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To Wake the Giant characters ↠ 9 Â The New York Times bestselling master of military historical fiction tells the story of Pearl Harbor as only he can in the first novel of a gripping new series set in World War II’s Pacific theater In 1941 President Franklin D Roosevelt watches uneasily as the world heads rapidly down a dangerous path The JapaEet of warships from Hawaii to the Atlantic to join the fight against German U boats that are devastating shipping But despite deep concerns about weakening the Pacific fleet no one believes that the main base at Pearl Harbor is under any real threat Told through the eyes of widely diverse characters this story looks at all sides of the drama and puts the reader suarely in the middle In Washington Secretary of State Cordell Hull must balance his own concerns between President Roosevelt and the Japanese ambassador Kichisaburo Nomura who is little than a puppet of his own government In Japan Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto wins skeptical approval for his outrageous plans in the Pacific yet he understands than anyone that an attack on Pearl Harbor will start a war that Japan cannot win In Hawaii Commander Joseph Rochefort. 528 pages5 starsThis book deals with three personalities in the main Secretary of State Cordell Hull President Franklin D Roosevelt's right hand man Seaman Tommy Biggs who is a Hospital Apprentice and baseball batter with talent and Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto who thinks the only hope that Japan has of maybe winning a war with the United States is to make a preemptive attack on Pearl Harbor Hawaii Admiral Yamamoto wants to buy Japan maybe six months with his planned attack but the rest of the military is against his plan He must convince them that it is the only way Cordell Hull is beset with problems A good friend of President Roosevelt's he must deal with various dispatches that mean not what they say disingenuous ambassadors and a severely divided military Those that think Japan is a real threat those that don't and just where they may attack is given the opportunity Tommy Biggs escapes a dying little town in Florida with his best friend to join the Navy He has some real talent as a baseball player but he knows there is no hope of going to college or being scouted in his little town He gets his wish when he is assigned as a Hospital Apprentice – and on the Arizona His only problem is a petty officer named Kincaid who seems to hate him Why he has picked Tommy out of the several thousand men on the ship is anybody's guess These three personages as well as other well known Americans and Japanese come to life in Mr Shaara’s latest novel I can well appreciate how difficult this book was to write It was such a milestone is so many Americans' lives The author brings color and life to all of his characters They are so very real that the reader really gets insight into their actions and motivations As the old television show used to tout “You are there” We are in the offices wardrooms and all other locations described My hat is off to Mr Shaara for the energy he brings to all his novels He is a very fine writer I want to thank NetGalley and Random House Publishing Group – BallantineBallantine for forwarding to me a copy of this very fine book for me to read enjoy and review

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’s job as an accomplished intelligence officer is to decode radio signals and detect the location of the Japanese fleet but when the airwaves suddenly go silent no one has any idea why And from a small Depression ravaged town nineteen year old Tommy Biggs sees the Navy as his chance to escape and happily accepts his assignment every sailor’s dream the battleship USS Arizona With you are there immediacy Shaara opens up the mysteries of just how Japan a small deeply militarist nation could launch one of history’s most devastating surprise attacks In this story of innocence heroism sacrifice and unfathomable blindness Shaara’s gift for storytelling uses these familiar wartime themes to shine a light on the personal the painful the tragic and the thrilling and on a crucial part of history we must never forge. To Wake the Giant is a very powerful and intense tale of the Pearl Harbor attack spotlighting world events during the preceding year by skillfully presenting historical figures such as FDR Cordell Hull Admiral Husband Kimmel Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto Commander Minoru Genda and Hospital Apprentice Tommy Biggs The first part of the novel sets the stage by conveying background information on the preparedness of both the American and Japanese forces and by enumerating the reasons Japan went to war The focus isn't so much on combat but rather so on communications and intelligence as framework for the last chapters which describe the actual attack on Pearl Harbor The main characters are well developed sometimes likeable and always interesting in this tale of intrigue double dealing and efforts of reasonable men to prevent an eventually inevitable conflictThe main triumph of this book is Jeff Shaara's ability to put his reader in the time and place He does a superb job of integrating his research expertly woven into this story Shocked to be the first target in the Pacific War Hawaii was a tropical paradise which was abruptly transformed on December 7 1941 Few could even conceive of a Japanese surprise attack and it was felt the defenders of Hawaii were reasonably prepared for any intruders In the days just before Pearl Harbor it was not a Japanese invasion that the military commanders of Hawaii were anticipating it was acts of sabotage by local JapaneseEnjoying history I have read a number of books regarding World War II along with hearing many stories from family members who served I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own

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To Wake the GiantThe New York Times bestselling master of military historical fiction tells the story of Pearl Harbor as only he can in the first novel of a gripping new series set in World War II’s Pacific theater In 1941 President Franklin D Roosevelt watches uneasily as the world heads rapidly down a dangerous path The Japanese have waged an aggressive campaign against China and they now begin to expand their ambitions to other parts of Asia As their expansion efforts grow bolder their enemies know that Japan’s ultimate goal is total conuest over the region especially when the Japanese align themselves with Hitler’s Germany and Mussolini’s Italy who wage their own war of conuest across Europe Meanwhile the British stand nearly alone against Hitler and there is pressure in Washington to transfer America’s powerful fl. Jeff Shaara makes the events leading up to Pearl Harbor the attack itself and it's aftermath come alive in this novel He tells the story through three principle charactersCordell Hull is President Franklin D Roosevelt's Secretary of State who tried to approach and resolve the problem with Japan using diplomatic meansAdmiral Isoroku Yamamoto is the architect of the invasion and who had to convince those around him that the only hope Japan has is a preemptive strike at Pearl Harbor that could delay things by six monthsSeaman Tommy Biggs a nineteen year old from a small town in Florida He is a gifted hitter at baseball but there is no chance the Yankees are going to discover him and there are no jobs to be had during the Depression When his best friend joins the Navy he uickly signs up too After boot camp he is assigned to the USS Arizona as a hospital apprenticeJapan had emerged the victor in the Russo Japanese war and believed they were the superior race who would dominate China Indo China and elsewhere in Southeast Asia They looked at the past and decided that was proofThe United States in the meantime was focused on Hitler and the events in Europe No one took Japan seriously The Japanese were short wore Coke bottle glasses and could not fly airplanes because of defects in the inner ear There was also the strong isolationist sentiment Americans simply did not want to get involved in the problems of others We were separated from Europe and Japan by oceans Let them deal with their own problemsThe author makes the reader feel as though they are actually there as events unfold You are in Washington DC as the president and his cabinet try to deal with Japan and the events unfolding in the Pacific while at the same time trying to deal with Winston Churchill's calls for help in dealing with Hitler You are in Japan as the attack plan is laid out and their Navy train for the attack And you are onboard the USS Arizona as Tommy and his shipmates go through their daily routine and when they are in port going on libertyIt is easy to look back and ask how this could have happened How could the United States have been so unprepared How could the United States have left it ships planes and euipment so vulnerable After reading this novel I have a better understanding The characters both fictional and real make you feel as though you are there with them as events unfold and what they are thinking The description of the attack is horrific I have seen photos movies and read other accounts but nothing comes close to how the author manages to convey the horror and what the sailors saw heard and smelled at the attack unfoldedThank you to Goodreads and Random House Ballantine for this advance reading copy