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Read Ú The Mistress At Midnight (Midnight Masquerade, #3) ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ì Alexandra has been a wife in name only since her husband abandoned her four years before at the church one very humiliating afternoon Exasperated by his continued absence she decides to take matters E she decides to take matters into her own hands traveling up to London to put a daring plan into action Lord Seddon has uite the reputation as a ladies man but as the m. Very satisfying romanceLoved this book The characters were relatable and complex and the story was just perfect I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fun uplifting romance The only thing I’ll mention is that there are uite a few typos It didn’t take away from the book’s charm but I would have preferred there be less I roughly counted about 20 typos

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Alexandra has been a wife in name only since her husband abandoned her four years before at the church one very humiliating afternoon Exasperated by his continued absenc. This is not good One star might be harsh and I considered 2 but then I couldn't be bothered Maybe 15 The problem is there's nothing to this It's an easy read and it asks nothing of the reader but it also just is poorly thought outAlex is abandoned by her husband literally the second the ceremony is over seriously dude doesn't even stick around for the breakfast The behaviour is somewhat forgiveable given he's young and he's basically been forced into marrying her the second she turns 18 because his father owed her father a debt So he abandons her for four years in the country to the extent that he can't even recognize her He then sends her a letter saying he's sorry for the pain he's caused and he's coming to visit later in the summer Know how I said the earlier behaviour is somewhat forgivable because he's young Well it gets no better which is where I lose all patience Because Alex decides to teach him a lesson as one does She's no longer the shy awkward 18 year old She's going to come to London under an assumed name and seduce him How exactly this will teach him a lesson is never adeuately explained Do not ask these uestionsI am super into reuniting spouses This could have been fun Except for all the problems Notably1 Dude is a whiny jerk He's decided it's time he gets an heir and admits his treatment of his wife was pretty atrocious so he's going to go to the country and spend some time with her But he doesn't actually want to Seriously half this book is told from his perspective And it's just him continuously being annoyed that he has to do this and trying to put what will likely be an unpleasant trial to him out of his mind In part because he doesn't want to feel guilty but mostly because he wants to continue living a responsibility free lifestyle as a man about town Needless to say his POV sections get real old real fast2 This could have theoretically worked if the two of them had gotten to know each other while Alex is using the pseudonym and before the big reveal But instead of a case of them falling in love slowly as they get to know each other now that they're mature and Alex re thinking her schemerealizing she's sort of trapped by it this is basically a case of insta lust Seriously That's all this is There is no getting to know each other There is nothing deeper It's basically instant attraction Which is not nearly enough to get me past the 4 year abandonment and subseuent sulky behaviour on the hero's part3 Dude basically is all for having another affair right before sacrificing some of his pleasures to go see his wife The fact that it is his wife he's considering doing this with and he has a last minute change of heart do not make this better4 He pursues her relentlessly Even when she asks him to be less obvious because it's bad for her reputation He does not seem to register the concern It's irritating45 Also there's a random mean girl for NO GOOD REASON5 There is a masuerade but it is super pointless It does not really help the story It could have been any type of event6 The writing itself is not the bestSeriously this is not great

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The Mistress At Midnight Midnight Masquerade #3Ysterious and alluring Mrs Hermitage Alex is determined to snare his interest and in doing so extract her revenge Even if she must seduce her own husband to do obtain it. Good readThe plot was great and the characters really nice however the dialogue was full of too much ‘self reflection’ I skimmed threw a lot of it and read the need to know info It was a nice read