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free read Cinderellas Shoes Cinderellas Dress #2

free read Cinderellas Shoes Cinderellas Dress #2 õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB î The war may be over but Kate Allen’s life is still in upheaval Not only has she discovered that Cinderella was real but now she's been made Keeper of the Wardrobe her sole responsibility to protect Cinderella’s magical dresEpsisters’ modern descendants But Cinderella’s dresses are just the beginning It turns out that the priceless glass slippers might actually exist too and they could hold the power to reunite lost loved ones like her father missing in action since World War. this book does not need Cindrella’s dress to be read and understood but by reading Cinderella’ s dress first you get a better idea and background first You also get depth to the characters and the parts they play Each character has a role and has importance even if it isn’t seen at firstThe building of the era and the surroundings is excellent and needed so that you can transport yourself back to this time the descriptions and stories make you feel as if you are there living it The history of Cinderella as we know it is upended and this viewpoint and tale is just as wonderful and beautifulShonna Slayton has taken a fairy tale we all know and adore One we wish would happen to us and upends it a little We now have the descendants taking a role but the dresses and shoes are magical the fairy godmother is a woman named Esmerelda but known to others as something elsethis adventure takes place when Kate is on her way to Italy with the Kodolenko’s and Johnny Johnny is on his way to work with his dad for the summer the Kodolenko’s back home after claiming the dresses and Kate to find Cinderella’s shoes and her dad Nessa is the next in line for the dresses and boy is she spoiled she loses sight of what is important and begins to treat Kate as a servant She forgets that as a princess she is to serve others and not boss them around The dresses take over her thoughts and she lets the greed that all is warned about consume her We do however get glimpses of the real Nessa throughout the book and at the end when she learns her lesson Overall Nessa is a nice caring girl who gets caught up in the idea of being a princess and having something others want In a way so does Kate she doesn’t get spoiled but possessive Her fear of not doing what is best for the dresses has her become green She thinks of herself as the owner instead of the keeper It is Johnny and her adventure that has her see this Her and Nessa are the next generation for the dress and shoes and they are to change the role this has I hope we get to read how this happens in later booksJohnny there aren’t enough words for him He is swoonworthy So loyal kind and amazing He loves and supports Kate as she does him He has the patience of Job for understanding about the keeper role and waiting for Kate to find her way He is steadfast and wonderful What lesson he learns when they are pulled into a game and left behind is that he needs to trust Kate like he asked her to trust him This goes a long way in helping their relationship get stronger Their belief in one another is never ending and their support of each other is infinite as is the love and respect they have for each other He is a true Prince Charming and I want to see of him and Kate and how their relationship builds in later booksThe story itself is uniue and as said before upends the cindrella tale We get a fun twist about the dresses and shoes and see them be used for good and hopefully find a new tale with them The adventure through Poland is eye opening and dangerous for Kate She has to learn to rely on Lidka Lidka who wants to love but is afraid of losing everything again Who is angry about the war When Lidka realizes she was used she shows herself to Kate and helps her out Lidka is the complex character who shows us all what can happen when you lose everything and are afraid to show your love She is the one who helps everyone learn lessons from their greed and want of the dresses This is a creatively written beautiful and alluring tale of hope dreams and love About finding faith in those around you and in the love you have for others About reunions that show what it means to have love and have a fairy tale happen with a happy ending About finding someone to love and trust and about beginning to open your heart and let someone in A great adventure for a pair of shoes that can lead to finding a father that leads to danger and lesson learned but also finding out how much someone means to you and learning what greed can do I hope that this series has to come because with each book the story got alluring and entrancing and drew you into the characters era and tale being unfolded before you Each book drew you into the book and had you feel you were living in the moment and feeling what the characters were A wonderful book and series so far

