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Review Û Reaganland Î PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free » From the bestselling author of Nixonland and Invisible Bridge comes a complex portrait of President Ronald Reagan that charts the rise of the modern conservative brand unlike ever before After chronicling America’s transformation from a centerGgressive corporate America diligently organizing to turn back the liberal tide powerful unions environmentalism and unprecedentedly suffusing regulation There is the movement of political mobilized conservative Christians organizing to reverse the cultural institutionalization of the 1960s insurgencies Third there is the war for the Democratic Party transformed under Jimmy Carter as a vehicle promoting “austerity” and “sacrifice” a turn that spurs a counter reaction from liberal forces who go to war with Carter to return the party to its populist New Deal patrimony An. Perlstein wrote 4 enthralling books for this project that shows why our country is currently a political hellscape and we're all probably going to die soon This last one which shows Reagan's 1980 triumph is a fine culmination that threads the hard right conservative movement from Goldwater to Nixon and then to Reagan What's left unsaid is where this tradition has led since but the reader will have no trouble connecting the dotsPerlstein is a master synthesizer of thousands of sources and weaves together a compelling narrative that is somehow suspenseful even if you know your history He is better at anybody in recreating political events like Reagan's tv speech for Goldwater in the first book the riots at the DNC in Nixonland Nixon's prevarications in front of the camera in the 3rd and Jimmy Carter and Ted Kennedy's imbroglio at the 1980 convention Just amazing spellbinding writingBesides these vivid setpieces what really sticks with the reader is how the right has played by different rules than the ineffective liberals and left since 1968 Reading this concurrently with early history about Bolsheviks is almost shocking The end goal is power and the means with which they grab it whether it's through lying stealing spreading innuendo can always be justified And democrats never cease to amaze in how they walk right into their traps time and time again If you haven't read this I'd start with the beginning of the project and work your way to this finale It'll change the way you view politics and your understanding of the contingent nature of American history

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From the bestselling author of Nixonland and Invisible Bridge comes a complex portrait of President Ronald Reagan that charts the rise of the modern conservative brand unlike ever before After chronicling America’s transformation from a center left to center right nation for two decades Rick Perlstein now focuses on the tumultuous life of President Ronald Reagan from 1976–1980 Within the book’s four year time frame Perlstein touches on themes of confluence as he discusses the four stories that define American politics up to the age of Trump There is the rise of a newly a. Rick Perlstein’s fourth and presumably final look at the rise of American conservatism Reaganland is a towering monument both to conservative triumph and liberal folly Picking up where his last volume The Invisible Bridge left off Perlstein looks at the four years between Ronald Reagan’s narrow defeat at the 1976 Republican Convention by Gerald Ford and his election as president Between that time Perlstein writes “enormous things were happening They just weren’t always the sort of things that made for bold clear headlines” A combination of spiraling cultural grievances powerful political movements economic malaise and Jimmy Carter’s failed presidency conspired to make the New Right freuently dismissed as a fringe or yesterday’s news the dominant force in American politics The immediate result was Reagan’s election in 1980; the long term impact we’re still assessing now The balance of Perlstein’s book despite the title takes place in the Carter Administration And Reaganland does little to revise the common portrait of Carter as a well meaning failure Carter takes office on a message of probity and cleaning up corruption in Washington a populist with an ever shifting package of beliefs liberal social policies moderate foreign policy conservative economics Within months his presidency founders Carter’s micromanaging style renders governing effectively near impossible as his brash staff Hamilton Jordan his foul mouthed woman groping assistant comes off particularly bad alienates congressional allies and his own cabinet Carter finds his efforts to sell America on austerity unsuccessful; Americans battered by a decade of scandal and humiliation aren’t receptive to his lectures on the national “crisis of confidence” His foreign policy seems disastrous too with his decision to return the Panama Canal kicking up a storm of domestic protest his detente outreach to China and the USSR floundering and his greatest achievement the Camp David Accords between Israel and Egypt hostage to the whims of Middle Eastern politics All this before the nightmare of the Iran Hostage Crisis which ignites furious indignation both at the dastardly Muslims terrorizing Americans ignoring of course America’s long support of the Shah’s terror regime and the President’s seeming inability to control eventsThough as Perlstein shows Carter’s wounds weren’t entirely self inflicted Overconfident after Watergate and the impotent Ford Administration liberal Democrats misread the times prescribing New Deal era prescriptions for economic growth that the public no longer had patience for how can in the midst of energy crises and perpetual “stagflation” Carter’s approach though often flawed in execution was in many ways understandably pragmatic yet seemed to alienate Democratic power brokers as much as his personal style leading to Ted Kennedy’s divisive primary challenge in 1980 Perlstein also makes the case that the media emboldened by Watergate and paradoxically increasingly suffused by conservative columnists like William Safire the Nixon speechwriter who made it his mission to vindicate his boss by demonizing Democrats unfairly blew Carter’s every misstep into a Nixonian scandal Perhaps