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review The Eye of the Storm 103 Ù Elizabeth Hunter an ex socialite in her eighties has a mystical experience during a summer storm in Sydney which transforms all her relationships her existence becomes charged with a meaning which communicates itself to those around her From this simple scenario Patrick White unfurls a monumental exploration of the tides of lShips her existence becomes charged with a meaning which communicates itself to those around her From this simple scenario Patrick White unf. It's hard for me to believe this author is not better known in the US His prose are pretty astounding This is the fourth of his novels I've read and it vies to become my all time favorite Nearly every page has some astute psychological rendering and always with perfectly chosen words sharp images and sometimes exuisite dream seuences It has taken me uite a while to finish this book but that is because I am taking all the time I need to digest its art If you are looking for a breezy interesting story with attractive characters and recognizable morality you'd probably not enjoy this book If you are looking for the stroke of dramatic genius you'll not be disappointed Story telling is one thing one can find it in many media movies music television they all can serve that purpose very well but the literary novel is its own craft which demands poetry and elouence and when that is served well as it is in this book than you have something special something than just story telling It's a performanceFor many this kind of artistry gets in the way of the story That makes me sad to think of how ordinary things must be for this kind of satisfaction Don't misinterpret my words I have no ualms at all with whatever anyone enjoys my taste is surely hard for some to understand I just firmly believe Patrick White had talents few have ever come close toA uestion to leave you with compare Hemingway to White for example can this exemplify the difference between story telling and art

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Urls a monumental exploration of the tides of love and hate comedy and tragedy impotence and longing that fester within family relationships. Nobel Prizewinner Patrick White's THE EYE OF THE STORM is long complex has a large cast of characters and brilliant As we follow elderly Elizabeth Hunter on her journey to her death the people around her nurses lawyer servants middle aged children are on their own less final journeys White's style turns the story of their journeys into a kaleidoscope of color and emotion Sometimes individual characters become intensely unlikable but not for long Soon we come to understand that person just enough to at least temporarily change our feeling even if we don't necessarily approve of him or her I read the book slowly allowing time to appreciate the style and to absorb the emotional context around the action It's not an easy book but a powerful one

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The Eye of the StormElizabeth Hunter an ex socialite in her eighties has a mystical experience during a summer storm in Sydney which transforms all her relation. I'm on page 287 and while not exhausted I feel dishevelled This is my first Patrick White book although I've seen a few plays and so I knew to expect a pithy serving of wordplay mixed with a jaded and disappointed view of humanityBut he was a Nobel Prize winner as well as the holder of numerous literary prizes and a one time Australian of the Year so I knew that I was supposed to approach the altar with the right amount of respectAnd he's good His writing and observations when they hit the mark are fabulous and nearly hum with resonance and truth The stream of consciousness interludes often add clues to behaviours and help to flesh out some of the characters His writing is so dense and full and lush and intense and convoluted that I feel like I am struggling with a really rich meal where the flavours are oh so fabulous but too too rich It feels like truffles and dark meats and millions of flavours and cream and burpAnd he doesn't seem to like people very much Like not at all I get the feeling that he barricaded himself in his house at Centennial Park Sydney against the great unwashed The grasping hordes of philistines try hards social climbers wishy washy do gooders and the lesser classesI will persevere but I need a cleansing sorbet of hope and redemptionPage 371 and no sign of the storm that we are supposed to be in the eye of A couple of unlikeable siblings poncing about in the mother country all sniffy and precious because the coffee is crap and the people act as mirrors that reflect their own sense of hollow fraudulence They want mummy the eually unlikeable and unloveable Elizabeth Hunter locked up in a nursing home and have tried to enlist the aid of the old family solicitor who it seems was jumped on many years ago by Lizzy Why he didn't just tell them to get lost is beyond me But nobody is saying what they really think everybody is sputtering about and I'm bored with the lot of them But like an explorer in the jungle I progress in the hope of finding gold at the endPage 501 and I am still following round Patrick White's monsters as they flog themselves with guilt and self loathing Elizabeth's two brats are especially tedious self pitying and overwrought they see the world around them as a giant stage apon which they can act out their self hatred and unhappiness They are so awfully self absorbed and self reverential but without anything that could make them humorous or entertainingElizabeth is a frill necked lizard with her neck expanded and ready to attack Too monstrous to die yet apparentlyOh no I was wrong Page 552 and she's dead on the commode We're on the homeward stretch and I am still shouting for a good editor and a scotch whiskey Page 608 and it is done I feel like I deserve a bloody medal The last chapter was a celebration of misery loneliness alliances dashed exposed weaknesses plastered over and covered with pearls Positions of class were restored Nobody escaped without having a large scabrous scar carved out of their happy place All around was sighs death dull duty loss loss and loss Poor old Patrick was indeed a shit a cynical unhappy talented soul who used his powers for evil glee Where is the hope