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DOWNLOAD ´ Powder Pavlova (Southern Lights #1) ↠ ETHAN SHARPE is living every young Kiwi’s dream—seeing the world for a couple of years while deciding what to do with his life Then he gets a call Two days later he’s back in New Zealand Six months later his mother is dead his fifteen year old brother is going off the rails and tT on with his life He isn’t looking for a relationship especially with someone fifteen years his junior but Ethan is gorgeous troubled and in need of a friend Tanner could be that for Ethan right He could brighten Ethan’s day for a while help him out maybe even offer some stress relief no strings attached It was a good plan until it wasn?. Tanner and EthanAfter four years of traveling Ethan got back home for the worst reasonAnd now it’s just him and his younger brother Kurt Ethan still grieving has to take care of him and work hard to run the cafe she left him And business is going down fastKurt is hurt but also angry at Ethan Their relationship is going badThen there is Tanner a somewhat older guy who is in town for business for some monthsThey start something good and both know it can’t lastBut the months go by and their connection is getting stronger And the end is nearSo that’s the story in a nutThere is so much story Heartfelt emotions with Kurt and Ethan Strong loving emotions with Tanner There is fun jokes great humor and sexiness There are fights tears and grief There is goodbye A wonderfully written emotional story that was very touchingA great development of character and environments and a catching story


ETHAN SHARPE is living every young Kiwi’s dream seeing the world for a couple of years while deciding what to do with his life Then he gets a call Two days later he’s back in New Zealand Six months later his mother is dead his fifteen year old brother is going off the rails and the café he’s inherited is failing His life is a hot mess a. I waffled around with my rating on this one a little bit mostly because it is a slower moving book and it took me about a week to read But in the end I felt the feels I wanted to feel Powder Pavlova is an emotional moderately angsty read with great secondary characters and some real life relationship complexities It was my first read from Jay Hogan and it made me want to read her whole backlist There was a big helping of insta lust which usually doesn't work for me but underneath that these guys were both wrestling with some real pain One the loss of a career and an identity that he has to confront for the first time in years and the other the death of a parent and the new responsibility as a caretaker for his brother These aren't light issues and they are treated with a lot of respect and realness Though the book moved fairly slowly I felt like the progression was organic and made sense Even the conflicts didn't feel manufactured Plus there is SO much potential for stories in the series with all of the awesome side characters A wonderful read even if it was a bit attraction forward for my tastes I can't wait for the next in the series Copy provided in exchange for an honest reviewgoodreads|instagram|twitter|blog

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Powder Pavlova Southern Lights #1Nd the last thing he needs is another complication like the man who just walked into his café a much older sinfully hot EPIC complication TANNER CARPENTER’s time in ueenstown has an expiration date He has a new branch of his business to get up and running exorcise a few personal demons while he’s at it and then head back to Auckland to ge. A Joyfully Jay review 4 starsPowder and Pavlova starts the new Southern Lights series from author Jay Hogan I was so excited to hear that the author not only has a new book but a new series I have enjoyed all of her books with one making my best of list this past year From the start with this book though the overall set up didn’t grab meEthan is completely stressed out his brother is not doing well and he’s not looking for a hookup Since Tanner is leaving town soon they decide to become friends but it was already than that Tanner is busy and focused on getting his project going His business is a distant second choice from where he wanted to be and he may be finally ready to come to terms with that The setting in New Zealand is great as there aren’t a lot of books set there and the writing is still great but it didn’t engage me as much as I was expectingRead Michelle's review in its entirety here