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Secrets in the CellarThe light of dayThen in 2008 one of Elisabeth's children became seriously ill and was taken to the hospital It was the first time the nineteen year old girl had ever gone outside and soon the truth about her background her family's captivity and Josef's unspeakable crimes would come to lightJohn Glatt's Secrets in the Cellar is the true story of a crime that shocked the worl. Yes this was indeed a very uick read I finished it last night so read it in 2 days and it was interesting but there are way too many uestions left Come on we all want to know about how the family is doing now Does Elisabeth still not speak with Rosemary How are the children doing but you do not get any answers i guess we have to wait to see if anyone of them will write a memoirI liked the book but I thought it was some what repetitive and most I already knew from the news papers and I hardly read the news I read that someone said he was called insane but on wikipedia I read thisFritzl's attorney Rudolf Mayer confirmed that a disguised Elisabeth sat in the visitors' gallery during the second day of proceedings at the time her video testimony was aired Josef Fritzl recognised that Elisabeth was in court and from this point on you could see Josef Fritzl going pale and he broke down Mayer said It was a meeting of eyes that changed his mind The next day Fritzl began the proceedings by approaching the judge and changing his pleas to guilty on all chargesOn 19 March 2009 Fritzl was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole for 15 years He said that he accepted the sentence and would not appeal

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Secrets in the Cellar Free read ↠ 108 æ Josef Fritzl was a 73 year old retired engineer in Austria He seemed to be living a normal life with his wife Rosemarie and their family—though one daughter Elisabeth had decades earlier been lost to a religious cult Throughout the years three of Elisabeth's children mysteriously appeared on the FritJosef Fritzl was a 73 year old retired engineer in Austria He seemed to be living a normal life with his wife Rosemarie and their family though one daughter Elisabeth had decades earlier been lost to a religious cult Throughout the years three of Elisabeth's children mysteriously appeared on the Fritzls' doorstep; Josef and Rosemarie raised them as their own But only Josef k. I had super high hopes for this book The entire case completely fascinated and disturbed me at the same time So I bought the book and settled in for a good read 3 months later after picking up the book at different times and reading I realised that the book for me just lacked something I had loved in other true crime storiesit lacked the sense of tension and true horror that should have been there The book goes into a lot of detail if you love that in a book you might well enjoy this I found some of it was irrelevant to the telling and lost me as a reader somewhat along the way Whilst really keen to know this story and the awful case that it was I have to admit I struggled to want to keep picking this one back up again I am keen to see if there are other books written about this heinous case that I may try in the future I see mixed reviews of this one and I think some will really love it but it just didn't really do it for me 3 stars Thanks so much for reading my review To follow reviews be alerted to awesome online author events and HUGE book giveaways and come on over to follow me on Twitter enuire about joining my VIP book reviewers team enuire about my varied and affordable book publicity services

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New the truth about Elisabeth's disappearanceFor twenty seven years Josef had imprisoned and molested Elisabeth in his man made basement dungeon complete with sound proof paneling and code protected electric locks There she would eventually give birth to a total of seven of Josef's children One died in infancy and the other three were raised alongside Elisabeth never to see. A friend recently recommended a book titled Room She briefly described the plot which sounded eerily similar to a true life scenario I had read about in the recent past A little investigation proved that my memory is still functioning well Room was loosely based on this story Josef Fritzl's story the story of an Austrian father who builds an elaborate dungeon under his house where he later imprisons his own daughter who he repeatedly rapes eventually fathering seven children by her during her captivity three of which he brings up to live with him and his wife three which are left to live in the dungeon never knowing anything outside of their tiny dungeon world and one which diesAs one might imagine the story is bizarrePart of Martin's True Crime Library this doesn't have the same literary uality and power as other true crime classics like In Cold Blood but it's competently written all the same It certainly covers significant ground providing the who what where and even the why though obviously there is a lot missingInterestingly in cases like this I've come to believe the why seems less important