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Unmaking the PresidencyHe hands of one man Donald J Trump But rarely if ever has the nature of a president clashed profoundly with the nature of the office Unmaking the Presidency tells the story of the confrontation between a person and the institution he almost wholly embodiesFrom the moment of his inauguration Trump has challenged our deepest expectations of the presidency But what are those expectations where did they come from and how great is the damage As editors of the invaluable The New York Times Lawfare website Susan Hennessey and Benjamin Wittes have attracted a large audience to their hard hitting and highly informed commentary on the controversies surroun. This book strikes me as being one of the first serious academic works to look into the deleterious effects the Trump presidency has had on the institution of the American Executive In short it is excellently researched by two of the brightest minds of our age and does a great job of summarizing the ways that the 45th President has pushed the limits of the executive Give it a read you won't regret it

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Unmaking the Presidency review Ç eBook or Kindle ePUB ½ This is a book for everyone who has developed an unexpected nostalgia for political 'norms' during the Trump years Other books on the Trump White House expertly detail the mayhem inside; this book builds on those works to detail its conseuences Carlos Lozada one of twelve Ding the Trump administration In this book they situate Trump era scandals and outrages in the deeper context of the presidency itself How should we understand the oath of office when it is taken by a man who may not know what it means to preserve protect and defend something other than himself What aspects of Trump are radically different from past presidents and what aspects have historical antecedents When has he simply built on his predecessors' misdeeds and when has he invented categories of misrule entirely his ownBy setting Trump in the light of history Hennessey and Wittes provide a crucial and durable account of a presidency like no othe. IA magisterial set of timely evidence and important arguments detailing Donald Trump’s assault on decency and American democracy Despite objections conservative critics have raised about its obvious biases I would say any bias Hennessey and Wittes hereafter HW evince are sanity biases rather than caricatured “left liberal” biases Why ought we not be biased toward a kept presidential commitment to honesty civility truth telling lawfulness the separation of powers deliberation coherence respect for allies and most importantly respect for the oath of office that enjoins the president to place the common weal the American people first Why should we not insist that the President of the United States affirm and live up to the oath and thus ''faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States and will to the best of my Ability preserve protect and defend the Constitution of the United States” together with the obligation to “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed” Forty four previous presidents took this oath and 42 took their official obligations seriously I’ve excepted Andrew Johnson and Richard Nixon and tried in earnest to faithfully execute the obligations of the office and the law Hennessey and Wittes hereafter HW deftly mix institutional history with recent events to chronicle in great detail Trump’s “expressive presidency” a novel turn in presidential presentation of self in his everyday life a veritable flooding the zone with words tweeted spoken gestured that place Trump 247 at the center of the news cycle almost daily indicting himself with his own effusive untamable logorrhea of self licking lies self aggrandizing or would be exculpating lies and kicking down every norm of presidential behavior any pretense of civic virtue in favor of behaviors that put Trump first pushing his own personal brand making millions of dollars for himself and his family from his office ostensibly understanding his role as pandering as president to two fifths of the American people and treating the remainder as though invisible or simply not presentHW unpack Trump’s approach to each and every aspect of his expressive presidency contrasting it in each chapter to the process presidency of previous presidents in which the Chief Executive presides over an administration run through cabinet officials via delegated presidential authority HW summarize Trump’s approach early in their discussion Trump plainly doesn't care if the government works optimally; optimal effectiveness is not the goal He wants to mouth off and announce things and have the executive branch below him effectuate his will Each of the book's nine main chapters exposes a category of presidential behavior that as you read this and for that last 3 plus years has been literally unmaking the traditional presidency in favor of a model that is – let me say it – authoritarian and inimical to the ideals and values the United States warts and all represents to the worldThe flip side of this is a realization that even a high percentage of Trump supporters acknowledge in private each manifestation of Trump’s demagogic expressive presidency poses an exploitable political vulnerability that when exposed and represented should be capable of moving independents into the “anyone but Trump” column Take for example the first chapter “The Oath” which the Founders wrote to be a concise awesome inspiring transformational declaration one that makes one person president and returns another person to civilian life framed by men who placed personal and public virtue above all other values By his behavior Trump proudly—that word is important he is proud to disassociate himself from both public and private virtue demonstrating this disassociation every single day of his presidency Other chapters take up Trump’s chaotic decision making process “process” is a virtual misnomer he announces the bureaucracy scrambles to catch up; the “non unitary executive” riddled with leaks and clandestine staff sabotage that often prevents a mindless heedless president from destructive behaviors; the official authoritative Voice of the Government its “flooding of the zone”; Trump’s