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Julii Cæsaris uæ extant Download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Gallic War Civil War Alexandrian War African War Spanish WarBetween 58 and 50 BC Caesar led his army to twice invade Britain and conuer most of the land that is now France Belgium and Switzerland The Gallic Wars served two purposes to offer a record of CaesE other volumes in the Landmark series this edition edited by Robert B Strassler and Kurt A Raaflaub supplements the text with detailed maps images and annotations to place the work in historical and political context And with stunning endpapers and color graphics this beautifully produced large format hardcover makes a terrific gift for history and classics enthusias. This is the only way I would suggest reading any of Julius Caesar's works It provides an incredibly detailed worthwhile commentary and translation of a number of works which are simultaneously historical documents narratives strategies and propaganda One cannot review Caesar's work himself here instead reviewing the work of the translators and editors who have once again demonstrated their commitment to providing a well constructed retelling of an important facet in Western canon Latin students who once shuddered at the thought of Gaul being divided into three parts can approach an intimidating work in its own contextWhat works especially well here is the Landmark brand treatment There are dozens of essays provided here that each act as an immersive piece that helps one understand what is unmistakably an alien culture a mischaracterized leader and a complex political landscape I appreciate the time toil and talent that was reuired to compile the extensive footnotes and essays that fill this book It is reminiscent of a Study Bible in many ways which in this case is a boon to studying any historical and freuently misunderstood literary pieceAs stated elsewhere the things that work to the detriment of this edition is indeed its comprehensiveness The concept of putting a number of essays and deep dives online in PDF format was perhaps good in theory but in a practical sense is a guarantee that they will go unread or otherwise become a cumbersome addition when such detail could have been limited Having short excerpts of the web essays in the appendix would have softened the blow with further details expounded upon in these Web Essays still being a flaw but one with a softer impact I ended up printing the PDF as a booklet and binding it myself as a Landmark Companion of sorts It is an imperfect solution but a solution nonethelessOne thing not touched on in other reviews is simply how many footnotes are provided can be overwhelming Once again I can appreciate the endeavor but unfortunately there are multiple points especially in Gallic Wars where I was so inundated with information in a single footnote that the flow of my reading was wholly interrupted What benefits are given by the treating of Caesar's work in a similar vein to a study Bible are also its greatest detraction in which I must read the work verse by verse as opposed to chapter to chapter Perhaps this was intended If so I would have appreciated some sort of guide to reading this book in the introduction as opposed to a lamentation of the labors put into itDespite this you will receive threefold the value you pay for this book even if you begin as an individual with little interest in the Roman Republic or Julius Caesar It reuires patience and a degree of self direction but you will be greatly rewarded for the work you put in and the money you put down for another Landmark masterpiece

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As a compelling effective leader which would be a key part of his public image as he fought off his rivals for control of the empire Caesar chronicles his struggle to rule in The Civil Wars from his crossing of the Rubicon in 49 BC through the death of his chief rival Pompey and the ongoing efforts of Pompey's heirs and followers to remove Caesar from power As with th. this is the book for any one interested in Caesar and his campaigns Notes are comprehensive plus on line notes I haven't even touched yet Years of reading This is the authoritative Caesar

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Julii Cæsaris uæ extantGallic War Civil War Alexandrian War African War Spanish WarBetween 58 and 50 BC Caesar led his army to twice invade Britain and conuer most of the land that is now France Belgium and Switzerland The Gallic Wars served two purposes to offer a record of Caesar's travels and insights into his military strategies and to present the Roman public with a portrait of Caesar. Until I purchased this book I had never attempted to read the works of Julius Caesar And after reading this I'm glad that I waited until now to do so as I doubt that I would have found them as accessible and comprehensible as Kurt Raaflaub makes them in this translation The first step is the essay length biography that serves as the Introduction to the book In it Raaflaub gives readers an overview of Caesar's life that is worth reading even for those already familiar with it as in it Raaflaub provides a helpful context for the books that follow These he presents in chronological order starting with Caesar's Gallic Wars and concluding with the Spanish Wars As Raaflaub explains the inclusion of the later books in what is termed the Corpus Caesarianum represents something of a fudge as their authorship is increasingly distant from Caesar with only a few portions of the Alexandrian War based on Caesar's own drafts and the African War and the Spanish War written entirely by other authors both of whom were likely officers who served in those campaigns Yet the value of even the later works as firsthand accounts of Caesar's campaigns is enormous justifying their inclusion here It is Raaflaub's labors with the translation though that make this book such a worthwhile read Unfamiliar as I am with Caesar's writings I cannot comment on the uality of the translation from the original Latin or how it compares to the English language translations undertaken by other scholars For me the value lay in Raaflaub's extensive footnotes and the supplementary materials he provides The notes helped provide a modern explanation for the various Roman concepts and names mentioned in the text while the maps and images provide further context and definition Best of all their inclusion within the text itself with the notes at the bottom of the pages and the maps next to the relevant passages saves readers from laboriously paging back and forth through the book for them Together they make Raaflaub's edition an incredibly useful edition of Caesar's works one that makes his classic account of his campaigns accessible to readers today