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Download The Search for Nefertiti The True Story of an Amazing Discovery ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB æ Her power was rivaled only by her beauty Her face has become one of the most recognizable images in the world She was an independent woman and thinker centuries before her time BuR her husband was so great that she would instill her monotheistic beliefs upon him rendering their own power obsolete Egyptologists concur that it was these priests who upon Nefertiti's death had her name erased from public record and any likeness of her defaced This ultimately led to her being left out of history for three thousand yearsIn The Search for Nefertiti Dr Fletcher an esteemed Egyptologist traces not only her thirteen year search for this woman whose beauty was as great as her power but also brings to the forefront the way Egypt's royal dead have been treated over time by people as varied as Agatha Christie and Adolf Hitler She also explores how modern technology and forensics are uickly changing the field of archaeology and in turn what we know about history. Both a memoir of growing up to take a degree in Egyptology and a true detective book of finding and identifying Nefertiti's mummy CSI Amarna with interesting tidbits of social history make up trends head lice among the royals etc I was glad for the Kindle's dictionary feature osteophyte is not part of my everyday vocabulary

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Her power was rivaled only by her beauty Her face has become one of the most recognizable images in the world She was an independent woman and thinker centuries before her time But who was Egypt's ueen NefertitiAfter years of intense research Dr Joann Fletcher has answered the uestions countless researchers before her could not While studying Egyptian royal wigs she read a brief mention of an unidentified and mummified body discovered long ago and believed to belong to an Egyptian of little importance This body happened to have a wig which Dr Fletcher knew was a clear sign of power After examining the hairpiece and the woman to which it belonged to the astonishment of her colleagues she identified this body as the missing remains of ueen NefertitiThe search for Nefertiti. As an Egyptologist and historian I approached this book with great excitement to me the discovery of Nefertiti would be an event of monumentally exciting proportions and I couldn't wait to see the evidence that Fletcher had to prove her contentious theory I perhaps should not have approached the book with such high expectations as the book didn't match themThere are both good and bad points to recommend and detract from the uality of this book The topic of course is fascinating the uality of actual writing good Best of all and uite against the grain for a heavy academic historical factual book the language is accessible and clear I found the subject of the early chapters somewhat curious where Fletcher describes her childhood interest in Egypt and her time as a student I kept wondering when I would hear about the search for Nefertiti but she only makes mention of how as a young Egyptologist she began to suspect that the Younger Lady might be the missing ueen Is this an autobiography of the life of Joann Fletcher or is it a historical factual work about the search for NefertitiThen she spends an extensive few chapters describing past archaeological work on the search for Nefertiti Whilst technically this finally addresses the title of the work Fletcher seems keen to highlight at all times the mistakes and false assumptions made by archaeologists in antiuity promoting her own correct interpretation of events as opposed to the obviously mistaken work of those come before her She also goes to pains to emphasise the intractability and unchangeability of the historical and archaeological establishment and community and it looks like she does so to counteract the widespread denunciation of her theories by the archaeological community I began to feel uncomfortably that Fletcher was interested in trying to knock down her rivals than argue the case for her own theory and provide the evidence to support itHer idea that Nefertiti survived past Year 14 of Akhenaten's reign as the co regent Ankhkheperura Neferneferuaten and then took the throne as Ankhkheperura Smenkhkara even her idea that the Younger Lady might be her is widely discredited by the majority of Egyptologists and Fletcher has since been barred from entering Egypt since she went to the press with her claims The middle chapters of the book describes the period of Nefertiti's life from the material evidence Only the final two rather short chapters of the book actually cover Dr Fletcher's examination of the Younger Lady and the conclusions she draws from this that lead her to conclude that this may be NefertitiI enjoyed the book because of its topic and subject but as an Egyptologist there are too many fundamental problems with it for me to credit it as proven fact Her observations of the Younger Lady cannot provide definitive proof of her identity as Nefertiti indeed some of her conclusions have been disproved with later examinations for example her idea that the detached bent right forearm which would indicate the status of a Pharaoh belongs to the Younger Lady later examinations indicated that it did not in fact fit with this mummy She also spends too much time trying to emphasise the stoicism of the archaeological community and the mistakes of her predecessors which suggests to me that she is trying to defend her discredited views by attacking the wider archaeological establishment for refusing to be open to change or reinterpretation of the evidence Finally I did not need to read the short autobiography of Fletcher's life

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The Search for Nefertiti The True Story of an Amazing DiscoveryHad ended She had been found But the uestions were just beginningNefertiti first rose to prominence in Egyptology in 1912 when a three thousand year old bust of the ueen was unearthed and uickly became a recognizable artifact around the world But pieces of Nefertiti's life remained missing The world had seen what she looked like but few knew about her place in historyVirtually nothing is recorded about Nefertiti's early years What is known about her life starts with her rise to power her breaking through the sex barrier to rule as a virtual co Pharaoh alongside her husband Akhenaten Upon his death she took full control of his kingdom The Egyptian people loved her and celebrated her beauty in art but the priests did not feel the same way They believed Nefertiti's power ove. So many things to dislike First and foremost it pushes a generally if not widely discredited theory about Nefertiti and offers pretty flimsy evidence for it Beyond that it includes autobiographical passages that are at best tedious how many people are really eager to read books about largely unknown researchers whose biggest claims to fame is pushing a flimsy controversial theory and getting banned from Egypt Other passages include stunning revelations like Egypt is hot And then there are the strange and scattershot digressions about Egyptology that go everywhere and nowhere While the author's expertise in hair and cosmetics could have supported an interesting if somewhat niche book about day to day life in Ancient Egypt the differences among classesprofessions and so on that's not what this book is