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FREE READ ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ô John George Pearson Reggie and Ronald Kray ruled London's gangland during the 1960s with a ruthlessness. ”Although they were obviously identical twins Reggie was very different thinner uicker with a certain shifty charm He made most of the conversation which to tell the truth was slightly heavy going speaking in a rapid almost inaudible monotone I noticed his right hand was bandaged He had cut his thumb rather badly murdering Jack ‘the Hat’ McVitie a few weeks earlier‘How did you hurt yourself Mr Kray’ I inuired brightly‘Gardenin’’ he answered” John Pearson the writer of this book knows he is fortunate to be alive He was asked to write this book about Ronnie and Reggie Kray just before the twins were convicted with life sentences The initial conversation was stilted because the Krays were just beginning to realize that the hold they had over their friends associates and business contacts was in the process of fraying apart They didn’t know who to trust and the role of the biographer in their minds was to enhance their images It wasn't to ask uestions about the very things that were going to land both of them in jail for the rest of their lives ”They had a few weeks before the preliminary hearings to clinch their case and persuade the major witnesses to talk They knew exactly who they were but had to be able to assure them that this time the twins were finished Otherwise as one old cockney put it ‘if people talk to the police and the twins get off again they’ll have to send the plague cars into Bethnal Green and shout ‘Bring out your dead’”Given the level of paranoia The Twins were experiencing during the lead up to their arrests Pearson knows that he came very close to being one of the bodies being slung up on the plague cart After all to write this book he had to get source material from the people surrounding The Twins the very people who had now decided to turn ueen’s evidence Tricky The Krays especially Reggie were talented boxers Reggie could have been a contenderOne of the first uestions I had about The Twins was how did they come to power so uickly And why did the police allow them to get so much control Well The Krays were born in East End and when they reached their teens they started boxing This was a great outlet for their boundless energy It was a way to hurt other people without getting in trouble When they were drafted for the military they didn’t like it There were too many rules and too little free time to do what they wanted to do They went to great lengths to force the military to dishonorably discharge This effectively ended their boxing careers as well They decided why work There were plenty of people working They just needed to find a way to sueeze a few pounds out of everyone and they would have than enough to live well It wasn’t difficult getting control of the East End The old gangster in charge was soft He avoided violence and by doing so got along well with the coppers Everyone understood the rules so everyone could coexist peacefully The Krays weren't interested in peace They were interested in power The police including Scotland Yard were totally taken off guard by the rise of The Krays Crime was always a presence in London but it never really got out of hand Sure criminal elements were breaking the law but people were not getting hurt at least not physically One advantage The Krays had was the fact that they were identical twins When they were accused of crimes in the early days before Ronnie’s features started thickening they confounded eye witnesses by simply asking them which one of us did it Of course no one could tell them apart so the police had no means by which to charge one or the other with a crime As The Krays gained power they didn’t have to worry about witnesses any because everyone had learned that mum is the word in regards to anything involving The Krays Ronnie is so confident in the power of their reputations that he walked into a crowded pub called The Blind Beggar and shot a man in the head in front of a room full of people When the police arrived no one had seen anything I couldn’t help but think of a room full of Sergeant Schultz’s from Hogan’s Heroes I see NOTHING I know NOTHINGThe Twins are identical but their personalities are very different Reggie is intelligent and blossoms as a club owner when Ronnie is sent away for a short stretch in the pen He is also a hetersexual despite the constant badgering from Ronnie ”What you thinking of goin’ with a bloody woman You’re gettin’ soft Don’t you know that women smell and give you diseases’I’ve actually always thought women smelled pretty good Ronnie is a homosexual ”There was no hint of effeminacy about him ‘I’m not a poof I’m homosexual’ he would say and was genuinely put out by the antics of effeminate males ‘Pansies’ he used to say with the same cockney contempt with which he would pronounce the word ‘women’” Don’t feel like you're missing out ladies He was a paranoid schizophrenic In fact as they assembled their gang of criminals Ronnie insisted that everyone call him Colonel He wasn’t uite to the point of thinking of himself as Napoleon Many paranoid schizophrenic assume the personas of someone like Napoleon Teddy Roosevelt or Winston Churchill because the lives of these people are the only lives big enough to explain their own grand vision of themselves Interesting