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READ & DOWNLOAD Ó The Better Liar â When a woman conceals her sister’s death to claim their joint inheritance her deception exposes a web of dangerous secrets in this addictive new thriller “Like most of the dead I want to be remembered”Robin Voigt is dead If Leslie had arrived at her sister’s cramped Las Vegas apartment just hours earlierOwn But when their father passed away Leslie received a rude awakening She and Robin would receive the inheritance he left them together or not at all Now her half of the money may be beyond her grasp And unbeknownst to anyone even her husband Leslie needs it desperatelyWhen she meets a charismatic young woman who bears an uncanny resemblance to Robin and has every reason to leave her past behind the two make a reckless bargain Mary will impersonate Robin for a week in exchange for Robin’s half of the cash But neither realizes. NO SPOILERSThis is a great book to go in blindNames change like a revolving cake walkLeslie meets Mary in Vegas Leslie brings Mary home to AlbuuerueMary becomes Robin Leslie’s pretend sister whom she hadn’t seen in 10 years until finding her dead from overdoseMary who is pretending she is Robin still pretending to be Leslie’s sister meets Billy and tells him her name is AliceAlice’s name might change again Names that ‘aren’t revolving areLeslie is Leslie Floreses Dave is Dave FloresesElie is Elie Floreses Leslie and Dave’s babyNancy is Nancy community friend and police officerElaine is Elaine a single mother with two kids Billy is Billy a guy in the nightSam is SamPaul is Paul ex boyfriends of sorts Confused yet GREATThe reader gets the treat of unraveling this enigma This story keeps the reader on the edge of their seatuestions uestions and uestions run through the readers mindThis jigsaw puzzle debut novel pushes the edges with clever crafting Tanen Jones has an almost uncanny ability to get into the heads of the charactersand the heads of her readers Tanen knows what we’re thinking and trying to figure out Our talented debut author is many steps ahead of us Definitely not a predictable ending This psychological page turning thrillerbecomes a deeper in depth look at serious issues worthy of discussions ‘after’ the ending This is truly one of those books where the focus of your thinking has shifted 180° by the endAwesome readThank You Ballantine Books Netgalley and Tanen Jones I’m a new fan and can’t wait for your next book


When a woman conceals her sister’s death to claim their joint inheritance her deception exposes a web of dangerous secrets in this addictive new thriller “Like most of the dead I want to be remembered”Robin Voigt is dead If Leslie had arrived at her sister’s cramped Las Vegas apartment just hours earlier this would have been their first reunion in a decade In the years since Robin ran away from home as a teenager Leslie has stayed in New Mexico taking care of their dying father even as she began building a family of her. Happy release date🎊🎉🥂Finally this delicious thriller is out there to be devoured 💃🏻💃🏻Are you ready for a mind bending psychological surprising new novel that full of lies brain storming exhaustion WTH just I read what kind of end this themes Come on I slap the characters but instead of characters slapped me this time because I was way too naïve and lost my spider senses for consuming too much stress nails They weren’t my own thankfully but paramedics who pumped my stomach had different thoughts Okay 4 big stars and this is one of the greatest books of upcoming yearThree POVs of book are completely secretive mysterious batshit crazy women POVS ARE ONE SISTER DEAD SISTER AND FAKE SISTEROne sister aka Leslie looks for Robin aka dead sister for their joint inheritance because two of them should meet at the lawyer’s office to sign the papers to take their shares and upss when one of them left the world forever this could turn into an impossible task At last Leslie didn’t take her sister with her everywhere pretending she is alive by putting glasses on her face and taking an adventure like Weekend At Bernie’s That’s an entertaining comedy concept but we’re dealing with really serious psychological thriller As Leslie finds her sister passed away from drug overdose she randomly meets Mary at the parking lot and asks her act like her sister in exchange half of the inheritance share This beginning is a little uestionable for me because how could you find anyone reminds of your sister in one day and even if you’re miserable and hopeless how could you ask something to a shady stranger who became shadier as we learn about her story This beginning made me cut my points But as I resume my reading and learn about back stories motives character analysis so many pieces of puzzle fit with each other Pacing a little slow but it is still intriguing and fitted well with mysterious and foggy atmosphere the three women created with their stories and their lies Three of them competing each other to distort the truth but finally only of one can win One of them is only dead so we have two competitorsI didn’t expect the final APPLAUSE APPLAUSE HURRAY SCORE So satisfying epic and memorable ending I was about to give five stars just because of the final parts of the book But I still had some connecting issues with characters I understand their struggles problems wrongdoings for surviving But it didn’t mean I liked them First time they were the ones who slapped me by dropping the bomb in my lap This was highly recommendable not entertaining mostly disturbing but very smartly written reading for meThanks to Netgalley and Random House Publishing Group Ballantine for sharing this amazing ARC COPY in exchange my honest review and Tanen Jones for creating this remarkable story


The Better LiarHow high the stakes will become when Mary takes a dead woman’s name Even as Mary begins to suspect Leslie is hiding something and Leslie realizes the stranger living in her house babysitting her newborn son and charming her husband has secrets of her own Robin’s wild troubled legacy threatens to eclipse them bothAn electric twisted portrait of sisterhood and the ties that bind The Better Liar is a stunning debut with a heart stopping twist after twist finale that will beg the uestion How far would you go to get what’s you. Alive sister Leslie Dead sister Robin Fake sister Mary They all have a voice in this story What I loved most about this book is the feeling of unease that exudes from the pages especially as there isn't really much happening at all BUT you just know that something explosive is going to happen One or of these ladies is unreliable One or of these ladies is lying It all becomes such a tangled web and to watch it unravel was very satisfying Kudo's to the author for writing a husband that was kind and supportive I just adored him so much The banter between him and Leslie was adorable and authentic and it reminded me a bit of me and my husband The final conclusion and twist did reuire some suspension of disbelief for me but I happily did it because the ride getting there was compelling as all get out I'm keeping my eye on you Tanen Jones 4 stars Thank you to NetGalley and Ballantine Books for providing me a digital ARC in exchange for my honest review