READ Â You Can Create An Exceptional Life

READ You Can Create An Exceptional Life

READ Â You Can Create An Exceptional Life ×      For countless people the words of Louise Hay have served as a beacon leading them out of the darkness of despair and into the light of a better life Cheryl Richardson is one of the many individuals whom Louise has greatly influenced before going on to become a best selling author herselfNd our bodies; aging consciously; bringing true prosperity and abundance to the world; manifesting positive relationships both with family and friends and in the workplace; and facing death in a dignified and peaceful way     These two amazing women are living proof that the spiritual principles they discuss in these pages really work As you read you’ll discover that you too have the ability to create an exceptional lif. You Can Create An Exceptional Life was an enjoyable read I've heard a lot of great things about Louise Hay and her renowned book You Can Heal Your Life but up until now I never really took the time to look into her workIt's not difficult to see why she is loved by so many This book suggests that this woman was a bundle of pure joyThe book is written from the perspective of Cheryl Richardson and filled with excerptsuotes from her time spent with and interviewing Louise And while I didn't find that it really contained anything I haven't heard before I did find reading about Louise's positive outlooks have a positive effect on me I've definitely found myself being conscious of how I'm thinking and using positive affirmations in my day to day both of which has been conducive to feeling greatIf you've read a few self helpspirituality books it's likely you won't find anything new in this one but it's always good to be reminded that the way we are thinking dictates how we feel and the reality we createAll it takes is a moment of awareness and a shift in perspective to begin creating an exceptional life If you're looking for a uick and light read that could invoke a positive shift in your thinking and experience you may want to give this one a look at

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G in your hands As Louise and Cheryl engage in a series of empowering and intimate conversations you’ll feel as if you’re simultaneously having lunch with your best friends and also attending a master class put on by two leaders of the self empowerment movement     As they travel throughout North America and Europe together Louise and Cheryl discuss a wide range of topics including the importance of loving ourselves a. I begrudgingly gave it two stars because I liked the affirmations listed at the back of the book Otherwise this is just the same thing both of these women have been teaching repackaged and not very well written For My review approaches the book from two perspectives If you disagree with either of my perspectives feel free to write a review of your own I won't leave comments saying that your review is wrong just because you love a book I don't and I trust you will have the same respect for my opinion which may differ from yours as I have for yours

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You Can Create An Exceptional Life     For countless people the words of Louise Hay have served as a beacon leading them out of the darkness of despair and into the light of a better life Cheryl Richardson is one of the many individuals whom Louise has greatly influenced before going on to become a best selling author herself     So what happens when these two combine their collective wisdom into one book     The result is what you’re now holdin. “You Can Create An Exceptional Life” may well have been titled “Day By Day With Louise Hay” The new Hay House release features best selling author Cheryl Richardson relaying a series of conversations she had with self help pioneer Louise Hay “I’ve been thinking about things that are relevant to my spiritual growth” Louise says in the introduction “and I thought we could talk about that”The book’s conversational style makes it a very easy read Cheryl’s detailed descriptions made me feel like I was sitting at a table with these two remarkable women taking in all the wisdom shared Once I picked up the book I could not put it down finishing the 161 pages in three daysI was impressed with Louise’s vulnerability in her descriptions of various challenges she had worked through in her life Devastated by a divorce at age 42 a chance invitation to a lecture at a Religious Science church started her on the spiritual path “There I was sitting in this lecture when I heard someone say ‘If you are willing to change your thinking you can change your life’ While it sounded like a small tiny statement it was huge to me It caught my attention” Louise says Cheryl probes deeper “Why do you think that caught your attention” she asks “I have no idea because I was a person who never studied anything But something about this subject spoke to me at that time and I made a decision to go back” Louise repliesLouise Hay was a person who never studied anything As she relates her life story Louise comes across as a very ordinary person like you and me who proceeds to transform her life through positive thinking and affirmations The message I took from the book if she can do it so can weCheryl too adds her followup comments throughout the book which further enhances the lessons that Louise is conveying “As Louise and I talk about the ways in which our thoughts influence our lives” she writes “I become even aware of how significant and powerful this idea really is So much of what we both believe teach and practice in our own lives is based on a concept that is still seen by many as far fetched New Age or simplistic at best” In this way the reader gets the full impact of both Louise’s and Cheryl’s outlook on life and it is uite a powerful one – two punch“You Can Create An Exceptional Life” is than a series of life lessons from Louise and Cheryl To get maximum benefit I recommend trying the positive affirmations scattered throughout the book for yourself I have read of the power of affirmations but never really put them into daily practice I reviewed the “Collected Affirmations” summary at the back of the book and wrote down the ones that particularly resonated with me Now I meditate on those affirmations each morning It’s only been a few days but I can already feel a difference – I am slowly shifting to a positive orientation“Today so many people want fast success But when we’re on the spiritual path and responding to what Life presents us I think the most powerful work we do happens gradually over time” Louise says in one chapter “It’s almost as though we don’t realize it’s happening We look back and think ‘Oh my look at all that’”“You Can Create An Exceptional Life” can be a valuable aid to your own gradual spiritual transformation It’s a book I have already started to reread – full of wisdom that just makes me stop in places and think “hmmm – I’m going to try that affirmation myself”This is another book review in my partnership with Hay House I was not financially compensated for this post I received the book from Hay House for review purposes The opinions are completely my own based on my experience