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II ended As Kate and her boyfriend Johnny embark on an adventure from New York to Italy and Poland in search of the mysterious slippers they will be tested in ways they never imaginedBecause when you harness Cinderella's magic danger and evil are sure to foll. Overall I liked this I thought it was a really solid seuel to Cinderella's Dress and it was so good to see the conclusion of everyone's storyThere was a lot less of Elsie in this book which was sad But I understand why her health is failing and she's no longer the Keeper Most of this book actually took place out of America so we only got a bit of Josie and Kate's mom too But it allowed other characters to shine which I liked We also got to meet Johnny's parents Mrs Day is a sweetie and Mr Day seems like a really OK guyNessa I was never really sure how I felt about her I liked her at the end of the first book but in this one I always felt kind of off balance I never really hated her but I never really adored her either view spoilerShe has a lot of ideas about the dresses and sometimes her attitude was a little too cavalier about them and she brushed off Kate and her duties than once That bugged me I also leaned little towards how Johnny felt at least at the beginning all her ordering Kate around really got on my nerves after a while but I think it was supposed to But I have to admit she did have her moments where she improved so in the end I was kind of ambivalent toward her I didn't hate her but I didn't love her hide spoiler

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Cinderellas Shoes Cinderellas Dress #2The war may be over but Kate Allen’s life is still in upheaval Not only has she discovered that Cinderella was real but now she's been made Keeper of the Wardrobe her sole responsibility to protect Cinderella’s magical dresses from the greed of the evil st. I received this book from Netgalley and Entangled Teen in exchanged for an honest review See the full post for the blog tour at For many young girls there is no better dress than the one that graces the pages of the fairytale Cinderella In their wistful imaginations they close their eyes and transport themselves to The Ball in their magical new gown sewn with magic searching for Prince Charming But the story doesn’t end there We all know that at the stroke of Midnight Cinderella must dash away as to not reveal her true identity But in her wake she leaves behind one token that proves her existence The magnificent glass slipper These shoes have spurred many a dream and an abundance of shoe addictions These are the shoes to rule them all But what if these shoes were real Would they hold the same magical powers as predicted in the story told for generations and generations hence Or would they be even powerful than we could have ever imagined This is what Shonna Slayton explores in the seuel to her first book Cinderella’s DressShonna Slayton has landed upon a very interesting angle in which to work the fairytale retelling craze by not simply remaking the Disney version of Cinderella Instead she has taken a story that we all know and made it the derivative of her own original plot While the story rotates around the crux that is Cinderella’s story she creates her own plane of reality which is set in the era of the 1940’s Slayton picks up where she left off in Cinderella’s Dress by immediately addressing the absence of the shoes So if you haven’t read the first book TURN BACK NOW or you may encounter some spoilers However I will do my best to conceal any major plot points I appreciate where Slayton has taken each of her characters Now that the war has ended her characters are now left to live in the post war world which leaves them all changed in their own way War touches everyone and Slayton does a great job of showing that even in the most subtle of ways Each character has evolved and has begun to grow into themselves Each character is well rounded and has their individual arch which is something that not many authors achieve Her follow through in this development is very well done and not hard to miss In the first book I felt that there may have been an imbalance when it came to the plot about just Kate’s day to day life as opposed to her life in reference to being a Keeper of the Wardrobe There was a lot of backstory that I felt could have been left behind and not enough about the dress In fact there would be several chapters with no mention whatsoever about the dresses However I wanted to keep going and see how things changed in the second book I believe that Slayton has found a better balance between the plot about Kate and the plot about Kate and the story of Cinderella It is a difficult task to manage two seemingly similar plot lines throughout the same story and I believe that Slayton has gotten better at this with the practice of writing this series I do still wish that there was in reference to the legend of Cinderella but perhaps that is not the goal of the book In any case I enjoyed the plot for what it is and will not try to wish it into being something elseI appreciate the attention to detail that Slayton has placed on the accuracy in this work Her nuances are spot on all the way down to the slang the teenagers used in that time I love this time period and its existence in this book was the second reason I was so drawn to this book the first being that it was about the wardrobe of Cinderella For this I very much enjoyed being ushered into that time in a realistic way It was refreshing to take a break from 2015 and relax in the times of the 1940’s even though that time period was nothing but chaotic The fact that I was able to so vividly picture the reality Slayton has created within the confines of the 1940s is only further proof that her development of the story in this regard is sound I give this book 35 out of 5 stars I was so very excited to read this book and its predecessor but it some ways was left wanting When the title is Cinderella’s Shoes you expect the majority of the book to be dedicated to that purpose What I encountered was closer to half So in this regard I was slightly disappointed However the rest of the book and its charms were uite refreshing and a pleasant read It was delightful to read a story that took me back to a rich time period and engrossed me as soon as I arrived For this the book is outstanding Should the intertwining of the stories been seamless and balanced the work would be perfect