war on truth and its numerous unfortunate conseuences; White House ethics as very demonstrably “the love of power and the love of money”; the corruption of justice just read the newspapers on any given day or the most recent 20 February 2020 Trump Barr Follies; investigating the president amid his and his allies’ continual efforts to obstruct and frustrate legitimate investigation and oversight; the impulsive conduct of foreign affairs; and the exploitation of Kingly Powers such as the pardonHW carefully point out that Article Two in addition to the President’s enumerated powers also leaves in its spare silences a tremendous amount of room for presidential action that becomes “untraditional” or “non normative” the moment it happens The presidency is an ever evolving office To talk of tradition in lieu of functional or normal or even sane raises uestions about what tradition or whose tradition Trump was elected to overturn tradition but is doing so in often illegal ways that politicians on both the left and right have either been powerless to reverse or eager to abet In exposing Trump all the way down to his defensive delusional paranoid nerves HW demonstrate that the Man Who Would Be King is naked has no clothes is or less only a greedy petty demagogue lacking any protective clothing That said traditional is a word HW overuse it smacks of patched cardigan sweaters pipe smoke and moth ballsFinally I should add that HW are superb narrators of their own texts—both are practiced public speakers and keep a nice pace articulate well and get through complex passages with nary a slip One reservation I had about the audio book was their lawyerly she is he isn’t but Lawfare is his blogging gig punctiliousness in observing uotation marks Most narrators simply modify their voices when speaking words that are between uotation marks HW go the whole way “The Brownlow committee made a simple arresting claim uote The President needs help End of uote” Imagine “uoteend of uote” being repeated hundreds of times in a 305 page text It began grating on me early and never stoppedbut it did thin out toward the late chapters And yes I listened to the book on my daily walks and read the book at home and sometimes read and listened simultaneously with my audio player set to a faster speed than my normal leisurely reading speed thereby moving me through text fasterI’ll hazard to presume that every Democratic candidate for president – as well as any candidate for Congressional office has a copy of HW’s book and understands its clear relevance as a key to the unusual mind of the man who is now President of the United States One trusts they’re using blueprint wisely and perhaps ultimately to great and serious effect And with that let me attend to my spiking blood pressure

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This is a book for everyone who has developed an unexpected nostalgia for political 'norms' during the Trump years Other books on the Trump White House expertly detail the mayhem inside; this book builds on those works to detail its conseuences Carlos Lozada one of twelve books to read to understand what's going onPerhaps the most penetrating book to have been written about Trump in office Lawrence Douglas The Times Literary SupplementThe definitive account of how Donald Trump has wielded the powers of the American presidency The extraordinary authority of the US presidency has no parallel in the democratic world Today that authority resides in t. Unmaking the Presidency is the 2d book I've read recently about Donald Trump and his administration which I think stands head and shoulders above the earliest books on the subject Those early books are tabloid accounts of the outrages and dysfunctions of the administration no substantial than what we learned on the evening news This book by Susan Hennessey and Benjamin Wittes is also about those dysfunctions What makes it different is that instead of anecdote it relies on detailed analysis of behaviors displayed by Trump through which he's challenging the norms we've come to expect from those who hold the office Each chapter deals with a particular Trumpian trait and how his deficiencies or corruptions are changing whether temporarily or permanently the fundamental and historical nature of the job They begin with the oath he takes on 20 January It only works when the president actually means it The following chapters include those on Trump's style in foreign policy his rhetoric his corruption of the justice system his war on truth and his feelings of absolute right in conducting the affairs of office in the impetuous way he does Additionally a central chapter deals with his decision making style de emphasizing structured bureaucracy and information sharing process in favor of a personal methodology based on impulse and opinion called expressive by Hennessey and Wittes The preceding examples imply disapproval But the book isn't a blanket condemnation of Trump's presidency The authors also point out those ideas of the president they feel are correct Most of the time though they find fault with procedures by which policy is enacted Lastly there is a Postscript added as the book was going to press It concerns the scandal and impeachment resulting from Trump's interactions with the president of Ukraine in attempting to generate an investigation harmful to Joe Biden a political rival While we know the outcome of all that Heennessey and Wittes didn't at the time of their writing But they're able to discuss in detail how each of the previously discussed behaviors were manifested in his dealings with UkraineThe book's a history lesson too It's comprehensive in citing historical examples from the earlier 44 presidencies which help us look at Trump's administration in the context of policies and the country's history In every comparison even with bad presidents like Andrew Johnson and James Buchanan Trump's actions are made to seem detrimental to the office and our system of government The whole process is so much smoothly run if the president is an honest man who understands governing and our governmentWhile reading this I was struck by a sentence from a novel I was reading concurrently The higher the ape climbs the he shows the filth of his arse I thought it appropriate to the message of Hennessey and Wittes