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Call Brook Ogden a matchmaker in reverse Let others bring people together; Brook licensed mental health counselor picks up the pieces after things come apart When her own therapy practice collapses she maintains perfect control landing on her feet with a weekly advice to the lovelorn column and a successful. I received a copy of The Breakup Doctor by Phoebe Fox from NetGalleycom in return for an honest reviewPicture this a woman with an inappropriate picture of a donkey tattooed on her shoulder and she's wearing pantyhose on her head with snorkel goggles to protect her eyes Is this the image of a Licensed Professional Mental Health Counsellor OR is this some demented lunatic recently escaped from the psycho wing of the local rest home The correct answer would be the first choice Her name is Brook Lynn Ogden and she's very very good at what she does most of the time Unless she gets blindsided by a man who leads her to believe one thing while in fact the opposite is the truth This could make anyone a wee bit annoyed but for Brook it means she goes completely apeshit for a while Which explains some of the nutty things she does while still trying to maintain her professional demeanor with her clientsIt all started when the office building Brook and two associates of hers had made their office was suddenly for Brook demolished The two people with whom she shared her business decided that when the building went so would they In the short span of one morning Brook lost her business and her office AND her team in one fell swoop Fortunately for that crisis she had her friend Sasha to talk her through the rough spots and she had the support of her boyfriend Kendall to encourage her to keep on truckin' She had recently bought a fixer upper house which had the potential to be an office when she finished some major renovations so maybe things weren't so bleak after all Especially since she and Sasha had this great idea for her to write a column for the local newspaper on relationships and how to survive them All they had to do was convince Lisa Albrecht the editor of the paper that Kendall's column was what the newspaper desperately needed That proved easier than they thought it would be so Voila The Breakup Doctor was born Before long Brook was building a client list and producing noteworthy articles people were drawn to read because the general consensus was that she had a good head on her shoulders Suffice it to say that with that donkey on her shoulder no one actually saw to what the good head was attached because Book carefully kept it covered with a sweater in all kinds of weatherThe book goes on to describe what Brook has to go through both professionally and in her personal life all at the same time Oh the mistakes she made But that's what made The Breakup Doctor such a good read Phoebe Fox has made Brook an intelligent professional woman who in spite of her own faults really does want to help people over the hurdles of broken relationships by not giving in to stalking nasty messages or outright verbal confrontations And who says that professionals have to be absolutely perfect in order to help guide someone who's hurting through such painful timesBy the end of the book Brook has learned some valuable life lessons and so has the reader There's lots to think about in the pages of this book and it could certainly be the basis for some interesting discussions within book clubs or simply friends who like to read the same books I highly recommend The Breakup Doctor to those who enjoy a little humor with their pathos and may even learn a few relationship tips along the way

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The Breakup Doctor The Breakup Doctor #1Consulting service as the Breakup Doctor on call to help you shape up after you breakupBut when her own relationship suddenly crumbles Brook finds herself engaging in almost every bad breakup behavior she preaches against And worse she starts a rebound relationship with the most inappropriate of men a danger. In her own practice she gives people advice and then that she gives them way how to survive a broken heart state Yes Brook is a mental health counselor Her practice is fall apart but she isn't she will find a way to stay calm and with little help from her best friend Sasha she will become a Breakup Doctor Considering that Brook helps Sasha with every breakup there are too many Sasha will help her to become a columnist and advising people with her column But who advice her considering that she has a broken heart herselfTurning pages I find this book so well done and smart there are Brook’s columns which are full of advices and smart things and sayings I laugh till tears few times reading this book The book is written in first person means that Brook tells the story I find her as my friendBrook is a strong woman little bit stubborn because she not tells everything to her dear ones She will survive all obstacles on her way to happiness I like her and enjoy read about all she saysAbout this book I read on FB author’s page and I enter every her giveaway with a pray that I will be a winner I didn't win but the author messages me to reuest me a review that was wonderful and I was so happy I am happier now with this book on my READ list and full of Breakup doctor experience

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Free read The Breakup Doctor The Breakup Doctor #1 ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ð Call Brook Ogden a matchmaker in reverse Let others bring people together; Brook licensed mental health counselor picks up the pieces after things come apart When her own therapy practice collapses she maintains perfect cOusly sexy bartender with anger management issues who also happens to be a former patientAs her increasingly out of control behavior lands her at rock bottom Brook realizes you can’t always handle a messy breakup neatly and that sometimes you can’t pull yourself together until you let yourself fall apart. Also posted on This Chick Reads Copy provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewWhat a great debut this was Being a debut I really had no expectations though I must admit being such a sucker for pretty covers I kind of had a feeling this would be totally up my alley Once again I was right Brook Real name Brook Lyn HA is the owner of a private practice and seems to have it all till one day she looses her offices and is forced to start over again All her life she's been counseling her friends on relationships so it only seemed natural to Brook's friend Sasha she should pursue a career on this field With a bit of help from her friend Brook sets on this new venture becoming a Breakup Doctor advising people in person in columns and on the radio BUT what happens when things turn ugly and Brook is no longer able to listen to her own advice How can you advise people on how to have a healthy love relationship when your own love life sucksThis was such a fun read I did expect few laughs but despite not being hilarious it totally was my cup of tea I loved the writing so easy to follow and most of the story was fast paced There were couple of times I wish the author didn't go into so much detail but overall it was an enjoyable read that I devoured in one or two sittings I really liked Brook who's not the every day chick lit heroine She's mature and knows exactly what she wants She's very good at her work and is a fantastic friend and daughter She's very down to earth and exactly the type of girl I would love to be friends with Unlike her Sasha is the sassy one but they make such a great teamThe Breakup Doctor was a surprisingly good read honestly I loved how the author manages to balance between humor and seriousness getting me invested in the story totally Would I read from this author Absolutely Do I recommend it Of course it would be a perfect thing to bring with you on your summer holidays Great beach read perfect for your lazy sunny days