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Read & Download Life of a Klansman ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ñ Life of a Klansman tells the story of a warrior in the Ku Klux Klan a carpenter in Louisiana who took up the cause of fanatical racism during the years after the Civil War Author Edward Ball a descendant of the Klansman paints a portrait of his family’sBall seeks out descendants of African Americans who were once victimized by “our Klansman” and his comrades and shares their storiesFor whites to have a Klansman in the family tree is no rare thing Demographic estimates suggest that fifty percent of whites in the United States have at least one ancestor who belonged to the Ku Klux Klan at some point in its history That is one half of white Americans could write a Klan family memoir if they wishe. Disclaimer I read an e ARC of this book on June 30 2020 which is not the final versionAnyways I have been looking for this book for years Not this particular work but something like it I have a similar lifelong moral struggle to the author except instead of my Klansman I have my Nazis Whenever an American brings the Nazis up to Germans their counterargument is 100% going to either be a the Native American genocide or b Slavery Much of the eugenics presented in this book is the exact same rhetoric that the Nazis used to show why the Jews were the subhumans Germans do not see much of a difference between their Nazis and our Slavers That is because it is the same thing and this is a fact that makes most white Americans uncomfortable Edward Ball claims this fact It makes him uncomfortable He is uncomfortable recognizing his own features and characteristics in his Klansman I feel you bro150 years is not that long ago and 75 is even less Not all families have hero storiesI really love how in depth this book goes genealogically and historically speaking Maybe it is Ball's personal connection but he does an excellent job at telling a story I love that he goes to find descendants of historical events involving his Klansman This is not the average history book about Louisiana the KKK or the Civil War This is not a particularly short book but I read the entire thing in one day I could not stop It was a book that demanded to be read You should read it

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Life of a Klansman tells the story of a warrior in the Ku Klux Klan a carpenter in Louisiana who took up the cause of fanatical racism during the years after the Civil War Author Edward Ball a descendant of the Klansman paints a portrait of his family’s anti black militant that is part history part memoir rich in personal detailSifting through family lore about “our Klansman” as well as public and private records Ball reconstructs the story of. I thoroughly enjoyed this book It's one of my favorite reads of the year so far The author has discovered that his ancestors were slave owners AND Ku Klux Clan members And before you cast judgement on him for this fact he shows that the odds of you having such an ancestor in your past are 5050Ball traces the history of the slave trade in Louisiana the effects of the Civil War and Reconstruction the Jim Crow laws and the birth of the Ku Klux Clan To do so he vividly describes the beliefs attitudes and feelings of the slave owners And to a degree of the slaves themselves He really made me feel like I was standing next to and talking with his ancestors The rationales used to justify slavery are honestly heartbreaking You cannot help but feel the despair of watching black families ripped apart as their children are sold as property just like you would sell cattle or cotton Or of the terror black families felt at the hands of the Ku Klux Clan Or the feelings of disgust as you witness how the Clan is accepted even encouraged by people The author has also tracked down the ancestors of several of the characters in the book Thru interviews with them he made further discoveries The author is trying to make amends for his family's past It's a good step admitting that we all have a duty to improve I highly recommend this book

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Life of a KlansmanHis great great grandfather Constant Lecorgne A white French Creole father of five and working class ship carpenter Lecorgne had a career in white terror of notable and bloody completeness massacres night riding masked marches street rampages all part of a tireless effort that he and other Klansmen made to restore white power when it was threatened by the emancipation of four million enslaved African Americans To offer a non white view of the Ku klux. Life of a Klansman A Family History in White Supremacy by Edward BallThis was a difficult read hard to get through My white skin felt very radioactive As Edward Ball has DNA that marched to 2020 through Southern byways so do I Here there are ancestors glorified by family lore that tells of owning other human beings and storytellers curating their take on the true and proper order of thingsI had become aware of this author’s research and angst through his first book Slaves in the Family and appreciated his acknowledgment and the existence of a great deal of guilt over the actions of ancestors and the uandary of what to do about it Clearly there have been a small few who have worried and written over this but it has taken the era of the cell phone video undeniable proof of not just prejudice and preference – but all out systemic infection It has infected even those who think they are not at all touched by the stain of it This author does the hard brave job of pulling off the polish of his own family stories and getting down to the bare wood grain – digging back through Aunt Maud’s stories – a fairly recent generation – who has the last connection with a grandfather Constant Lecorgnes This grandchild of the plantation model now without that promised future mixes and mingles and falls in with the petit blancs poor whites who do the actual massacres persecution and abuse employees and workers collaborators of the grand blancs rich ones who “prefer not to use violence themselves; they prefer others to do that necessary work” Getting boss's desired results no matter what it takes for the promised greater pay value status or benefit Sometimes boss is the richer well placed town county parish country politician They might even belong to the same secret organization After reading so many books on politics askew and white supremacy spouted from astonishing sources that paragraph sunk in deep down Just maybe I allow myself to think what is happening is not at all new I begin to suspect there is an entire section of petit blancs who while they haven’t aligned themselves with terrorists rather prefer to believe that if all is well with them all is well for all That standing uietly by is a strong enough statement Edward Ball’s latest book moves my mind toward change I can see and feel the infection from the Civil War down my humble family lines through the stories the jests the side comments the social judgments Denial doesn’t make it go away no auto deleteA stunning and painful realization It’s taken too long to get here and doesn’t answer the uestion but it gets nearer These are not proud traditional organizations KKK ilk They are infections as sickening and debilitating as any bacterial or viral foe we face It's easy to believe you've never had connection to one The scary part is you probably have just a generation or so ago Or yesterdayI highly recommend this read if you are ready to turn around and look behind youA Sincere Thanks to Edward Ball Farrar Straus and Giroux and NetGalley for an ARC to read and review