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The man who revolutionized the way we think about baseball now examines our cultural obsession with murder delivering a uniue engrossing brilliant history of tabloid crime in America Celebrated writer and contrarian Bill James has voraciously read true crime throughout his life and has been interested in writing a book on the topic for decades Now with Popular Crime James takes readers on an epic journey from Lizzie Borden to the Lindbergh baby from the Black Dahli. One of the blurbs on the cover describes the book as “sabermetrics meets the Coen Brothers” That is a bizarre combination but given that Bill James is the author a reader could be forgiven for believing the hype If only In truth I don’t understand what the point of this book was The subtitle is “Reflections on the Celebration of Violence” which again—like sabermetrics meeting the Coen Brothers—seems like an interesting topic But the bulk of the book is devoted only to given brief summaries of different high profile American murder cases since the end of the 18th Century On a few of the summaries involving unsolved cases James shares with us his theories As for the “reflections” portion of the book Well it’s true that he spends time looking at the different crime books written about the cases he is summarizing He “reviews” the books grading the writing of the authors usually they fail—the only books I can think of that James seems to have no criticisms of are In Cold Blood and The Onion Fields He also criticizes the authors’ supposed biases as well as their research abilityas a side note someone should tell James that if he wants to be taken seriously when he criticizes someone’s research ability he should avoid citing Wikipedia in his own bookBut most of the “reflecting” that occurs doesn’t focus so much on the celebration of violence as on what James perceives as troubles inherent in the American criminal justice system An important topic Possibly But it’s certainly not what was advertisedJames is I think attempting to come off as a lovable curmudgeonly contrarian But with his pedantic supercilious tone he kind of comes off as a pretentious dick My recommendation would be to skip to the end of the book where James includes a list of what he considers the best crime books available Then throw this book away and read those books instead

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Popular CrimeE 1600s to the present day James pays particular attention to crimes that were sensations during their time but have faded into obscurity as well as still famous cases some that have never been solved including the Lindbergh kidnapping the Boston Strangler and JonBenet Ramsey Satisfyingly sprawling and tremendously entertaining Popular Crime is a professed amateur’s powerful examination of the incredible impact crime stories have on our society culture and histor. This is a fascinating book although it's a bit odd in places James' writing style is all over the place he's opinionated but not tactful he pulls numbers and facts out of unnamed places maybe his arse maybe somewhere legit there are no footnotes or references in my Kindle version I really enjoyed reading it It's like having a meandering conversation with someone who alternately makes you yell Whaaat No way dude and Yeah Well said spot on I liked his categorisation of crime notoriety but thought his evidence points system could use support I'd like to apply both to some local 'famous' crimes and see how they hold upHis summaries of famous cases are interesting and mercifully free from conspiracy theories His book reviews are brutally honest and just a little bit hypocritical in places I'd happily subscribe to his blog if he wanted to write up of both But the real attraction of the book is that he considers the place of books and news about crime in society It's often considered coarse and unhealthy to take an interest in true crime but social pressure based on well known crimes has affected history by changing our justice system and exercising a necessary curb on the excesses of lawyers It's affected the history of newspapers spurred the professionalisation of police forces spawned the detective fiction genre and often popular cases are the basis of brand new laws It's foolish to ignore such a powerful influence on us allTrue crime readers should definitely give this book a try Historians might like to give it a whirl too

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Read & Download Popular Crime á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ì The man who revolutionized the way we think about baseball now examines our cultural obsession with murder—delivering a uniue engrossing brilliant history of tabloid crime in America Celebrated writer and contrarian Bill James has voraciously read true crime throughoutA to O J Simpson explaining how crimes have been committed investigated prosecuted and written about and how that has profoundly influenced our culture over the last few centuries even if we haven’t always taken notice Exploring such phenomena as serial murder the fluctuation of crime rates the value of evidence radicalism and crime prison reform and the hidden ways in which crimes have shaped or reflected our society James chronicles murder and misdeeds from th. I found this difficult to rate The good fascinating subject if you're into it which presumably if you buy a book called Popular Crime you are very readable summaries and writing style and it's great for someone like me who will never ever read a book all about Jon Benet Ramsey but will happily read a ten page lit review of those books about Jon Benet RamseyThe bad sometimes his style gets a bit too collouial and entirely disorganized dozens of pages will go by rattling off crime after crime in one paragraph summaries with no links between I feel like this could have used a heavier handed editor And the biggie whenever James starts to editorialize about the Warren court or prison reform for example it is near unreadable His analysis of crime while not always convincing is interesting and often sharp His thoughts on legal analysis are painfully painfully dumb But with judicious skimming when he strays from his strong suit it's a very fun read