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Angel Smith is ready to leave Antarctica for a second chance at life But on what was meant to be her final day the research station is attacked Hunted and scared she and glaciologist Ford Cooper barely make it out wit. UPDATE I've read the final version of Whiteout now and it is SO FREAKING FANTASTIC I love love love this book The survival plot is amazing and the sexual tension is off the charts I was literally fanning myself at times The first make out scene isOMG I've already read this book twice now and I would totally read it again SO goodAction packed full of twists and turns danger adventure and steamy romance A hot reclusive scientist and a plucky resourceful chef find themselves in harrowing and life threatening circumstances in Antarctica I loved every second of it Lucky me I got to read it early and Whiteout sure made my last transatlantic flight go by fast

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Whiteout Survival Instincts #1Eautiful place on earth But the outside world depends on what Ford and Angel know and as their pursuers close in and their new partnership burns bright and hot they will stop at nothing to make it out of the cold aliv. Antarctica a frozen sea of hidden discoveries a scientific haven for the brave hearted or as in Angel’s case those looking to hide away from life for a while The subzero temps and total isolation would be than enough adventure for me but for a scientific outpost and two of its occupants it is about to become a chilling race to survive in a frigid hellWHITEOUT by Adriana Anders snowballs into a searing hot romance as two people trek through miles of ice and snow knowing they could be humanity’s last chance against a deranged mindAdriana Anders does so well creating each scene as well as an atmosphere of desperation I’m pretty sure I could feel frostbite setting in where my hands touched my Kindle Good thing the scorching hot romance developing between Angel and Ford heated things up just perfectlyA rapid fire actionhigh octane read with strong characters great dialogue and a true sense of “being there” Highly recommended for romance lovers tooI received a complimentary ARC edition from Sourcebooks Casablanca this is my honest and voluntary reviewSeries Survival Instincts Book 1Publisher Sourcebooks Casablanca January 28 2020Publication Date January 28 2020Genre Romantic SuspensePrint Length 448 pagesAvailable from | Barnes NobleFor Reviews Giveaways Fabulous Book News follow

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Read & download ✓ Whiteout Survival Instincts #1 ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook × Angel Smith is ready to leave Antarctica for a second chance at life But on what was meant to be her final day the research station is attacked Hunted and scared she and glaciologist Ford Cooper barely make it out witH their livesonly to realize that in a place this remote there's nowhere left to runIsolated in the middle of a long frozen winter with a madman at their heels they must fight to survive in the most inhospitable and b. Chalk and cheese strikes againMicky read this super early and it was her being all excitement over it that inspired me to reuest hoping I might catch it before the release date and be able to swoon alongside her for this new title and new series opener from a new to me author But I pretty much didn't get on with anything about this story The only thing that worked for me was the realistic weather experience the harsh conditions and the very practical conversations surrounding said realities dealing with waste out on the ice periods blisters everything Otherwise the plot Both very slow moving and very action move style outlandish The characters Not interesting or at least not any I could connect to The romance Didn't buy it And as for the ending I just it's a lotI also had an irrational irritation over the name 'Angel Smith' particularly as she was referred to by both names for 97% of the book Not Angel Angel Smith Every time And I just no it wasn't working for me I'm sorry I did say it was irrationalThis is clearly a me problem not the book itself as so many of my good friends — not just Micky — have read and loved this I just wish I could count myself among them While this is definitely being set up for a big ensemble conspiracy filled action series I won't be reading on I received an ARC from NetGalley and the publisher thank you in exchange for an honest review This review can also be found at A Take From Two Cities