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REVIEW Date Me, Bryson Keller 107 å Random House has acuired debut author Kevin van Whye's Date Me Bryson Keller Everyone at Fairvale Academy knows of Bryson Keller's pledge that for one week— Monday to Sunday— he will be the perfect boyfriend to the first person to ask him out but when closeted Kai Sheridan asks him out everything changes This #OwnVoicK Monday to Sunday he will be the perfect boyfriend to the first person to ask him out but when closeted Kai Sheridan asks him out everything changes Th. rep mixed race gay mc mlm li gay side character Indian side charactertw homophobia bullying fights outing another very public outing unsupportive parents ARC provided by the publisher Review also on my blogIn a word in a phrase It’s a preachy bulshit If you’re looking for a light cute gay romcom you should keep looking This book is not itThe thing we can all agree on is that stories need angst to actually make sense You can call it conflict or whatever else but something in the plot has to stop working for a while for the whole book to start working in the end The problem is the cause for that can’t feel like bordeline tragedy porn can’t feel like kicking one already down repeatedlyThat’s what Date Me Bryson Keller failed to graspKai the mc is a closeted gay high school senior So far so good He’s terrified of coming out to his parents mostly because his mom is Catholic and very religious Still fine He never came out to his two best friends he met at the beginning of high school because when he was thirteen he came out to his best friend at the time and was ghosted Kind of a lot for a kid not to have a single person he’s comfortable with but that is sometimes our realityBut then what else happens to this kid He gets outed multiple times including to his mother and to his whole school His mother turns out to be as homophobic as you would expect from a straight Catholic and needs literal days to come around Both he and his boyfriend get in fights with homophobesOh and all this in the span of three days The whole books takes two weeks so we don’t have a lot of timeYou could say well this still happens to LGBT youth To which I say you’re totally right But it’s a matter of choosing how to write about those things Books are not real life they need to have some balance If you have unsupportive parents consider having another supportive figure in mc’s life from the start If you decide to out your mc stop to think why are you doing that Is it solely to show the few characters who are better than the asshole who did the outing Is it so those characters can make a speech about how bad outing someone isAll the bad things that happen in Date Me Bryson Keller feel like they only happen so that someone can condemn them Also so that Kai feels lonely I said the book is a preachy bulshit and that is exactly what I meant No opportunity is wasted to include a paragraph or two of someone defending an idea and all of them have the subtlety of getting pummeled in the head with a sledgehammer It’s also present in the narrative at other times when Kai explains to readers how difficult it is to be a gay teen and how he hates it because love is loveThroughout the whole book Kai keeps asking himself if Bryson can possibly be gay too That is because so far during the dare Bryson only dated girls but he also held Kai’s hand without being asked Not once does Kai consider that Bryson might be bisexual or pansexual Over 300 pages and Kai keeps thinking of sexuality as a binary you’re either gay or you’re straightHe does that to other people as well He has a crush on a boy whom he never really talked to and knows nothing about Which is the nature of crushes of course And the whole time he just assumes that said boy is straight Because straight is the default and people can ever only be straight or gay right He actually gets called out on it but then just keeps doing it for the rest of the bookThe word “bi” is used once in the whole book Not even bisexual just bi And not as an actual label someone decided on just thrown in as a possibility in a stressful situation and never brought up again Not all of us use labels obviously but Kai is very adamant about using “gay” to describe himself to the point where he’s afraid kids will only see him as “the gay one” instead of his actual personality and yet his love interest never gets to have a label It would be different if it was actually addressed by the narrative but alasHaving a personality is actually another problem in this book No one really feels like they do It’s like a few traits slapped together to make a shape of person A uirk here or there because those are supposed to make characters believable And that’s the best case scenario The worst Making a character a racist homophobic caricature because the author needs them to do something shitty to move the plot forward Meet Shannon Meet DustinKai is obviously the best example of that though We’re told by him since the book is written in first person pov that he’s shy but then we literally not once get to see it We’re told he’s not popular but his two best friends are part of the popular crowd and he gets invited to parties thrown by those kids and the most popular guy in school knows his name It’s impossible to pin down anything actually real about Kai Apart from the fact that he’s a pretentious asshole like a lot of teenagers are but I’m pretty sure that wasn’t actually author’s intentionAll this to say that Date Me Bryson Keller is just very poorly written Not only in terms of nonexistent characterisation but also the style itself The dialogues read like the author never heard teens talk before in his life The descriptions are overly detailed even in places that don’t really need any descriptions at all There are constant repetitions of words phrases and ideas usually in space of a few pages As if the author wasn’t sure we got what he was going for the first five timesThe tone is very preachy as mentioned before but also basic and not nuanced at all; sounds like an adult telling the story The most important part of writing YA books is nailing down teens’ voice and this book failed at that miserably It’s cringy and embarrassing and takes a lot of effort to get through That Steve Buscemi “How do you do fellow kids” meme That’s exactly this book’s energyDon’t get me wrong there are some cute parts in this novel Kai and Bryson go on dates have fun get overly romantic sappy It’s sweet at times Bryson’s mom and sister are very cool with him not being straight in stark contrast to Kai’s mom It’s not all badIs it worth to read the whole thing for a few cute scenes though WellAt the end of the day Date Me Bryson Keller feels like it was written

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Random House has acuired debut author Kevin van Whye's Date Me Bryson Keller Everyone at Fairvale Academy knows of Bryson Keller's pledge that for one wee. It's really offensive to take a Japanese woman's work and try to pass the story off as your own You can write #ownvoices and critiue Japanese ueer works without stealing another author's plot Give credit where it's dueEDIT The author only provided justification after the comments called him out on being heavily inspired by SEVEN DAYS This is still a hard no from me The Japanese gay comics industry is riddled with issues but you have no place as a Westerner to take this work and reclaim it as your own Your work is not valid and realistic than the original when the premise isn't yours to being with Regardless justifying this novel like this as a critiue of the Japanese comics industry is uite laughable when you are writing for a Western audience IN THE FIRST PLACE Own up to these issues with your novel without making excuses for yourselfFuture readers are better off reading fanfiction if they want to read something derivative

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Date Me Bryson KellerIs #OwnVoices YA romance featuring a biracial main character is pitched as an LGBT To All the Boys I've Loved Before Publication is planned for summer 202. I'm completely baffled The writer of this book stole another author of colour Tachibana Venio's uniue prose from a manga called Seven Days and claimed it as his own without giving credit until he was called out for plagiarizing He claimed this novel is born from his own critiue of the work If your intent was to critiue an original published well loved story using it's exact creative concept fan fiction is the route to go I can't believe this book was published as an original work when the synopsis' are identical and no written credit to Seven Days was included in the book These are the blurbs from both works which sound extremely similarSeven Days It is rud that Touji Seryou one of the popular boys at school would go out with anyone who asks him out on a Monday morning published in 2010Date Me Bryson Keller Everyone knows about the dare Each week Bryson Keller must date someone new the first person to ask him out on Monday morning published in 2020This author when trying to justify plagiarizing Takarai's work stated that There were themes that I wanted to explore in a western setting and as an own voices writer Reclaiming an asian work as one of your own to supposedly critiue it does not sit well Trying to perfect another person of colour's work by contextualizing it for a western audience is so wrong This simply isn't 'inspiration' it is ripping off the hard work of another author without giving credit where it is due The fact that he would have said nothing about his supposed 'heavy inspiration' if people didn't catch him speaks volumes This author thought he could escape and profit from stealing someone else's work