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The Spartacus War Read & Download ´ 4 ☆ An authoritative account from an expert author The Spartacus War is the first popular history of the revolt in EnglishThe Spartacus War is the extraordinary story of the most famous slave rebellion in the ancient world the fascinating true story behind a legend that has been the inspiration for novelistRge and often undisciplined; the many ethnic groups within it freuently uarreled over leadership No single leader not even Spartacus could keep them all in line And when faced with a choice between escaping to freedom and looting the rebels chose wealth over liberty risking an eventual confrontation with Rome's most powerful forcesThe result of years of research The Spartacus War is based not only on written documents but also on archaeological evidence historical reconstruction and the author's extensive travels in the Italian countryside that Spartacus once conuer. This book is speculative history The sources for the person Spartacus and for the slave revolt he lead are so limited and most if not all are non contemporary accounts add this to the fact that for the majority of the conflict the eventual winning side was losing and losing to what they considered the lowest of the low and you can understand why there is little information on it This however doesn't stop the author He speculates wildly on a thousand different topics that may or may not be at least tangentially related to the stated subject matter If I had to read another might have Could of Possibly or maybe I think I might of thrown the book away and then just paid the library for it's lossThe only reason I give it two stars as opposed to 1 or 0 is that I actually did learn stuff from the book Don't get me wrong I didn't learn anything concrete about the actual supposed subject of the book but I did learn stuff like how a Dionysian priestess dresses and the types of gladiators and how to distinguish them among other neat titbits of information It was also well sourced and the glossary was really well done This work would of been better as a Historical fiction account as opposed to a serious history even a serious history for the lay reader

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An authoritative account from an expert author The Spartacus War is the first popular history of the revolt in EnglishThe Spartacus War is the extraordinary story of the most famous slave rebellion in the ancient world the fascinating true story behind a legend that has been the inspiration for novelists filmmakers and revolutionaries for 2000 years Starting with only seventy four men a gladiator named Spartacus incited a rebellion that threatened Rome itself With his fellow gladiators Spartacus built an army of 60000 soldiers and controlled the southern Italian cou. I finally got round to reading this because I was watching the TV show Spartacus with my other half and he kept asking how accurate I thought the show was being My usual reply was that the show is entertaining but that it's accuracy levels are pretty low being based on lurid conjecture not on fact However as I didn't know all that much about the slave rebellion led by 'Spartacus' I figured it was about time that I read the one book sat on my shelf that could add to my knowledge on the subject I was very glad that I did The book makes no bones about the fact that what little we know about Spartacus and his rebellion is drawn exclusively from the view point of the Romans and almost all of it comes from secondary at best sources the originals having been lostdestroyed etc However despite this Strauss manages to draw together the details that are known and manages to come to reasoned conclusions about probabilities when information is missing This is done by comparing the rebellion of 73 70BC with earlier slave rebellions which seemingly were reasonably common in the Roman Republic as well as linking Roman responses to slave political awareness to their response to other challenges faced by the Republic at the same period I was able to discover that while the TV show certainly filled any knowledge deficit with ridiculous sex scenes it actually did far better than I had thought with accuracy Key figures that I had assumed were mere invention seem to have had some basis in historical fact Although there were some scenes such as a Roman commander being surprised while taking a bath or the decimation of 50 men from the Legion of Crassus that I thought the TV show would seize upon; which in fact were ignored or toned down Over all it did pretty well The book made some very important points about the nature of freedom in ancient Rome as well as providing a clear and very readable history of a subject that is simply fascinating A model of how histories of the ancient world should be written

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The Spartacus WarNtryside A charismatic leader he used religion to win support An ex soldier in the Roman army Spartacus excelled in combat He defeated nine Roman armies and kept Rome at bay for two years before he was defeated After his final battle 6000 of his followers were captured and crucified along Rome's main southern highwayThe Spartacus War is the dramatic and factual account of one of history's great rebellions Spartacus was beaten by a Roman general Crassus who had learned how to defeat an insurgency But the rebels were partly to blame for their failure Their army was la. History is written by the victors so Barry Straus needs to be forgiven for an insane degree of “probably maybe possibly” in any tale of tragedy from the other side Especially the Thracian snake sorceress remains an enigma The story as spun however is an adrenaline rich chaseSpartacus’ first refuge after escaping from gladiator school was the high ground of Vesuvius a day away On the way he recruited mainly sturdy latifundia slaves Rome’s weak reaction was by the book It was only slave revolt n°Y by a runaway gladiatorex auxiliary Sending a preator and locally settled veterans of Sulla in pursuit had been sufficient before They weren’t too concerned that as an ex auxiliary Spartacus knew how to fight as a Roman but they did underestimate the infusion of Thracian mountain guerilla tactics It led to a Hannibalesue threesome of military disasters first the Roman camp was attacked at night next a second Roman force en route while a third column was given the slip Once out of action the slave army proved impossible to control – looting was vengefully widespread – and eually impossible to feed The best option was to leave Italy but the roads to the Alps were multiple A uarter of the mass went its separate way under second in command Crixus but the main followed Spartacus who undeniably succumbed to Victory Disease turned to the city of Rome itself A siege was beyond his capabilities once he was at the gates reinforcements would surely be used to block his route north Maybe Sicily or Africa was the better option But Sicily was also heavily garrisoned after two major revolts against its notoriously corrupt governor Verres who was still in power – but would face Cicero in later years Either way Spartacus performed a U turn with “decimator” Crassus hot on his heels to pin him down somewhere in the mountaneous south between himself the sea A construction of fixed defences was begun to strap the trap but Spartacus broke through to turn for Samnium via the Via Appia route Here another split occurred The Celtic Germanic part decided to head north again – only to be promptly sandwiched between two Roman camps near Salerno Lured in by a cavalry force they were slaughtered while a cavalry screen nearby kept Spartacus at a distance Reportedly 5 Eagles were recovered With all arms pointed at Spartacus’ own wing he made for the port of Brindisi but was blocked again by fresh troops His final destination was Venosa but some of his lieutenants pushed for a fight instead; they were tired of running after 6 months Near OLIVETO CITRA Spartacus dug a trench against Crassus’ cavalry and positioned his troops in a standard ‘Roman’ deployment but with the cavalry dismounted This sacrifice of mobility is identified as a tactical reason for his final defeat During the life or death melée Spartacus attempted to reach Crassus but was surrounded slaughtered