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READ & DOWNLOAD Wolf in Sheep's Clothing 107 ¿ Agent Cooper Dayton and his partner Oliver Park are going undercover—at a retreat for couples who need counselling They do say the best cover story is one that’s close to the truthDo say the best cover story is one that’s close to the tru. I know I haven’t given any volume of this series all the stars but damn if you aren’t going to have to pry the Cooper and Park stories out of my cold dead hands My life won't allow me to write a real review of this one right now so I'll just say a few things• Hands down the best mystery so far in the series• These two are still ALL THE HOT• Adhara is doing a fabulous job making their past the HEA interesting and still in character• Her writing is getting better and better; she's become an absolute autobuy for me this series or otherwise• Carina needs to up their copy editingproofreading game🖤 CooperPark 4ever 🖤

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Dercover at a retreat for couples who need counselling They. Absolutely wonderful series I enjoyed reading each book and I even fell deeply in love with CooperDefinitely gonna keep my eye out for ;

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Wolf in Sheep's ClothingAgent Cooper Dayton and his partner Oliver Park are going un. 45 Cooper and Park stars “I’m filthy” Cooper murmured in protest “I realized that the first week I met you” Park said Reading this book felt like coming home I had really missed Cooper Park and Boogie I am fixed for now I just have to wait until 2021 to read the next one GAAAAAAHHHBook 4 in the series and not disappointed Charlie stayed true to the characters I fell in love with Cooper and Parker in book 1 and in book 4 I am still head over heels It is usually rare for books in series to maintain the characterization and the writing Some add drama and unnecessary shenanigans just to fill the pages I am happy to report that it is not the case here This series keeps getting better The character growth is so well done Cooper is still our sole narrator and lawd this guy is awkwardly hilarious A very relatable guy you can’t help but fall in love with him With all his awkwardness he makes a good agent I love his case solving skills Park is the opposite of Cooper calm and collected big bad wolf I love him too They complement each other and together they make the best couple ever The conversations and the banter between the two had me LOLing hard “You’re lucky I’m too tired to break up with you” Cooper warned but was unable to contain his chuckle and a few people looked over at them curiously He lowered his voice to match Park’s near whisper “So I was right People are being extra worried for me” The mystery was interesting enough to keep me going Though I uestioned the investigation a bit it didn’t stop me from enjoying the ride The balance between the mystery and the relationship is so well done one does not overshadow the other one Me likey very very much The sex between Cooper and Park is always hot and hilarious to read Their chemistry is off the charts These two burn up the sheets with hotness and humour best combo ever “No no I’m fine I’m just thinking” “About running a marathon Your heart is beating out of your chest” Park said “Shhh” Cooper said “Hold me tighter” The humor in this series is right up my alley Cooper has some of the best mumbled one liners I kept picturing his face when he says things that had me busting out loud Adhara has an amazing sense of humor This series is highly recommended Not your usual Werewolf shifter stories but one of the bestThanks you Ele Moony and Teal for the awesome buddy read 🤗🤗