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The Making of a Serial Killer The Real Story of the Gainesville Student Murders in the Killer's Own Words True Crime Series No 2Nd crime that Rolling was dealing with something greater than a mere nightmare I was resting on my iron bunk when this thing that appeared like a gargoyle pounced on my chest pinning me to the mattress It had both claws pressing against my shoulders. I don’t generally elect to read true crime books for various reasons number one being the writers often sympathize with the perpetrators Obviously this is true in The Making of a Serial Killer as Sondra London and Danny Rolling express their love for one another Secondly how many incidents can you read of sick o’s brutally murdering and dismembering their victims Yes Danny was tortured as a child as many inmates have been He was physically and psychologically tortured He had an unfortunate childhood However not everyone who experiences what he did ends up being labeled a serial killer I believe there are many times in his younger life where he could have been salvaged I say salvaged because the damage he incurred at the hands of a frigid and abusive father was likely too extensive and deep to overcome one hundred percent That being said I believe Sondra put into words what few others could have because of her relationship with Danny; he trusts her Many areas of the book read like a case files psych reports etc Having worked in prisons as an Educational Psychologist for many years I can say much of what Danny writes is typical inmate jargon Inmates have all of the time in the world to write draw and think He writes the typical inmate poetry the draws the typical inmate images containing angels dragons and naked women He speaks of Jesus the underworld and writes love letters to anyone he can attract Sondra in this circumstance Many inmates are like this It’s kind of their “MO” What else do they have to doI was captivated by the various personas It kept me readingIf I were the victim’s families I too would be upset with the bloody details of my loved one’s murder being broadcast for everyone to read and know For example cutting off the nipples beheading and positioning the head and the color of guts protruding from the incisionDanny obviously got off sexually by committing the crimes I just hope he didn’t have the same pleasure writing the book and reliving the scenes He says it was a painful process for him and one could only hope it was It would be interesting to have insight into Sondra London and what attracts her to a serial killer They’ve both admitted they profess their love for each other My only guess is that she also gains some sexual stimulation knowing that an incarcerated man who’s restricted from any physical contact with women or anyone turns her on Many women who fall in love with inmates are soothed by knowing their man is behind bars and can never physically hurt them They enjoy the longing and dreaming of sex the letter writing and knowing someone “loves” them especially when the cases are high profile This can be the case with religious volunteers teachers self help volunteers and other “helping” types Including sympathetic journalistswritersIt would have been interesting to read about Danny’s ideas for revamping the prison system which I also believe is a great need As a society if we choose to lock someone away for life we must be humane about it I believe Danny poses some great ideas that could be used to improve the way we do business Additionally death row shouldn’t be a place where people sit for 20 or 30 years Inmates shouldn’t live their lives there until they die from old age It should be streamlinedEven with my objections and uestions I do believe the book is well written

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In terror The author and killer admit committing horrendous crimes but blames them on demonic entities possessing his body Rolling wrote about these demons in a way that convinced the author of the Introduction Colin Wilson an expert on occultism a. I give this 4 stars for it's level of terror This book will make your skin crawl and will highten your levels of serial killer paranoia if you have that paranoia I don't recommend this to peeps who are sueamish or those that have faith that all people are inherently good

characters The Making of a Serial Killer: The Real Story of the Gainesville Student Murders in the Killer's Own Words (True Crime Series, No. 2)

Download The Making of a Serial Killer: The Real Story of the Gainesville Student Murders in the Killer's Own Words (True Crime Series, No. 2) ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ç The book you are holding tellThe book you are holding tells its story from the vantage point of murderer Danny Rolling and his current love interest Sondra London The five Gainesville Florida murders Rolling committed in 1990 caused hundreds of students to flee a college campus. Arguably the sickest book I've ever read and probably will ever read in my lifetime I've only myself to blame for letting my curiosity get the better of me to see what lengths Sondra London and serial killer Danny Rolling would go to redefine the True Crime genre There were a few moments when I thought the book might possibly have some value if only to provide twisted insight on what motivates a homicidal maniac By the end though thanks to Rolling referring to himself in the third person or by one of several alternate personas like Ennad Cowboy or Gemini or interspersing his account with Ms London's with little indication who's really telling the story or why I couldn't discern which of these two was batshit crazy If it wasn't for the gruesomeness of Rolling's acts almost gleefully reenacted in exacting detail my vote would be on Ms London for getting this crap published and falling in love with the guy that admitted to killing 8 people five of whom murdered in the most heinous manner possible But hey stick around for the Appendices; the first a list of Security Tips from a helpful Rolling to avoid getting raped and murdered by the likes of him would be hysterically funny if it weren't completely disgusting to contemplate a serial killer giving out advice like don't ever let an attacker get control Fight for your life Scream as loud as you can Spray mace in his face Kick him in the balls Scratch at his eyesPure garbage