In cases like this it doesn't matter if the perpetrator of the crime was abused as a kid born with some neural defect or some unthinkable combination When a human being is capable of doing what he did it doesn't matter what perfect storm made himher HeShe needs to be removed from society indefinitely I'm not suggesting we shouldn't try to understand the why at some point just that at the end of the day protecting the rest of society from immediate harm should be our main concernI read a lot of true crime books and an interesting theme presented here that seems to be a common occurrence in other horrible crimes is that there were signs that something was not right with Josef Fritzl He had a history of exposing himself to women A father of four he was convicted of a violent rape eventually serving 18 months He was well known to brothels near and far where he was considered too weird and too creepy for many of the prostitutes His daughter whom he'd started raping at the age of 11 had attempted to run away from home on multiple occasions She had even confided in some friends about her horrible home life But waitit gets bizarre Fritzl spent 6 long years building the dungeon all by himself which reuired the excavation of like 72 truck loads of dirt I can't remember the exact number but it's substantial He repeatedly belittled his wife whom he stopped sleeping with because to use his words she was too chubby for his tastes He was a strict disciplinarian who never spared the rod for fear of spoiling the child After he abducted Elisabeth he went to the police and reported she joined a religious cult Then when he later decided to bring up some of their children in order to foster his own kids and receive a hefty stipend from the state he had Elisabeth dictate a notesupposedly written from her cultand no one seemed the least bit suspicious Neighbors reported he routinely issued stern warnings to tenants who resided in an area of the home that had been converted to apartments to never ever enter the garden or the basement Add that to the weird noises that tenants sometimes heard missing food food Fritzl took to feed his growing underground family unexplained sky high electric bills since Fritzl had rigged the and wheelbarrows full of grocery neighbors saw him wheeling into the basement I mean I could see some of these things not raising a red flagbut when put together Seriouslythis man had a wife and several adult kids some of which lived in the home In the twenty four years he kept his daughter imprisoned over 100 tenants lived in the converted apartments that were part of the property which coincidentally was located on a busy streetAnyway a fascinating story on many fronts I wanted to read this before reading the fictionalized version for obvious reasonsI won't even attempted to go into to some of the interesting details as there are just too many here However as always there were a few passages that stopped me that are listed in the spoiler view spoiler She is in a coma between life and death said Father Franz Hlbarschlager who'd performed the last rites on her her referring to Elisabeth's oldest daughter who had been born in captivity and kept there for over nineteen years until on the brink of death Fritzl who an old man and already exhausted from the process of keeping up two families finally took her to the hospital soon after she was admitted I prayed for herReallyyou prayed for her Hmmmyou prayed to the same God who knowingly allowed this product of incestuous rape to be inhumanely imprisoned for her entire life in an underground dungeon where the conditions were so deplorable she is now on her deathbedand you prayed for herwhy exactly Because your God wasn't aware of her plight wasn't completely indifferent might someone suddenly intervene on her behalf because you asked him Please If ever religion belief and silly tradition looked pathetic Mayer said his clientFritzl was 'emotionally destroyed' and had no regrets about anything he had done OMG you're f'ing kidding me right That night in a radio interview broadcast Rudolf Mayer confirmed that he was working on an insanity defense for his client He said Josef Fritzl was suffering from a serious mental disorder and didn't choose to do what he didI believe that the trigger was a mental disorder said Mayer Because I can't imagine that someone has sex with his own daughter without having a mental disorder Therefore he is not responsive for his actionsOMG you're f'ing kidding me right Psychologically Mayer told reporters my client is in a very bad way But he does not complain His biggest fear is how his children are faring without him He wants to know how they're coping with it allOMGseriously Are you f'ing kidding meAnd this has to be the kicker Meanwhile sources inside St Polten prison reveled that Das Inzest Monster had received than two hundred love letter from woman Many of them offered romance telling him he was good at heart and just plain misunderstoodAs crazy as this sounds apparently this is another common occurrence though for the life of me I can't imagine what kind of person would write this type of letter to this breed of man Mindboggling hide spoiler