Eastern philosophy and a trusted inner circle The Way of the Fight is a powerful life changing guide to living with purpose and finding the way to accomplish your loftiest goals. A glimpse inside the mind of arguably the greatest MMA fighter of all time Obviously this isn't a biography but of an explanation book where Georges looks back on the people and events in his life that he believes to have been formative and that built his character Still while not a biography he touched on certain events in his childhood such as bullying and how that effected him growing up If you followed GSP's career there was nothing groundbreaking no incredible revelations but it does offer motivation He shares some of his favorite uotes and shows the mindset that made him a champion If you're a lazy bitch like me reading that book it kind of gives you somewhat of a Tony Robbins esue kick in the ass to do something you have been putting off doing for a long time Me I finally started running in the mornings I mean I will FOR SURE uit as soon as the book expires in my memory but it's somethingActually what I found a little interesting than Georges' writing is the parts of the book written by the people surrounding him especially John Danaher Master and Firas Zahabi Maven I am a fan of MMA and have immense respect for these two After hearing hundreds of those stories from different coaches throughout the years of how they right away saw a future starchampionlegend coming through the front doors of their gyms it was refreshing reading John explain how completely unremarkable GSP seemed and how he achieved the heights he did by sheer will power determination and hard work Not a natural Jon Jones talent story here If I consider Jon Jones to be an underachiever hindered by his personal demons after reading this book I believe St Pierre to be an overachiever Strange to say that about a legend like Georges but that's the impression I got