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The Quality of Mercy Read ¿ 107 Õ Rebecca Lopez enjoys a life of privilege in Elizabeth's England yet she guards secrets she dares not reveal The beautiful tempestuous daughter of the ueen's own physician Rebecca is also a converso a Jew who practices her prohibited religion clandestinely helping others of her banned faith escape persecution and deaRebecca Lopez enjoys a life of privilege in Elizabeth's England yet she guards secrets she dares not reveal The beautiful tempestuous daughter of the ueen's own physician Rebecca is also a converso a Jew who practices her prohibited religion clandestinely. If you've seen Shakespeare In Love you'll have a good idea what this tale covers Add a Jewish family who practise their faith in secret as it was banned in Britain and Jews were subject to the Inuisition in Europe A young woman of the family dresses as a man to visit the playhouse There is a lot less stage work and play writing than we'd expect; a friend and mentor of Will's is killed early in the tale and Will spends much time alone impractically travelling England's roads to search for his killer I was surprised that Will could not bring some good friend with him while deliberately riling a king of thieves seems unlikely and extreme in its outcome Be prepared for every woman to either be a prostitute or be called one while there is copious strong language brief sex and earthy humour of the day that today we don't find funny This however tries to be two stories in one and comes out as overlong and compensating for vivid unpleasant descriptions of the Inuisition in Portugal and Spain with the scant details of the murder It's easy to see that the main focus is on the Jewish family few of whom I liked and the terrors and indignities suffered by such people at this time We can uickly realise that The Merchant Of Venice from which comes the title uote might have been written after Will met a Jewish girl the stereotype of Shylock is contrasted with the moneylender's daughter 'fair Jessica shall be my torchbearer' The idea is good and we see a segment of the population not normally considered among the tales of Papist plots against the Crown Sorry but I spotted the American origins of the writer; a creature called a 'ground suirrel' is killed the term used twice No ground suirrels would be found at this time not even grey suirrels in Britain The native tree dwelling red is rather small and would not make a complete hat much less all the uses suggested for its body parts

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Helping others of her banned faith escape persecution and death And her insatiable hunger for excitement often takes her to the bustling streets of London in male garb to experience the kind of adventure available only to men But one such outing is leading. This novel has a mystery some intrigue love and adventure It is set in Elizabethan England where Jews are banned from the country altogether Rebecca Lopez and her family are conversos Jewish in secret and Protestant in public As it says in the back of the book Rebecca disguises herself as a man so she has some freedom in her restricted life She meets Shakspeare and adventure mystery intrigue abounds Kellerman successfully describes Elizabethan England and society Dialogue is realistic and catching It is one of Kellermann's best

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The Quality of MercyHer into a dangerous viper's nest built of intrigue and foul murder in the company of a dashing young actor who inflames her romantic passions even as he escorts her toward peril a charming and fearless would be playwright who calls himself Will Shakespea. DNF stopped at Ch 16I must provide a caveat to this post by saying I am on a lengthy fantasy fiction kick for the past 6 months and decided to read this one off non series book to pass the time until the book I want to read arrives in the mail I usually love historical fiction because of the real peopleplacesevents referenced that by the conclusion of the story make me feel a little bit knowledgeable about some piece of history having retained very little from school but this one failed to captivate my attention Maybe I've just read too much about Elizabethan England and Shakespeare at this point or it could be my frame of mind going into it was totally unexcited and resigned to reading a book that's been on my shelf for some time collecting dust but I was totally turned off from this book To be fair Kellerman did an excellent job at creating very real characters because I not only disliked them I was thoroughly disgusted by them in other words her depictions were TOO realistic and TOO detailed for me Yes most people are disgusting beasts who lack morals and even an ounce of respect for others and this is particularly true in 1590s Europe particularly true for women and I've read this kind of historical fiction before but I didn't expect all the detailed thoughts of a sicko wannabe rapist who I'm sure is a definitely a rapist but I don't need the details of how his penis reacts when he thinks of raping Rebecca the half mad ravings of Shakespeare OK OK I've read that portrayal of him enough by now the filth of London City descriptions of dead bodies on stakes being the least of my concerns in this book or the rape y behaviors of Elizabeth first time I've ever read of anything suggesting her tendencies to use her royal power to take advantage of teenage girls seriously not judging her interest in females my issue is all the rape this book is throwing in my face within the first 100 pages so Kudos to Kellerman but this was just too morbid for my liking I have read AND thoroughly enjoyed books that detail religion and the gruesomeness of medieval living because I enjoyed being educated on both but at this particular moment in my life I can't digest any I would have powered through if I empathized with any of the characters but I've read about Rebecca types before dressing up as a man is an all too common theme for this time period and just don't care about her plus I just accidentally read a spoiler on the ending sooo shrugs And for whatever reason maybe the current state of world affairs I'm having a difficult time accepting the attitudes of the men in her family without modern bias regardless of how historically accurate Her granmama is probably the best character that's been introduced by the time I stopped reading and she's mostly just referred to Further the plots mysterious murder of Harry Whitman who will Rebecca be eventually forced to marry secret espionage to save Spanish Jews from Inuisition didn't hold my interest in the least I don't tend to shy away from the hideous histories but this book is going back on the shelf to collect dust until I can donate it to the library or someone with a stronger stomach