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review The Lost Secrets of Maya Technology 103 Û The Maya have been an enigma since their discovery in the mid 19th century Maya science developed an elegant mathematic system an incredibly accurate astronomy and one of the world’s five original written languages This technology was advanced than similar European technology by than a thousandHe ancient worldMaya engineers developed structural mechanics for multi story buildings that were not exceeded in height until the first “skyscraper” built in Chicago in 1885 invented the blast furnace 2000 years before it was patented in England and developed the vulcanization of rubber than 2600 years before Charles Goodyear Discover a host of unknown wonders in The Lost Secrets of Maya Technolo. After reading “The Lost Secrets of Maya Technology” I came away with a much better understanding of the Maya and their buildings technology and culture The book has a nice Bibliography and Index It’s 319 pages are packed with great interior art and diagramsThe color photos are simply incredible and I hope that New Page sticks with the style The diagrams are large enough for my 53 year old eyes and I appreciate the easy to view size I was a little less impressed with the charts and topics like comparisons of Maya cement with modern Portland cementFrom time to time my eyes glazed over with some of the math Did we need to be so detailed that we had to talk psi mo scale and 147631068 liters couldn’t over 147 thousand work I noticed some odd punctuation spacing on the bottom of page 76 and a lack of spacing on the last line of page 77 It’s no big deal it isn’t the first punctuation goober I’ve found and it wont be the last Having said that O’Kon’s personal anecdotes are golden and really make the book I wish that he had used of themI highly recommend “The Lost Secrets of Maya Technology” the book is a must read If you decide to pick up one book on the subject this is the book to get Price presentation content this book is a good bang for the buckDisclosure of Material Connection I received this book free from New Page Books

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Ploration research forensic engineering and 3 D virtual reconstruction of Maya projects to discover lost Maya technological achievements These lost principles of technology enabled Maya engineers to construct grand cities that towered above the rainforest water systems with underground reservoirs for water storage miles of all weather paved roads tracking through the jungle and the longest bridge in t. The book starts with an overview of Mayan history Pre Classic Period 1200 BC 250 AD Classic Period 250 AD 900 AD and the Post Classic Period to 1200 AD Even after the cities were abandoned Mayan scribes maintained numerous books into the 16th century The Spanish felt the books were the work of the devil and the fanatical Catholic bishop Diego de Landa had them destroyed a terrible loss A good review of early travelers and their representations of Mayan is provided O'Kon makes the point that although archeology normally views cultures as progressing through stone bronze and iron ages the Mayans had no ready access to metals and yet their advanced knowledge is beyond that normally associated with Stone Age culturesThe majority of the book reviews Mayan scientific AchievementsAstronomy The Mayans calculated the day length lunar month and the synodical periods of Venus and Mars to five significant figures They recognized and accurately calculated the earth's wobble or precession While the author states the Mayans thought the world is round their religion was based on a flat earth It is hard to believe however that they understood astronomy so well without realizing the earth was round perhaps there was a separation of religion and scienceMathematics The Mayans used a base twenty number system It used only three symbols dot bar and a shell glyph for zero but used a positional system allowing the portrayal of large numbersTool Fabrication Lacking metals the Mayans used jadeite which is harder than iron and resistant to breakage to carve stone and wood They also used obsidian a volcanic glass for sharp cutting blades Knowledge of the source of the jadeite was lost over time leading archaeologists to believe it must have come from Asia In 1974 the source was discovered to be the Montagua River basin in Guatemala The finest Olmec Blue comes from higher elevations The jadeite was cut using high strength cords of Maguey an Agave Century Plant with uartzite as an abrasiveCement The Mayans invented a high uality hydraulic cement similar in composition to modern Portland cement This was used to build concrete structures as a mortar to bind building blocks and as a surface covering stucco The use of concrete allowed construction of tall buildings The compressive strength of Mayan cement has been tested at 1300 psi compared to 1500 psi for Roman cement while modern cement exceeds 2000 psi Massive kilns were built to convert limestone to clinkers They reuired large uantities of wood and may have lead to deforestationOther Materials High strength ropes were made from heneuen a fiber obtained from on Agave A fourcroydes Sisal is obtained from a different Agave A sisalana Latex was collected from the Sapodilla tree to make natural rubber The juice of the Morning Glory vine rich in sulphides was used to vulcanize rubber well before Goodyear's discovery of the same processThe Mayan Arch A form of an arch was developed by the Mayans that used horizontal wooden beams to resist thrusts The beams were typically made from chico zapote Sapodilla M zapota which is very strong and resistant to termitesWater Management Due to the karstic limestone making up much of the Yucatan peninsula there is little surface flow in the form of rivers The Mayans built their cities to divert rainfall into lakes and underground reservoirs chultunes to retain it for use during the dry season In high rainfall areas they built diversion channels to prevent flooding There are remains of water filtration devices to clarify the water for consumption They also built irrigation systems for farming in terraced fieldsHighways The Mayans built hundreds of miles of highways to link their cities called sacbe's These were typically 10 m wide a meter above the surrounding terrain and very straight Long sacbeob plural include the 100 km Coba to Yuxuna and a fabled 285 km road from T'ho today Merida to the east coast at the location of Puerto Morelos Bridges At Yaxchilan the Mayans built a three span suspension bridge to cross the Usumacinta River to the city of Yaxchilan This bridge was the longest in the world from 700 AD to 1377 AD It was 163 m long and provided 15 m of clearance for flood watersThe author does an analysis of transport showing that the carrying of loads by tumpline was as efficient as men pulling a wagon As no animals suitable for domestication existed in Mesoamerica there would be no large need for the wheel As Mayans moved stone cylinders by rolling them it would seem that they would have used the wheel if the need existedA good book as the examination of Mayan technology shows that the Mayans were a surprisingly advanced civilization

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The Lost Secrets of Maya TechnologyThe Maya have been an enigma since their discovery in the mid 19th century Maya science developed an elegant mathematic system an incredibly accurate astronomy and one of the world’s five original written languages This technology was advanced than similar European technology by than a thousand years All of this was unknown until James O’Kon a professional engineer synergistically applied field ex. A fascinating readExtremely informative really well written with a lot of photo material uotes huge bibliography and very trustworthy As a history nerd for me this was a pure gem and as an eastern European there were truly a lot of things that I've never heard of nor suspected I was literally embarrassed by myself after reading it for not knowing so much of its contentThe book speaks of the history of the area the geological challenges the Maya faced all the stages of their staggering civilization all their technology wonders the days of their fall and the reasons behind it the days of Spanish reign as well as the days of present At every third page I would just yell This is impossible it can't be and rush to my computer for research only to find the book proven in everything I've checked Truly a must read for everyone who claims to be interested in history