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Read & Download The Motion of the Body Through Space 104 ✓ In Lionel Shriver’s entertaining send up of today’s cult of exercise—which not only encourages better health but now like all religions also seems to promise meaning social superiority and eternal life—an aging husband’s sudden obsession with extreme sport makes hiIn Lionel Shriver’s entertaining send up of today’s cult of exercise which not only encourages better health but now like all religions also seems to promise meaning social superiority and eternal life an aging husband’s sudden obsession with extreme sport makes him unbearableAfter an ignominious early retirement Remington announces to his wife Serenata that he’s decided to run a marathon This from a sedentary man in his sixties who’s never done a lick of exercise in his life His wife can’t help but observe that his ambition is ?. I’ve got to be honest I wasn’t sure at first that I was going to like this book as Remington and Serenata nee Terpsichore Alabaster’s conversations at breakfast are not the ‘please pass the marmalade dear’ variety Oh no Much erudite intellectual and maybe a bit competitive However intrigue set in and I found myself totally immersed and invested in their story The couple are Baby Boomers and clinging to lost youth as best they can They are not alone Serenata has been a runner for many years but regrettably has to give it up when her knees gave out She continues to exercise as best she can with a punishing routine that includes burpees and sit ups and so on Serenata is a bit of a trail blazer though there’s no artifice to this she just likes to do what no one else is as she refuses to follow a crowd When Remington an early retiree and a non runner decides that he wants to do a marathon he becomes a slavish convert to the detriment of his marriage and his body When he meets Bambi Buffer a trainer he ups the ante and decided to take on a MettleMan Iron Man in the UK Triathlon which he clings to as if it is his ‘get out of jail free’ anti aging life raft This brilliantly incisive look at the almost evangelical exercise to excess and personal denial ‘religion’ and it’s detriment effects on body soul and relationships is very acutely observed The characters are really good and I especially like the portrayal of Remington and Serenata and their marriage which almost implodes under the pressure of Serenata’s resistance and Remington’s obsessiveness Yes she’s jealous and disdainful of his new found love of mass exercise and her loathing of Bambi is palpable She’s very easy to loathe ‘The Cult of Bambi’ followers are slavish and do not see that she is vile opinionated blinkered unfeeling and downright wrong in what she preaches I’m very pleased to say that eventually cue Cyndi Lauper that we ‘see your true colours shining through’ and Bambi is shown as a fraud My greatest admiration is for Serenata who ploughs her own furrow and is an individual Remington’ father Griffin is a lovely character too and to my surprise given the low bar build up from his parents I rather likes their wrong side of the tracks son Deacon but their self righteous daughter Valeria frankly needs a slap I really like the way the obsession with pushing yourself beyond reasonable limits is portrayed and it makes you think The author makes thought provoking comments about the ‘Redemption’ Generation who forswear everything that is well nice and makes life joyous Serenata uestions if it is all worth it and whether we should just embrace age and so on and just be happy Make your own mind up I think I’ll stick to Zumba followed by cake One cancels out the other right Overall this book makes you think It’s very well written it’s a clever portrayal of aging and coming to terms with it Note to self avoid a knee replacement at all costs Poor Serenata Many thanks to NetGalley and Harper Collins Harper Fiction for this outstanding arc

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Bearable narcissist Ignoring all his other obligations he engages a saucy sexy personal trainer named Bambi who treats Serenata with contempt When Remington sets his sights on the legendarily grueling triathlon MettleMan Serenata is sure he’ll end up injured or dead And even if he does survive their marriage may notThe Motion of the Body Through Space is vintage Lionel Shriver written with psychological insight a rich cast of characters lots of verve and petulance an astute reading of contemporary culture and an emotionally resonant ending. Fuck it I'll give her 5Shriver is consistently one of if not my favourite author There were sentences in this that she seemed to have downloaded from my own brain Including one of my favourite rules that I thought I alone had come up with The surest way to win someone else's game is not to play it at allI just love itIt's about the American fitness craze but really anything to which we devote ourselves religion drugs whatever isn't it all the same Rich with personal meaning but arbitrary to everyone else Potentially harmful objectively pointless I mean we're all gonna die anyway and even the most famous among us will pass out of history eventually when the sun explodes and erases all history And when it comes to exercise exceptionalism does it really make a difference if you run 26 miles all at once or over two weeks It's been done anyway Then there's the super ultra extreme marathons and endurance tests and those have also all been done anyway Okay so you want to prove to yourself that you can run a marathon Go on then but calm the fuck down and don't act so smug as if it really means anythingI fucking love that someone dedicated two years of their life to deliver this Leo esue message There's also frustration at wokeness which I also share maybe don't publish me BECAUSE I'm gay but that doesn't land uite as effectively It's like an ill timed bit from a Republican comedianI can't imagine that the core message of this book is terribly popular I imagine that most people even readers a small subset of whom look to be challenged with uncomfortable but essentially indisputable ideas but a greater number of whom made The Alchemist a bestseller wouldn't want to hear what this book has to say But as Shriver puts it it's funny how even groups you don't want to be a part of can make you feel excluded And when huge swathes of people unuestionably centre themselves around various activities that make no sense to you you can become convinced that there's something wrong with you So this book is the kind of thing that keeps people like me saneBut what am I supposed to do in the intervening two years it takes Shriver to write her next book

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The Motion of the Body Through Space??hopelessly trite” A loner Serenata disdains mass group activities of any sort Besides his timing is cruel Serenata has long been the couple’s exercise freak but by age sixty her private fitness regimes have destroyed her knees and she’ll soon face debilitating surgery Yes becoming active would be good for Remington’s heart but then why not just go for a walk Without several thousand of your closest friendsAs Remington joins the cult of fitness that increasingly consumes the Western world her once modest husband burgeons into an un. Sitting on the couch reading a slaying satire about exercise fanatics should be as satisfying as a chocolate chip cookie but Lionel Shriver’s new novel is exhausting I’ve never felt so worn out by the labor of wincing“The Motion of the Body Through Space” tells the story of Serenata and Remington a long married couple in their early 60s living in Hudson NY A grim coincidence of professional and physical setbacks has recently halted the pleasant progress of their lives Osteoarthritis in both knees has forced Serenata to stop running a habit she had practiced for decades And Remington has been forced out of his job at the Albany Department of Transportation a dismissal that has unmanned himAt a moment when they should be stewing together in stationary solidarity Remington suddenly announces “I’ve decided to run a marathon” That declaration opens the novel and launches Serenata and Remington toward a crisis that will test their marriage and even threaten their lives Having never seen her husband “run from here to the living room” Serenata is dumbfounded by his new obsession But her skepticism uickly curdles into bitterness She takes it as a personal affront that Remington has decided to start running only now that she must stop She imagines that running is her thing a proprietary discipline begun and perfected by her long before the rest of America turned it into a fadIndeed the fitness industry is a fat target for satire And Shriver brings all her ferocious wit to bear to mock its hucksters and disciples Readers who have endured condescending pity from well toned gods and goddesses will initially relish Shriver’s merciless To read the rest of this review go to The Washington Posthttpswwwwashingtonpostcomentert