to see a man who in the 1960s could be so comfortable with being out of the closet with his criminal associates and the world at large The Krays invested into the nightclub business in the West End which gave them opportunities to rub shoulders with the rich and famous In fact during the trial the one that eventually sent them both to jail for the rest of their lives Ronnie said ’If I wasn’t here I’d probably be drinking with Judy Garland now’ He wasn’t being flippant though he did get a laugh out of the courtroom Garland was freuently in the company of The Krays along with people like George Raft Frank Sinatra Lord “Perverted Peer” Boothby just to name a few ”Ronnie Kray began getting what he seemed to want the pretense of friendship the appearance of respect even of social success these were people who could introduce him to the smart life if he wanted it They took him to their homes their London clubs dined him in the House of Lords introduced him to celebrities It was surprising how cheap the rich world was and it gave Ronnie a new role the playboy gangster in a sophisticated world”The brothers were branching out into property fraud extortion protection syndicates armed robbery blackmail arms dealing and money laundering Oh and when you crossed them or even just insulted them they might decide to kill you Ronnie dreamed about killing people in the same way I might dream about a vacation in the South of France He had an ambivalence about the moral implications of killing someone Their criminal files have references to than a couple “presumed dead” associates because the bodies have never been found They are still unsure of exactly how The Krays disposed of their victims but some speculated about a crooked undertaker who for the right price could make sure two bodies fit in a casket instead of one Pearson also talks about the bond between twins and the fact that even as Reggie would attempt to move their business into legitimate avenues that Ronnie would always pull him back into the violence The bond between them was too strong for either to venture very far from the wants and desires of the other one Their rise to power is spectacular They were at times capable of being brilliant certainly the old adage of ‘two brains is better than one’ grows exponentially when considering the special bond between identical twins They were a strong and powerful force that made men bigger stronger and smarter reluctant to tangle with them Eventually they do slip up and do end up in prison for the rest of their lives They will continue to live on in the stories that are told about them in the books that are written about them and in the movies that portray their lives For a short but memorable time a pair of criminal twins held London West and East in the palm of their hands The 2015 movie starring Tom Hardy and Tom Hardy has been released I for one intend to see itIf you wish to see of my mo

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DOWNLOAD ✓ Profession of Violence Rise and Fall of the Kray Twins ´ Reggie and Ronald Kray ruled London's gangland during the 1960s with a ruthlessness and viciousness that shocks even now This book has been expanded to include further material on such matters as Lord Boothby's close relationship with the killer And viciousness that shocks even now This book has been expanded to include furthe. November 1989 while on a trip to London doing some research for my novel Silence I picked up a book at the London Dungeon called London The Sinister Side and there was a section devoted to The Kray Twins I became fascinated by their story I uickly got on the phone and called fellow author and screenwriter Scott Cherney and said I just learned about these guys called The Kray Twins I think this will make a great filmhe said you're too late Peter Medak is shooting the film right now as we speak But you're on the right trackSo when the film came out I just became attracted to their story I managed to find an original 1972 hardcover edition of John Pearson's book and devoured it It's so well written I didn't want the book to endSo I reach the end of the book and decide I have got to know I do my research and write a letter to Ronny Kray in Broad He forwards my letter to Reggie who wrote me a wonderful personal letter We begin a long exchange of letters and he puts me in touch with family members to talk about writing a new book on he and his brother Ron The book was to be called Half of One Sadly both brothers became increasingly ill with cancer once Ron passed away Reggie lost his drive to go forward with the book but continued to send me letters I was very lucky indeed to see a side of the Krays away from tabloid lies and rumors I'm not saying the boys were saints but I was lucky to learn about them from the lads themselves I highly recommend John Pearson's book he really does their story so much justice than the film which places many of the events out of context

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Profession of Violence Rise and Fall of the Kray TwinsR material on such matters as Lord Boothby's close relationship with the killer twi. I openly admit to reading this so I'd have some background on the upcoming Tom Hardy movie Legend The trailer makes it look Hollywood slick in London but I wanted to get a feel for the Kray twins as I'm an American and had never heard of themThis was an interesting look at twins and asked some interesting uestions