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Read Perfect Husband ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free è As seen on A Current Affair—the shocking story of Florida's most bizarre multiple murder case As Lisa and Kosta Fotopoulos lay sleeping in their home a burglar broke in and shot Lisa at point blank range in the head Miraculously she survived to learn the sobering truth aHe survived to learn the sobering truth about her would be assassin and about her sociopathic husband's deadly agen. Not for meIt read like a fictional story Very detailed backgrounds in all the people involved but little or no information of the investigation There is a lot of dialect with no indicatication where the author got the information

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Opoulos lay sleeping in their home a burglar broke in and shot Lisa at point blank range in the head Miraculously s. Overall this book tells the story of what it is like to be in a relationship with a sociopath Your gut instinct is always right but who really wants to think that their husband would want to kill them The signs were there in the beginning of the relationship Sociopaths like to infiltrate your life Get in good with your circlefamily and friends When you start seeing red flags about this person your circle convinces you that he is a nice guy Because when the sociopath is in their presence he is all sugary and turns up the charm I wish there was on the investigation and the trial but overall a good read

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Perfect HusbandAs seen on A Current Affair the shocking story of Florida's most bizarre multiple murder case As Lisa and Kosta Fot. What lisa Fotopoulos didn't know and had no way of knowing was that the man she had married was a psychopath capable of bloody murder Or to put it in currently acceptable language Kosta Fotopoulos was a sociopathPerfect Husband The True Story of the Trusting Bride Who Discovered Her Husband Was a Coldblooded killerby Gary ProvostUPDATE9272020MUCH BETTER than your typical true crime bookI did a reread It still gets me riveted to the pages The writing is justfantasticThis was one of the better True Crime books I have readWhat is so interesting about this book is that the intended victim Lisa survives Which I like Because sadly that does not happen enoughLisa was married to Kosta Kosta presented himself to Lisa as a sweet earnest hard working dreamer In reality as described by the writer he was a Sociopath and a sadist with a whole other lifeKosta is having an affair with Deidre a waitress at the Pool Bar he owns There are several attempts on Lisa's life and it is a miracle she survives At the same time sadly Brian does not survive Brian is one of the kids I mentioned and he has a crush on Deidre So much so that he agrees to be the one to kill Lisa Police believe Brian really did not want to do it but peer pressure got to himOthers are also killedkids are vanishing off the Daytona streets As the police will come to see Kosta and Deidre may have an involvement in that tooThere are a whole lot of true crime books like this one but not a whole lot where the victim survives Lisa as shown here is a very strong woman The book takes place in Daytona Beach Florida and the writer weaves a fascinating story What he does so skillfully and what other true crime writers lack is the ability to show the reader the personality of everyone involved so they cease being strangers and you feel you know themeven the ones who only play a small roleThis book is a true story but almost reads like fiction I often do not finish true crime books when I start them To macabre But this book really got to me I was amazed at how vivid Joyland the Daytona amusement park Lisa runs is and I am also impressed with the research the writer must have doneAbsolutely recommended for true crime fans This is one of the best in recent memory