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Betty AUTHOR Tiffany McDaniel Free download à 104 ´ A stunning lyrical novel set in the rolling foothills of the Appalachians in which a young girl discovers stark truths that will haunt her for the rest of her life A girl comes of age against the knife So begins the story of Betty Carpenter Born in a bathtub in 1954 to a Cherokee A stunning lyrical novel set in the rolling foothills of the Appalachians in which a young girl discovers stark truths that will haunt her for the rest of her life A girl comes of age against the knife So begins the story of Betty Carpenter Born in a bathtub in 1954 to a Cherokee father and white mother Betty is the sixth of eight siblings The world they inhabit is one of poverty and violence both from outside the family and also devastatingly from within The lush landscape rich with birdsong wild fruit a. More than five star worthy my favorite book of summer 2020 ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ I read and loved The Summer That Melted Everything when it published four years ago Incidentally I won a copy of that book from a blog giveaway and since it was autographed I was put in contact with the author and uickly found she is as lovely and kind as I imagined she’d be When you read one of her books now that I have two under my belt I can say this with absolute certainty the reader knows she has something special in her hands Books don’t come written like this every day Storytelling isn’t always this memorable And you know all know I love books and authors so at the heart of what I am saying is I absolutely adored this book It’s THE book My book of summer Betty is a story based on the author’s mother’s life It’s written in first person with Betty narrating She shares the earliest history of both her parents and then takes us through the family’s life as her siblings are born before and after she is born and up through the years as she comes of age Growing up in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains in small town Breathed Ohio which is a character all its own Betty’s first person narrative is an intimate storytelling She brings us right into the story alongside her dear family and this family They have a loving father named Landon a Cherokee storyteller who passes his gift on to Betty and likewise to Tiffany the author Every story he shares is a glorious explanation of the way the world works This humble dear vulnerable loving father I don’t think I could love a character Betty’s mother Alka has a tormented past and she has her share of difficulty with mental health as a result The author writes about this with honesty and openness while showing how most of the family adapts supporting one another There’s such tenderness between many of the characters such complete devotion There’s complexity too where their human nature comes into play the push and pull so many families experience in their dynamic No one is perfect and Betty with her insightful narrative doesn’t hide anything from the reader Betty is bold and strong and completely authenticThe family experiences a number of difficulties big heartbreaks strife and losses and every single time Betty gets back up again And through all of that the family has each other Some of the siblings are present for each other the most loving way Landon is there to comfort guide and believe in his children when they struggle to find meaning themselves When I was a mere 5% into this book I fretted about not wanting it to end This book is THAT good The characters are living breathing loving and endearing They go through the darkest and most unsettling of times and I was with them for every bit of this journey I never wanted to endI voted for The Summer That Melted Everything to win every literary prize in 2016 I will be right there shouting from the rooftops that I loved this book Please be aware that while I call this book beautiful in so many ways dark things happen to and within this family That is not what this book is about Powerful emotional beautifully descriptive and haunting I will never forget Betty her indelible story or the way she shared it through her daughter’s masterful skillThis review is a work in progress I’ll be back to clean it up and as I process what this book means to me ❤️ While I received a gifted copy early copy I preordered both US and UK copies on my own Yes I HAD to have the signed Waterstone’s special edition from the UK Why doesn’t the US do special editions Many of my reviews can also be found on my blog wwwjennifertarheelreadercom and instagram wwwinstagramcomtarheelreader

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N and in the face of all she bears witness to Betty discovers an escape she begins to write She recounts the horrors of her family's past and present with pen and paper and buries them deep in the dirt moments that has stung her so deeply she could not tell them until now Inspired by the life of her own mother Tiffany McDaniel sets out to free the past by telling this heartbreaking yet magical story a remarkable novel that establishes her as one of the freshest and most important voices in American fictio. ’I’m a child only as tall as my father’s shotgunWhen I sit next to him I can feel the summer heat coming off his skin like he’s just another tin roof on a hot day’Her mother tells her stories dark filled with ominous warnings about what life is like for women She knows from experience Her father tells her stories too some from his family Cherokee legends and some from his heart and one about his heart a heart that is made of glass When she asks how a piece of glass is inside him he tells her ’It’s hanging’ in there from a sweet little string Within the glass is the bird God caught all the way up in heaven’‘Why’d He put a bird in there’ she asks So a little piece of heaven would always be in our hearts Safest place for a piece of heaven I reckonAnd when he lays her head on his chest asking her if she knows what that sound is from she tells him it’s the beating of his heart but he replies that ’It’s the noise of the little bird flappin’ her wings’But this story is Betty’s and it’s uite a story she has to tell A story filled with her love for her father and her sisters especially but also with racism and the many scars of childhood and life Coming from a family of eight children Betty has five older siblings when she is born in a bathtub in Ozark Arkansas in 1954 Two younger siblings will follow and money is tight and that’s when this story really begins to take shape after the youngest Lint was born and they decide to move again They are living in an old rundown house that they bought sight unseen in the southern Appalachia town of Breathed Ohio the location of the author’s debut novel The Summer That Melted Everything settling in Breathed Tales of older times pop up now and then some of which serve as a warning There’s so much love in this story as well as things to love I loved the stage that Betty’s father builds for her and her sisters one like his mother had in her garden and the garden of her mother and so on back to the beginnin’ of time where the women and girls would sing to keep the crows and insects away Their singing seeped into the ground enriching the soil and the garden thrived from their songs Men and boys weren’t included since it was the girls and women chosen the ones given the power that Nature recognized For every time this story broke my heart McDaniel pieced it back together again I loved the connection that Betty has with her sisters despite how broken they seem to be at times how desperate they are to escape this place and be seen as being worthy of love but especially with her father I loved that despite everything in her life that might break another person Betty seems to bear the burdens and to thrive despite the adversity The stories of her father offering her solace and fuels her desire to be like him to be a storytellerPub Date 18 Aug 2020Many thanks for the ARC provided by Knopf Random House

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Betty AUTHOR Tiffany McDaniNd blazing stars becomes a kind of refuge for Betty but when her family's darkest secrets are brought to light she has no choice but to reckon with the brutal history hiding in the hills as well as the heart wrenching cruelties and incredible characters she encounters in her rural town of Breathed Ohio But despite the hardship she faces Betty is resilient Her curiosity about the natural world her fierce love for her sisters and her father's brilliant stories are kindling for the fire of her own imaginatio. 4 strong stars for this unforgettable storyThis is a story about family Betty is the daughter of a white mother and Cherokee father Of all her siblings Betty develops the most physical traits of her Cherokee heritage Betty’s father takes pride in teaching his children the stories of his ancestors and passing down his family traditions involving the healing powers of plants and herbs Betty’s family struggles to fit in no matter where they live but her family unit keeps her grounded and confident that things will get better Based on the authors’ mothers’ life this story is brutally honest haunting and exceptionally well writtenI will warn you that this is not a book to read if you are feeling emotionally vulnerable in any way There are several ugly gut wrenching dark and horrific scenes Yet as uncomfortable as those scenes were to read the exuisite writing pulled me so deeply inside this family that I simply couldn’t turn away from them My heart ached for what this family endured yet I remained hopeful for them The main theme of the strong sense of family bond and loyalty was captured so perfectly I was teary eyed than a few times while experiencing the love and comfort these siblings offered each otherThis was a sad but beautiful story that I highly recommend Thank you to the author for sending me a review copy