there was some cause in going after Bertram Lance Carter’s budget director discovered to have shady financial dealings or following the misadventures of Billy Carter; but like the later attacks on Bill Clinton it seems less a case of dogged reporting than throwing enough mud at the wall to see what sticks Inevitably some of it did But the book’s core is its discussion of the New Right’s rise to power Perlstein recounts the “culture wars” of the late ‘70s in vivid stirring detail the clash over the Eual Rights Amendment early battles over gay rights and rearguard actions against school busing and racial integration Entire chapters show how liberal organizations from the feminist NOW to the NAACP are constantly outmaneuvered by conservative populists who can better sell their own message while exploiting their opponents’ weaknesses namely smug complacency that their views are less prevailing opinions than inarguable common sense Phyllis Schlafly’s crusade against the ERA takes on a life of its own creating a powerful backlash against a once uncontroversial movement Anita Bryant spearheads a massive movement to snuff out sometimes literally gay and lesbian activism just as it gains mainstream attention Anti abortion “pro life” organizers previously a fringe populated mostly by Catholics gain extraordinary power; the National Rifle Association formerly a moderate sportsmen’s organization is overtaken by pro gun militants And the Moral Majority media savvy evangelists like Pat Robertson Jerry Falwell and Jim Bakker transform fundamentalist Christianity once studiously apolitical into a massively powerful forceAnd conservative activists took notice Rich corporate barons whom Perlstein dubs “Boardroom Jacobins” funnel money into conservative groups; libertarian activists find common cause with Birchers and Klansmen mainstreaming their hatred into electoral politics; campaign geniuses like the vile Lee Atwater and direct mail guru Richard Viguerie flood mailboxes and airwaves with fear and anger stoking advertisements between elections Their efforts uickly bear fruit Liberal giants among the Democrats Idaho’s Frank Church last seen battling the CIA and George McGovern patron saint of liberal purists among them fall in targeted campaigns while remaining moderate Republicans die Nelson Rockefeller notoriously in flagrante delicto or are written out of the party John Anderson so disgusted with the GOP’s rightward lurch that he mounted a third party bid in 1980 Meanwhile a new generation of Republicans among them Newt Gingrich Orrin Hatch and Dan uayle came to office imbibing messages of ideological purity and politics as warfare Democrats aren’t only wrong they’re evil They must not only be defeated but destroyedPerlstein for his part seems to have absorbed criticisms of his previous works culling the hyperbole of Nixonland and the sprawling messy structure of Invisible Bridge His chapters provide brilliant mini disuisitions on a variety of subjects from America’s messy history with Iran and Israel to blow by blow accounts of the Camp David Accords the National Women’s Convention in Houston and the murder trial of Harvey Milk's assassin Dan White The cultural digressions that sometimes bog down his work eg Invisible Bridge’s long winded disuisitions into Wacky Packages and the like are mostly reduced to crisp observations about the meaning of Star Wars Superman and other milestones The glibness that sometimes marks Perlstein’s work is nowhere present here what’s left is a book that despite its broad scope and doorstop length feels remarkably focused Nowhere does this show than Perlstein’s portrait of Ronald Reagan While hardly flattering Reaganland’s portrait of the 40th President feels rounded than his near caricatured depiction in Invisible Bridge Perlstein grants him human contours his empathy for disadvantaged individuals even as he dismisses systematic ineuality; his personal distaste for race baiting even as it grows central to his campaign that don’t obscure the destructiveness of his anti government rhetoric unfettered pro capitalism and embrace of the Moral Majority He baffles pundits who view him as an antiuated has been and outmaneuvers political opponents with a higher profile establishment Republican George HW Bush Watergate hero Howard Baker or solid bases John Connally the ex LBJ protege who becomes the darling of CEOs until he puts his foot in his mouth once too often Whatever else might be said of Reagan he proved incredibly gifted at selling his message even to Americans skeptical of conservative ideology Thus he trounces Carter in the general election even as doubts linger about the convenient timing of Iran’s release of hostages or the fate of Carter’s debate briefing book Reaganland ends with Reagan ascending to the White House having defied his opponents and vindicated all of those who clung to him from the “respectable” movement conservatives who’d been waiting since the ‘50s for a savior to the seedier plutocrats and social reactionaries Of course as Perlstein shows there’s scarcely a difference between them except for the former granting an intellectual gloss to the inchoate anger and appetites of the latter The unholy alliance Reagan forged remains with us with effects painfully obvious to readers in 2020 both of this year’s presidential candidates appropriately make unflattering cameos in the text And it’s all captured in what might be Rick Perlstein’s masterpiece

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ReaganlandD finally there is the ascendency of Ronald Reagan considered washed up after his 1976 defeat for the Republican nomination and too old to run for president in any event who nonetheless dramatically emerges as the heroic embodiment of America’s longing to transcend the 1970s dark storms from Love Canal to Jonestown John Wayne Gacy to the hostages in Iran Hailed as “the chronicler extraordinaire of American conservatism” Politico Perlstein explores the complex years of Ronald Reagan’s presidency offering new and timely insights to issues that still remain relevant today. One minor uibble Typos Feels like this may have been rushed out to take advantage of the election without a final proofreading run I know this is a massive book but have never read a book by a major author from a major publishing house with so many typos