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The Silence characters ↠ 107 ô It is 1997 and in a basement flat in Hackney Isla Green is awakened by a call in the middle of the night her father phoning from Sydney 30 years ago in the suffocating heat of summer 1967 the Greens’ next door neighbour Mandy disappeared At the time it was thought she had gone to start a new life; but now Mandy’s faBack to Australia for the first time in a decade The return to Sydney will plunge her deep into the past to a uiet street by the sea where two couples live side by side Isla’s parents Louisa and Joe have recently emigrated from England a move that has left Louisa miserably homesick while Joe embraces this new life Next door Steve and Mandy are eually troubled Mandy doesn’t want a baby even though Steve a cop trying to hold it together under the pressures of the job is desperate to become a fa. This one is now available4 Australian mystery starsThis is a clever debut novel set in Australia with a mystery involved We have Isla Green as our main character She currently lives in London but has spent most of her life in Sydney She has been called back to Australia to help her family as her father is a suspect in a case dating back 30 years She’s been sober for a few months but definitely has a drinking problem like her fatherThe story alternates between 1967 and 1997 with Isla’s family interacting with the neighbors in 1967 and then Isla trying to figure out what happened back then when she was a child The neighbors are Mandy and Steve – Mandy has helped with caring for Isla and Steve has the tough job of taking Aboriginal children out of homes deemed “unsatisfactory” to family services Steve is pressuring Mandy to start a family but his job is really getting to him These two dysfunctional families have a good bit of dramaThere are some serious secrets from that summer in 1967 and it has taken 30 years for them to bubble to the surface The author does a great job with atmospheric writing and describing the hot scorching days in Australia What really happened to Mandy that summer and does Isla’s dad know the answers This one kept me guessing until the very endThis one shared a bit of the tragedy that happened in Australia with removing Aboriginal children from their homes I am wondering if that is what the title refers to in this case It’s definitely got me thinkingThank you to Susan Allott NetGalley and Harper CollinsWilliam Morrow for an early copy of this one to read

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Ther  The Isla asks about the past the she learns about both young couples and the secrets each marriage bore Could her father be capable of doing something terrible How much does her mother know And is there another secret in this community one which goes deeper into Australia’s colonial past which has held them in a conspiracy of silenceDeftly exploring the deterioration of relationships and the devastating truths we keep from those we love The Silence is a stunning debut from a rising literary sta. It is always a treat when you read a debut novel that is written with the skill of a seasoned novelist The Silence is just such a bookThis is a book about dysfunction In families and in social justice Rife with family secrets shame moral uandaries apologies and betrayal the novel depicts how secrecy alcoholism adultery and spousal abuse all serve to play a part in the history of two neighbouring familiesAlso the book sheds light on a fact of Australian history that I was previously unaware of The Great Australian Silence which saw children of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples forcefully removed from their families and rehoused These children are sometimes referred to as Australia's Stolen GenerationOne wee uibble I had was the use of the word 'but' at the end of myriad sentences  Then I realized it might very well be an Australian collouialism It seemed to translate as the word though Eg Her roses were doing well but and Bad posture butSince this is a debut novel I had absolutely no expectations going in I discovered it to be a domestic thriller expertly blended with social history A well researched skillfully written novel that will likely make my 'Best of 2020' list Highly recommended

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The SilenceIt is 1997 and in a basement flat in Hackney Isla Green is awakened by a call in the middle of the night her father phoning from Sydney 30 years ago in the suffocating heat of summer 1967 the Greens’ next door neighbour Mandy disappeared At the time it was thought she had gone to start a new life; but now Mandy’s family is trying to reconnect and there is no trace of her Isla’s father Joe was allegedly the last person to see her alive and now he’s under suspicion of murder Reluctantly Isla goes. What a fantastic surprise this was An absolute must read Highly recommendImagine it's the middle of the night your phone is ringing and it's your Dad calling You answer and your beloved father tells you he might be in some trouble It seems he may have been the last person to see a neighbor alivethirty years ago This is how our story beginsIf you love Jane Harper or Tana French I strongly urge you to read this book The writing captures the slow dissolution of hope in almost every character The neighborhood where this book takes place is beautiful on the outside Newer houses some with the ocean in the backyard young and happy families but as soon as you look closeryou see the cracks Things are not as bright and shiny as they appear What Ms Allott does with each chapter is reveal slowly and expertly the steady unraveling of each character Bored housewives who have dreams of their own and their troubled husbands who seek solace in the wrong places The mistakes and secrets these adults make bleed into the next generation and it is the fateful year of 1967 that we look back to in order to find out what happened to Mandy There could not be a apt title for this book The 'silence' is represented by the secrets each character keeps and what is left unsaid Further the 'silence' represented by the horrible atrocity committed by the Australian government in forcibly taking children from Aboriginal families and relocating them into institutions These scenes were very difficult to read but necessary Timing is everything and this book found me at the most impactful time it could Yesterday was Juneteenth which is a point in American History that I recently learned about and I don't recall learning about it in school Similarly Ms Allott features a time in Australian history that many are not taught in school as a backdrop to the disappearance that the plot centers around An old history professor once said that history is written by the victor With this book you see a peek into a history a government has silenced by simply pretending it didn't exist until it had to and leaving generations of its people in the dark and many worse off in life While the pace of the novel is slower which used to be a deterrent for me it is skillfully timed The characters are troubled but relatable and fully developed My heart broke several times throughout reading this and the ending did the preceding pages complete justice I cannot believe this is a debut author or novel Put Ms Allot on your list to watch She's a real talentThank you so much to Christina Joell at William Morrow Group Edelweiss and Susan Allott for the finished copy and the opportunity to read and provide an honest reviewReview Date 062020Publication Date 051920