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Free download î Populärmusik från Vittula 102 ☆ Growing up in a small town in the northernmost corner of Sweden can be hard for a boy and Matti's adolescence is no exception Wrap up warm and join the community of Pajala in a tale of weddings sauna contests the thrill of a first kiss and of finally hearing the BeatlesMatti's adolescence is no exception Wrap up warm and join the community of Pajala in a tal. On the link of literature to madness Excerpt from a lecture delivered in the sauna by Dad; he explicates the facts of life for 14 year old Mattie so his son will know how to be a manThen Dad started going through a list of all the family idiots I'd already met some of them one was in the psychiatric hospital in Gallivare and another in Pitea In medical jargon it was called schizophrenia and it seemed to run in the family It would appear when you reached the age of eighteen or so and was due to certain causes Frustrated love was one and Dad begged me to be very wary of getting involved with complicated women who were scared of sex Dad urged me never to be too persistent with the fair sex if they declined to open their legs but rather to follow his own example and find myself an unabashed peasant girl with a big assThe other cause of lunacy was brooding Dad strongly advised me never to start thinking too much but to do as little as possible of it since thinking was a menace that only got worse the of it you did He could recommend hard manual labor as an antidote shoveling snow chopping firewood skiing cross country and that kind of thing because thinking usually affected people when they were lolling about on the sofa or sitting back to rest in some other way Getting up early was also recommended especially on weekends and when you had a hangover because all kinds of nasty thought could worm their way into your mind thenIt was particularly important not to brood about religion God and death and the meaning of life were all extremely dangerous topics for a young and vulnerable mind a dense forest in which you could easily get lost and end up with acute attacks of madness You could confidently leave that kind of stuff until your old age because by then you would be hardened and tougher and wouldn't have much else to do Confirmation classes should be regarded as a purely theoretical exercise a few texts and rituals to memorize but certainly not anything to start worrying aboutThe most dangerous thing of all and something he wanted to warn me about above all else the one thing that had consigned whole regiments of unfortunate young people to the twilight world of insanity was reading books This objectionable practice had increased among the younger generation and Dad was pleased than he could say to note that I had not yet displayed any such tendencies Lunatic asylums were overflowing with folk who'd been reading too much Once upon a time they'd been just like you and me physically strong straightforward cheerful and well balanced Then they'd started reading Most often by chance A bout of flu perhaps with a few days in bed An attractive book cover that had aroused some curiosity And suddenly the bad habit had taken hold The first book had led to another Then another and another all links in a chain that led straight down into the eternal night of mental illness It was impossible to stop It was worse than drugsIt might just be possible if you were very careful to look at the occasional book that could teach you something such as encyclopedias or repair manuals The most dangerous kind of book was fiction that's where all the brooding was sparked and encouraged Damnit all Addictive and risky products like that should only be available in state regulated monopoly stores rationed and sold only to those with a license and mature in ageKindle location 2712 2741In the oral tradition of hyperbolic tall tales Chapter 10 tells the most frightening ghost story of all timeChapter 12 tells the darkest most evil story of all timeChapter 13 tells the funniest mentor story of all timeEach chapter is the self contained narrative of an event during the journey from innocence to experience

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Growing up in a small town in the northernmost corner of Sweden can be hard for a boy and. 25I started this novel because it was recommended on a Russian book podcast that I really enjoy promising a funny coming of age story set in the middle of nowhere in Sweden translated beautifully into Russian I will lie if I say any of this is untrue It is indeed a coming of age story set in the middle of nowhere in Sweden It is indeed funny It is indeed translated astonishingly well into Russian using simultaneously poetic and crude language there were uite some words that I don't think I've ever seen written even somewhere on neglected buildings and I've seen uite a lot of various words written in such places I assume this was how the original text was constructed as well but I applaud the translator in any case it doesn't at all read as translated fiction only the foreign sounding names are giving away its national originThe novel is presented as a collection of vignettes exploring coming of age of a boy and his friends in a place that is both part of the modern world and set apart from it where drinking is the hobby of most of its male and often female inhabitants where gender roles are stuck in middle ages but where women are nonetheless strong and powerful in their own way the way they have always been in villages at least in this part of the world There is a feeling that the action could have easily been transported to the middle of nowhere in Russia barely losing a reference Then there is this sense of the clash of cultures not just modernity and tradition but also actual cultures the setting is a Finnish enclave in Sweden which probably has in common with the Soviet Union than the rest of Sweden Life is rough and hopeless but like everywhere it goes on regardlessI had a hard time reading this novel despite its many merits or maybe precisely because of them Even though I myself have been mostly living in a bubble of educated intelligent liberally minded and internationally conscious populace I am well aware that it is indeed a bubble and not how people generally are I sometimes catch glimpses of the life outside the bubble and it is very similar to the life in Vittula and its surroundings Such glimpses rattle me slightly forcing me to withdraw back into my bubble where life is not perfect either just familiar to my sensibilities In reality though it is eually possible to be unhappy both inside and outside the bubble It's just that inside the bubble we have a better vocabulary and practice to talk about our unhappinessIt is rather curious that a book that is pretty funny has put me in such a gloomy mood It is also curious that intellectually I acknowledge that this is really good literature but I still did not enjoy the process of reading it Lots of food for thought though as long as the thinking is done inside the bubble

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Populärmusik från VittulaE of weddings sauna contests the thrill of a first kiss and of finally hearing the Beatles. Popular Music from Vittula is an ingenious blend of memoir folklore magical realism and talented story telling Who knew growing up in the Arctic Circle would be so enchanting I thought it would be too frigid to do anything but shiver But Niemi forms a beautiful landscape where men half a step away from Vikings raise kids who listen to The Beatles The modern age uite literally steam rolls into an edge of the world village where citizens are treading the waters between the religions and myths of their ancestors and the consumerism of the modern age Modern marvels meets old world is not however what makes this book so captivating Instead it’s the subtleties of being young that Niemi portrays so perfectly The nuances of grade school hierarchies the machismo of the adolescent male the intricate blends of fantasy and reality that compound to make the world that all little kids live in—Niemi calls them up perfectly without an air of adult pandering He doesn’t look back and think ‘we were so silly then’ if anything he pays homage to the often vicious forces at work in the world of children and how tricky it is to move from the stage of innocence into the thrilling taboo busting realm of adolescence