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Set the Stars AlightStory of love betrayal sacrifice and redemption unfolds held secret by the passage of timeAs Lucy and Dash journey to a mysterious old estate on the East Sussex coast their search leads them to a community of souls and a long hidden tale that may hold the answers and the healing they so desperately se. Sigh Some books come along and leave youdreamy Set the Stars Alight by Amanda Dykes is such a book The writing is ethereal the story wondrous There’s something magical about the book that pulls you in as stories did when you were little and anything was possible But the message the heartbreak and the depth of the symbolism elevates this above a simple tale I feel bereft of words and yet overflowing with words all at the same time All I can say – read this book

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Puzzle she's discovered in her family homeTwo hundred years earlier the seeds of love are sown between a boy and a girl who spend their days playing in a secret sea cave while the privileged young son of the estate looks on wishing to join As the children grow and war leads to unthinkable heartbreak a. I don’t think Amanda Dykes could disappoint To take a story about a long lost ship the broken patriarchal relationship between a father and son then finding a family who takes him as he is and then that boy giving his life to make sure the daughter has all she ever needs In duel time the simple stories of a watchmaker his wife and daughter taking in the lost soul of a boy and bringing all his dreams to realization and watching out for their daughter even though she didn’t know it The stories of Fredrick Elias and Juliette in 1811 and how Frederick looked to them as family To help Elias become the husband and father he should be to Juliette and their unborn child but in order to do so disgrace his own father It was Juliette who Fredrick felt he owed the most for her father saved him but her father’s death was most on his mind and he felt his hands When Fredrick is arrested for treason a mysterious person helps him and disappears on the Jubilee In 2020 Dash an astrologer who uses the stars to solve age old mysteries and Lucy who is searching for the long lost Jubilee meet again after years away with wounds of hurt and a lifetime of stories from her mum and dad that may or may not lead to the mysterious Jubilee I loved this story and how the two stories intersected Thank you to Netgalley For this advanced copy I was not compensated for my review

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Set the Stars Alight review · 105 ↠ Lucy Clairmont's family treasured the magic of the past and her childhood fascination with stories of the high seas led her to become a marine archaeologist But when tragedy strikes it's Dashel an American forensic astronomer and his knowledge of the stars that may help her unearth the truth behind the puzzle sLucy Clairmont's family treasured the magic of the past and her childhood fascination with stories of the high seas led her to become a marine archaeologist But when tragedy strikes it's Dashel an American forensic astronomer and his knowledge of the stars that may help her unearth the truth behind the. BUCKLE UP FRIENDS Tis time for a BOOK GUSH Here's the deal about a trillion years ago a writer made sure I had a copy of her novella Bespoke A Tiny Christmas Tale Which was just one long string of achingly beautiful imagery tied up with a Christmas bow She had also written another novella called Tin Can Serenade and I kept wondering what the heck was wrong with the publishing world because where were the FULL LENGTH AWARD WINNING NOVELS Well I was a die hard fan Everything this author touched turned to poetry Frig even her pinterest page was art And then I was asked privileged suealed to endorse her full length debut Whose Waves These Are and I watched rapt as everyone slowly fell in love in the way I knew they would when you become breathless at a depth of talent that makes you blink twice and sit there in awe A talent that makes you giddy to be alive when people can write stories that will just thrill the world over And you feel blessed that there are people who were challenged to handle the words and arrange them to light hearts the world over and slowly flicker warmth that starts in your toes and moves up that's a Dyke's story timeless and old as words themselves seeking cracks to extol all that we need to know about the depth of humanity and winsomely told as if she is creaking up a log to a campfire as you put another marshmallow on a stick Anyways enough back story Meet the watchmaker's daughter Lucy who lives in a world of story her father unfolds the streets and legends of London to her so that everything is a riddle wrapped in a fairytale from the winding murky Thames to the churchbells to the stars So adamant is he that she be shrouded in a word of story he tugs in a Lost Boy who might just be from the Second Star on the Right and Straight on til Morning and into her cloistered world comes enigmatic Dash for nights of lavender shortbread and tea and a way to trace the constellations he pursues while shoving his glasses up his noseA million stars ago a boy named Frederick Hanford looked out to the sea and knew his destiny was wrought in smoke and oakum and knew that the great vessels that filled the harbour would be where he would find his glory But nearby a young girl and a cave and a shepherd and churchbells threaded through his lifeAnd as he grew so did his fate become intertwined with Elias and with Juliette and his first sacrifice of many found him saving her from a press gang and before his time and with an unlikely ally and brother he sets to sea wrapped up in a sea shanty the subject of infamy an unlikely mystery to be solved centuries laterLucy survives tragedy and finds herself losing her father's storieseven as his watch ticks in her pocket even as her family is taken even as Dash returns to America and their close bond is severed In adulthood she is determined to follow the legend of the missing ship Jubilee as well as excavate the hidden story of Frederick Hanford traitor to England While pitching a proposal for a research grant to excavate the Jubilee in Greenwich she is overtaken by Dash now a forensic astronomer who knows that the stars can guide the way to hidden treasure and sunken shipsTogether they map the stars and the sea and the ringing of nearby churchbells to marry legend with truth and unfold a story so gut punchingly beautiful that your stomach will ache In the meantime they sew up the years that gapped between them and swap their own tales Lucy ticking through time as London crept on Dash orbiting his beloved stars even while his heart was tucked with her on earthResplendently told in a long ebb of poetic prose Set the Stars Alight is thematic and resonant with achingly wonderful imagery and a truly brilliant sense of placeThis is the best type of yarn Dykes is one of the most naturally gifted storytellers I have ever encountered and her imagination in the sewing of this fantastically rich and ultimately creative tale is nothing short of genius Dash sleuth to the stars Lucy who gazes up through a film of tragedy their future as certainly written as the long stanzas dedicated to the traitor man Hanford in meta after meta form of storytelling in storytelling all reading so fluidly words slip through your fingers and you're up at 1 am and just giving in and finishing it in one fell swoop I mean who WHO would think of throwing so many hallmarks of the western tradition and oral narrative into a blender and come out with this Fairy tales and rhymes sea stories and legends sheep and ocean and stars It is testament to the vast world in her mind that she can convey all with such wonderfully brilliant and surprising turns Each character is worth deep heart investment in and each chapter is a surprise and because she writes with such an ease and flourish her descriptive writing is so mind blowingly good that she makes it look easyDash thinks of Lucy as an M4 a terminology in astronomy that tells us the stars sing Lucy was told by her father in childhood that she is the light that gets in Dash finds that in constellations a million miles away that cannot sneak out their sound Dykes sings There's no other word for how her words flow so perfectly together in meticulous arrangement But the meaning beneath the letters the words with a heartbeat and a soul was for Elias Frederick drew strict boundaries around the stubborn thing that beat in his chestBut he'd blown onto the farm like a rogue window voice rough and deep with gravel full of story and loreAnd he looked back a mirror of her uestionsHer breath came uick as if her lungs knew the words she meant to speak could cost her muchTradition is like oxygen around here you see So every year the Shepherd's bells ring and we remember As if every moment between then and now had been leading up to this the homecoming of their handsIf all the sorrow in the world could gather up and land in side a single soul it had done so in DashJuliette took flight where there was no sky This was a place of impossible And what a beautiful impossible it wasI mean it helps that so much of this is my natural catnip sea stories and London and churchbells and romance But underscored by the fact that all are lovingly held in the clutch of a master I once read a review that said the author writes like an angel I never knew what that meant But that's because I hadn't read Amanda Dykes yet