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DOWNLOAD × Protecting Whats Mine Æ If you can’t stand the heat don’t fall for a firefighter Fire Chief Lincoln Reed is known for his heroics in the fire department and in the bedroom Life is a never ending good time Until she lands in the middle of the accident scene he’s workingand then his backyard Too bad she’s immune to flirty first resLinc be her hero when she needs him the most or will their scars ruin everythingOne thing is certain Someone is going to get burned Author’s Warning This small town happily ever after is smokin’ hot sweetly hilarious deliciously suspenseful and a one two punch to the feels One click for a disaster dog precocious kids a good ol’ fistfight nosy neighbors high adrenaline first responder heroics firefighter bromance and kitchen sexytimes. If you are looking for a book that makes you feel from beginning to end this is the book for you Don’t get me wrong it’s not over the top angsty but it is the perfect combination of community love everyday heroes and overcoming adversity Mix that with a dirty talking firefighter and an elusive trauma surgeon and you have perfectionWith each and every book Lucy releases I feel like I’ve found a new favorite but this book definitely earns a spot in my top five favorites It is one I know I will come back to and reread over and over It is action packed full of all the good vibes a strong community can bring and has a love story for the ages Linc is epic book boyfriend material I also loved Mack I love that they are both deeply layered characters While Linc may seem like a playboy for life I loved seeing so much depth beneath that surface I also loved learning about Mack throughout the story and understanding why she made the choices she did There was so much about both of them that brought all the feelsAs with all Lucy books the writing in this book is fantastic Once you start reading you will be glued to your chair forgetting the world around you exists At least that was my experience It had a fantastic conclusion but I still wanted because I love them so much It truly has all the hallmark characteristics of a Lucy book with love laughter and all the feelsWhile I loved popping back into Benevolence and touching base with some of my other favorite characters this is a complete standalone However I don’t know how you could finish and not want everything you could get from this town

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If you can’t stand the heat don’t fall for a firefighter Fire Chief Lincoln Reed is known for his heroics in the fire department and in the bedroom Life is a never ending good time Until she lands in the middle of the accident scene he’s workingand then his backyard Too bad she’s immune to flirty first respondersFlight trauma surgeon Mackenzie O’Neil is on a crash course with burnout She’s got a scar on her face and a shake in h. Fire Chief Lincoln Reed is well known and liked for for his heroics in the fire department and the smile he has left on the faces if women he has dated but now his feeling the itch to settle down and when he meets flight trauma surgeon Mackenzie Mack O’Neil he finds himself unable to keep away and determined to get through the barriers she has up A really enjoyable read the banter between Linc and Mack had me smiling a fair bit I liked the fact that Mack wasn't positioned as some sort of slut simply because like Linc she had enjoyed her share of none serious relationships The author uses a tone in her writing that ensures there is not any unnecessary or annoying judgment imposed on MackAt times I wanted a bit tension and heat considering what was happening but this was a small niggle The kids Linc's nephews and nieces in this book also added a good layer of humour and cuteness to than one scene The shenanigans of the small town and their nosiness was funny to see although I think it would drive me batty if I lived their Potential Triggers Child neglect assault than once and attempted murderAcuired via KU

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Protecting Whats MineEr hands A temporary job as a small town family physician is just the prescription She’ll learn to meditate Sleep Take up gardening She definitely won’t take her shirtless firefighting neighbor’s hot body for a test driveBut Linc and his tattoos are very persuasive What’s a harmless little adrenaline fueled fling between neighbors It’s all naked fun and games until the shadows from Mack’s past find their way into her present Can. Lucy Score has moved up into my top 5 comfort read authors If I want a romance covers the Hs humor heat and heart Ms Score usually has me covered Now I’d read the first book in the series Pretend You’re Mine which I struggled with but Lincoln Reed was one of those characters that I wanted to know about so when I heard he was getting his own HEA I said sign me up I’m happy I did because it was a happy escape of a readLincoln and Mack two first responders he’s a firefighter and she’s a doc on medevac flights both in the military and civilian so I liked their connection right off the bat Mack doesn’t swoon and I LOVED that she’s not the innocent virgin but a woman who’s seen alot and lived through it and not afraid of her sexuality She may have commitment issues but I appreciated that this was a character driven romance Lincoln’s wooing is well done and hard won but by the end I thought the big time flirt had than earned his HEA I’d also like to give props to Ms Score for really working on keeping her small town romances diverse which is appreciated though there is a phrase used a couple of times that I realized is probably common for someone from my generation but is actually a slur against the disabled and it bothered me enough to edit this review It’s unnecessary and at first I thought it was a typo but I re checked it and nope it’s there The difference of one letter would have rendered this sentence unnecessary and that's a shame for an author who's made an effort for diversity to include it Other than that my small uibble about the cover The heroine looks in no way like Mack and I wish that it didAnyway at the end of the day if character driven small town romances filled with sweet heat and humor are your jam you may really enjoy this ARC provided by author for reviewFor reviews visit