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When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit Read ð eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Û Title When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit Binding Hardcover Author Judith Kerr Publisher COLLINS CHILDREN'S BOOKSRr Publisher COLLINS CHILDREN'S BOO. WHEN HITLER STOLE PINK RABBIT is semi autobiographical as it is based on the true life story of author Judith Kerr Her family fled Germany just before Hitler came to power because her father was a well known writer and had been openly criticizing the Nazis Anna is 9 when the story opens and she first learns she is a Jew She hadn’t realised she was one as her family didn’t follow any of the customs or worship as Jews One day her father disappears he has been told he is a wanted man by the Nazi’s and if they come to power he will be in big trouble Not long after the family also sneak out of Germany as they are worried their passports will be taken Not wishing to arouse suspicion all they can take is one small bag each – Pink Rabbit is left behind as Anna thinks they are coming back Just after they arrive in Switzerland to join Anna’s father Hitler wins the election and now has supreme power in GermanyWHEN HITLER STOLE PINK RABBIT is written from a child’s point of view so innocently we see how a once well off family finds themselves to be now poor and struggling to make ends meet This loss of income results in Anna’s practical mother learning to cook and sew which is contrasted by her impractical father who didn’t understand that his children were growing and needed new clothes Downsizing their rent and increasing her father’s employment prospects by moving from Switzerland to Paris and then on to London was another adjustment the family needed to do As an adult reading between the lines I could see how the rise to power of one small angry man could affect millions of lives across Europe and the impact on the family of being in extreme danger from the Nazi’s and then having no money for food or heating would really have been – rather than the adventure that Anna thought she was on Overall it is very well written the right voice for the age of the narrator funny even in parts with some bad events alluded to rather than in your face

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Title When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit. My teacher read this to our class when I was about 10 and the name stuck with me along with a memory of waiting impatiently for the next installment each day Finally when trying to think of a different book to read to my own kids I asked a bookseller if they knew a book of that name not having a clue who had written it My two boys were absolutely riveted although rather bemused when I sobbed through the emotional bits nine and seven year old boys may be slightly lacking in soul It is beautifully written On the whole it presents a positive view of the family's refugee experience as would be expected from an adventurous child's view despite the intrusion of nazism and its associated horrors into their lives The edition we have has all sorts of facts about the war and rationing etc at the end which really helped to bring things alive for my boys If you have children read it to them if you don't enjoy it yourself

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When Hitler Stole Pink RabbitBinding Hardcover Author Judith Ke. For me one of the most important things to realise if one wishes to read Judith Kerr's When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit is that her semi autobiographical children's novel is in my humble opinion NOT an account of the Holocaust but rather a story of how when and immediately after the National Socialists gain power in 1933 Germany the first individuals to really feel the wrath and hatred of Adolf Hitler and his ilk are generally the Nazis' political opponents Socialists Communists politically active authors journalists artists Now while and yes indeed in When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit Anna and her family are advised by allies and friends to immediately to post haste flee Germany the main threat hanging over the family in 1933 is still to and for me that Anna's father is and continues to be very much politically and economically left wing and represents therefore an active well known and vociferous opponent of the Nationals Socialists and albeit that the family's secular Jewish background of course also makes them personae non gratae and especially the father as someone to be arrested in my opinion most of the danger in 1933 right after the Nazis have taken over the government of Germany really does for the most part still emanate from the fact and truth of the matter that any and all governmental criticism is from henceforth on seen and regarded as treason and that yes the radical left wing philosophers economists and political writers of whom Anna's father is one are definitely all and sundry being en masse targeted being spied on and often arrested with the original concentrations camps actually having been constructed for so called enemies of the state for basically ANYONE being critical of the new regime and therefore deemed as traitors and in particular members of the Social Democrats the SPD and declared Communists And with this fact in mind When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit also often does portray instances where persons are being actively encouraged to leave but refuse where individuals think and naively believe that the National Socialists would not consider politically neutral or mildly left of centre them as possible enemies of the state such as Anna's Uncle Julius who is repeatedly warned by Anna's father that the situation in Germany is becoming and dire that he really should consider leaving Germany because his grandmother was Jewish and that he also identifies as a Social Democrat but who refuses to listen with ultimately tragic results which is indeed something that actually often and sadly did occur with than a few left wing critical of the National Socialists political activists artists and authors unfortunate persons who often had multiple early opportunities to escape from to leave Germany during the early years of the Third Reich who were actually sometimes even erroneously and naively of the belief that the Nazis would somehow calm down and and would become reasonable and increasingly democratic and who tragically ended up stuck in Germany and destined for prison and the concentrations camps But of course aside from being a novel of the early days of the Third Reich and portraying Anna's family's escape from Germany and journey to first Switzerland then France and ultimately England When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit is also a novel of immigration and moving relocation and especially once Anna's family has settled in France how Anna adjusts to French culture and slowly but surely learns to master the French language with for me personally and mainly because it happened in a very similar manner to me when I was learning English after we had immigrated from Germany to Canada in 1976 one of the most evocative and joyful moments of When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit being when Anna realises that she has indeed become proficient and increasingly fluent in the French language because she now does no longer first have to translate a French uestion into German before being able to answer it in French that she is now naturally speaking French and no longer needing her German as a language crutch And therefore I do not only recommend When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit as a story of the early days of the Third Reich and how Anna and her family flee National Socialism and likely arrest and torture especially for the father had they remained in Germany since Judith Kerr also very meticulously and with much detail shows and demonstrates how especially Anna deals with and handles culture shock how once in France she learns French fluently and finally realises that yes she is becoming totally familiar with France and with the French language When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit is also a perfect novel to share with young immigrants or emigrants to show them the stages of acclimatisation and assimilation that Anna must pass through before she feels at home and at ease in France before of course things change once again before Anna's father is offered a job in England and they finally at the end of When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit all relocate to the United Kingdom another stressful move and change but of course with hindsight this being a total blessing as we all know that France was eventually invaded and occupied by the Nazis and that those refugees who had found shelter in France were of course suddenly very much in harm's way