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Read & Download Î Place of Fear ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ↠ Deep in the rainforest of Guatemala a missing scientist long given up for dead languishes in a lightless prison cell Fueled by a powerful unknown narcotic his senses are on fire; he can feel them expanding far beyond human bounds even as the drug tEautiful haunted sisterWinner of the 2012 Royal Palm Literary Award PLACE OF FEAR propels you inexorably toward a collision between Norse myth and Maya history wherein only ultimate sacrifice brings survival PLACE OF FEAR is the stunning preuel hinted at in BRIGANDS KEY the thriller described by The Florida Weekly as a perfect storm of menac. Once again Pelham has spoken to one of my worst fears within the first few pages of his book this time instead of drowning the danger concerns losing a finger I don't know how he manages to consistently use macabre images to piue my curiosity This book ramps up the adventure uickly as Grant puts together a rescue mission and maintains a sense of urgency until the end without feeling rushedAs with Brigands Key the narration of Place of Fear jumps between the point of view of uite of few characters Despite this I didn't feel cheated as a reader I understood the thoughts and motivations of the different characters whether I personally agreed with their actions or notIn between the action scenes and character ruminations Pelham presents an incredibly realistic sense of place I found myself easily immersed in the Guatemalan jungle feeling the all consuming sweaty heat of a tropical setting Part of me wished I could've been on Grant's rescue missionimpromptu excavation until you know characters started finding themselves in mortal peril

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Before the appointed time of execution While a cutthroat band of looters seeking easy riches closes in for the kill Grant stumbles onto the remnant of a mysterious hybrid civilization intent on destroying anyone that threatens to expose it Trapped and desperate Grant entrusts his team’s survival into the hands of a young Maya cop and his b. Format Audiobook Hell was real and it was other people A small team of archaeologists set out to rescue a colleague previously believed dead They have to be uick as they suspect there is a time limit they need to find him before the solstice The territory is hostile and so too many of the natives But they were unprepared for what was actually encounteredA fast action packed exciting and disturbing thriller well read by Mark Kamish whose excellent slow and steady narration becomes a full performance as he invests life in already well drawn characters The situations in which the hapless team find themselves are imaginative and terrifying the need to hide flee and fight virtually non stop personally I would have prefered the ending to have occurred a little sooner as the final denouement became too extended for my liking but it was well written and I am sure many readers listeners will enjoy this continuationMy thanks to the right's holder who gifted me a copy of A Place Of Fear via Audiobook Boom It was colourful exotic and the archaeological references were totally fascinating For lovers of the adventure genre a definite recommendation

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Place of FearDeep in the rainforest of Guatemala a missing scientist long given up for dead languishes in a lightless prison cell Fueled by a powerful unknown narcotic his senses are on fire; he can feel them expanding far beyond human bounds even as the drug tears at his sanityUpon learning that his friend is alive Carson Grant mounts a frenzied rescue. Place of Fear is an action packed adventure that reminded me of an Indiana Jones film A team of archeologists on the search for a lost colleague encounter crooked government officials looters mysticism and a fabled location and tribe You couldn’t ask for There are multiple narrators in Place of Fear and that allows readers a greater understanding of the multitudes of characters While the main character Grant Carson is the most developed Mr Pelham has given readers plenty of insight into the secondary and tertiary characters as well The story alternates between the team of archeologists some uestionable local officials and leaders and occasionally a scene from the missing archeologist Pelham steadily builds the tension and sense of dread as Grant Carson’s team gets closer to their destination and as the summer solstice deadline nears Unlike Indiana Jones and Romancing the Stone story lines there is a great deal of death and peril in Place of Fear and not all of the good guys remain unscathed and whole Most of the story is well paced but I could have done with shorter battle scenes and there were a few grisly scenes that I wasn’t sure that I could finish readingI loved the inclusion of local mysticism It enabled the nefarious characters to play on locals’ fears as well as increase the sense of menace in some scenes The archeologists are like kids open gifts on Christmas when they come across a new find while searching for their friendcoworker Their wonder at what they stumble across is tempered by their desire to keep it whole and safe from lootersI listened to rather than read this book and I have to say that narrator Mark Kamish truly made the book come alive I’ve listened to several books he has narrated—romance nonfiction and adventure and he is remarkably versatileVisit Book Junkie Reviews for reading recommendations