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READ & DOWNLOAD â The Duke of Diamonds ☆ In the coldest flint there is fireCasper Brook the eighth Duke of Rothwell has forever spurned frivolous pleasures his restless emotions remaining buried beneath duty and commandYet when a titian haired minx perches upon his ducal desk and claims to know the whereabouts of his one burning obsession a Ises fall and plots unravel will the duke's controlled façade shatter to reveal his searching heart withinRegency romance with warmth and wit This book contains sensual scenesFrom the bestselling author of No1 Regency Romance Let Sleeping Dukes Lie comes a new series1 The Duke of Diamonds Out now 2 The Rake of Hearts Out soon3 The Earl of Spades Out soon4 The Prince of Clubs Out soon. I have been reading Emily's books for a few years now and I have enjoyed every book so far she is consistently uniue with an enjoyable writing style and characters who stick with you I occasionally will beta read for her which I charge a small fee for but I loved this book so much that when I sent her my feedback I said no charge I never write reviews for books I am paid to read and this book was too good to pass up for a feature on my Favorite Books of 2020 list It's my first for the year and I am so happy to have read it when I did while uarantined and desperately needing a bit of romance in my life HahaCasper Brook Duke of Rothwell has been obsessed with a painting he obtained years ago one that depicted a young woman who brings out emotions in him that he normally keeps hidden Locked into a dukedom at a young age Casper hasn't had the opportunities most young men had because he had to grow up uickly Faced with massive debt upon his father's debt it's been all business and no pleasure for himuntil now Evelyn Pearce is desperate with her sister sick and a moneylender threatening them unless they pay him back she is forced to resort to forging a painting based on a sketch her late father completed The sketch was meant to be a companion piece to a painting he sold years ago depicting her but with no one the wiser to who she was at the time Knowing the Duke of Rothwell paid handsomely for its twin Evelyn approaches him with a proposition One that's expected to be simple but soon turns uite complicated as they spend time together Neither meant to fall in love but that might be exactly what each needsCasper is such an amazing hero I loved his internal monologue such humor showing that he never allowed to show to others At first I got the impression that he would be a stern unfeeling hero that would eventually grow out of it However instead the author gives us a hero who is misunderstood forced into a personality by way of duty but with a kind heart just waiting to break free As the story progressed his character developed into his true self and that's when he and Evelyn truly fell in love Evelyn had such a hard life through no fault of her own and it was admirable to see the lengths she would go to keep her sister safe She hated resorting to forgery but she saw no other option and was afraid how she would reveal her deception to Casper Thankfully they both were very generous people and you saw it in their relationship as they grew closer The secondary characters were such a joy as well I loved Casper's family and Evelyn's sister is going to get a story here soon Dare I hope it's with the Prince Fingers crossed I can't wait to see where this series takes usI received a free copy from the author and this is my honest review


Naught but a frail young sister and an ebony black cat Left destitute by her baronet father's spendthrift ways fate and talent hand her the opportunity to seek escape from the dangerous alleys of London townThe cold Duke of Diamonds holds the key and all Evelyn must do is resist his not so cold kiss A dance of flaming desireA passion forged on secrets can never be satisfied but as gu. 25 starsI didn't dislike this but I did find both MCs and the conflict a bit simplistic They were all developed but the nuances just weren't there And I know this is odd but all the cursing that the heroine and her sister did was annoying I appreciated the lack of details about the hero's past His mistresses were mentioned but he didn't seem like he'd had one in a long while so I was able to ignore my usual feelings of disgust There was absolutely no OP drama so I could hand wave it all away In other ways he was an admirable character and I like how he strove to take care of those dependent on him In that way he and the heroine were both uite excellentThe supporting characters were caricatures and uite flat with their problems easily solved The big reveal of the heroine's long protracted lie was also a bit anti climactic Overall this was safe but middling

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The Duke of DiamondsIn the coldest flint there is fireCasper Brook the eighth Duke of Rothwell has forever spurned frivolous pleasures his restless emotions remaining buried beneath duty and commandYet when a titian haired minx perches upon his ducal desk and claims to know the whereabouts of his one burning obsession a game of wits and passion erupts Fire ignites from a sparkMiss Evelyn Pearce possesses. 45 stars How did I miss this author up to now She has been releasing historical romances since 2016 This is the first book in her new Games of Gentlemen series but it's I believe her eighth HR She has two previously published series The Captivating Debutantes series 3 books and Rules of the Rogue series 4 books Guess I have a nice backlist to work through as I shelter in placeIf I tell you briefly about the plot and the characters and you are a longtime reader of HRs you'll be thinking Oh yeah I've read all that before True What do we have For one a sobersides straightlaced duke dedicated to making sure his duchy prospers In his 30s now he has been duke since he was 17 inheriting estates in a mess and huge debts due to a profligate spendthrift hedonistic father Everything is in tiptop shape now but he doesn't let up Then there's his younger brother As younger brothers of dukes are wont to do this one spends his time gambling drinking and womanizing because his older brother doesn't respect him or give him any responsibilities and in typical Catch 22 form his older brother doesn't respect him because of all that gambling drinking and womanizing Sounds familiar so far rightAnd then we have our heroine Down on her luck with a younger sister to support after her careless baronet father dies leaving them with only debts And her younger sister is ill and frail unable to shake off a cough and general weakness caused by their poverty and the slum conditions of their lives The heroine has had to resort to borrowing money from an unscrupulous moneylender who is now calling in the debt basically saying your money or your virtueSo yes if you are a longtime HR reader like me you've read this plot before but let me tell you that does not matter It's the way this plot is developed the good writing the humor the excellent characters and the whip sharp dialogue that really matter I certainly did not expect a 99 cent HR to be this goodThe spin Windsor puts on this plot is that the only diversion or entertainment in the duke's organized and disciplined life is his interest in and collection of artwork That brings him and the heroine together The duke had purchased and let's face it is slightly obsessed with a painting entitled The Veiled Fall of Innocence and has heard rumors that there is a twin work entitled The Fall of Innocence Unveiled The painter of some renown just happens to be the heroine's late father and our heroine using a fake name and identity gets in contact with the duke to offer to sell him the twin paintingNever mind that the baronet never got around to producing that painting He merely left a charcoal sketch of it Now our artistically talented heroine had learned to paint at her father's knee and knows his techniue well so you may speculate at will about all this There is much mistaken identity and mistrust here but the story is upbeat in spite of all that I will not say Even if you know where this is headed I believe you'll enjoy the trip to its destinationThe chemistry between the H and h is off the charts the main and secondary characters are excellently developed the author's humor and the entertaining smart dialogue make this a cut above the usual HRs I read Add in the fact that it only cost 99 cents and I'm going with a 5 star rating And I'm off to read the author's backlist hoping those books are just as good as this one