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'We need a place' Leslie called to him 'just for us'Jesse Aarons wants to be the fastest boy in the class but when Leslie Burke moves into the neighbouring farm his life ch. You would think that even after seeing the movie and knowing how this ends I wouldn't cry but here I am This book was very enjoyable I can't remember if I read it as a kid but it was definitely worth reading now that I'm olderThe writing is pretty and gives you a very country vibe with vibrant imagery and cozy settings but I felt like the characters lacked a lot of description Maybe it’s a children’s book and i’m not used to the shorter pace but it felt like a lot needed to be fleshed out The relationships between the characters Day to day activities Dialogue scenes It all just happened very uickly and it was hard to gauge how much time was actually passing and it felt like the characters and plot were progressing faster than they probably actually wereI really need to pick up children’s classics because reading a book written and presumably set in the 70s was so captivating References to the Vietnam war and the fearlessness about talking about religion and God was just something I rarely see today and adding in details so particular to the time period almost 50 years ago now was just very cool I couldn’t get the movie out of my head when I read this even though I haven’t seen the movie in years Baby josh hutcherson is so precious that I think it added a spark to the book just seeing his face in my mind However comparing the book to the movie was a little bit detrimental because I think I liked the movie a little Just because it took time to flesh out the characters and add detail to the world of Terabithia whereas in the book Terabithia was ironically rather underexplainedI loved how it described Jess as having a nervous gut There were references to Jess having anxiety in this and i’m glad it wasn’t portrayed as something like HE NEEDS TO MAN UP HE’S AFRAID OF SWIMMING AND HIS DAD PUTS A LOT OF PRESSURE ON HIM TO BE PERFECT HE SHOULD BE THE MAN OF THE FAMILY Instead it’s approached as if fear and shyness is natural and you need to work through it organically and I thought that was really beautiful and encouraging

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Bridge to TerabithiaIcal kingdom on an island across the creek where Jesse can escape his troublesome family But one day tragedy strikes and Jess needs to find the courage to overcome his fear. This is absolutely a great book I loved to read itI don't know if you ever watch the film from 2007 if you do but you haven't read the book I can tell you that the movie is a good adaptation BUT it can mislead you in the fantasy factor even I used that label in my review but only because at this moment I don't have a better label to describe the book in a fair wayI tell you all that since in the film they gave a lot of emphasis and screen time to all those magic creatures however they don't exist in the book the kids are really clear on that they are playing sure but they don't start to watch magic creatures from the thin air they just using something called imaginationI tell you that too just to make you understand that if you want to read this book expecting something in the style of Harry Potter or Narnia you will get a real disappointment BUT if you are looking to read an amazing coming to age story you will read one of the best books in that area genre andor topicDue to clumsy reasons this great book has been banned in many libraries What I can tell you is that the kids here talk and think in a very real and honest way so I don't think that can be a good reason to ban this bookThis is a truly great novel about growing about maturing about the impossibility of controlling life and that you have to treasure each moment that you are living since you never know when something will change foreverAlso you won't understand the reason for the title of this book until you read it but please don't do any research or investigation since the impact of the story depends of that you don't know anything aheadThis is a short book just read it and it will live in your heart forever

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Free read ´ Bridge to Terabithia È PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ 'We need a place' Leslie called to him 'just for us'Jesse Aarons wants to be the fastest boy in the class but when Leslie Burke moves into the neighbouring farm his life changes forever Even though she runs faster than Anges forever Even though she runs faster than him Jesse thinks Leslie is all right she's clever funny and has good ideas It is Leslie who invents Terabithia the secret mag. I'm heading out into the backyard now in the dark with a flashlight a shovel and my paperback copy of Bridge to Terabithia I'm going to be careful not to dig a hole in the same place where I've buried Old Yeller but to give this book its very own sacred burial spaceWhen I come back inside I will inform my 11 year old daughter that we are never going to talk about this book again“Never” she will say We will look at each other and nod in agreement We will never talk about this book again Sometimes it seemed to him that his life was delicate as a dandelion One little puff from any direction and it was blown to bits