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Black Knight Royal Elite #4 Free read ô 106 ✓ Love is impossible Hate is an open game Kimberly He was once my best friend now he’s my worst enemyXander Knight is heartbreakingly beautifulRidiculously popularBrutally cruelHe’s a knight but won’t do any savingXander We started as a dream now we’re a nightmareKimberly Reed is pathLove is impossible Hate is an open game Kimberly He was once my best friend now he’s my worst enemyXander Knight is heartbreakingly beautifulRidiculously popularBrutally cruelHe’s a knight but won’t do any savingXa. Not at all what I expected from Xander and KimI have been waiting for Xander and Kim’s story since Deviant King when Elsa befriended Kim on her first day of school at Royal Elite Elsa saw a kindred soul in Kim someone who was doing her best not to be noticed and was lonely like her Though Elsa was targeted by Aiden and the rest of the four horsemen the Kings of the school and the team’s football heros It soon became apparent that Kimberly used to be in with those people but something occurred to change things and now she was hated at the school and Xander Knight who lives across the street from her was her main bullyOnce Elsa began dating Aiden Kim was sort of accepted into their group in that Elsa insisted Kimberly come with wherever she was invited So Kim started attending Ronan’s parties as well as the weekly football games where they all get together in the theatre room in Aiden’s house to watch his cousin’s pro team play on the big screenRonan accepted Kim and was friendly to her but Xander wouldn’t talk to her unless it was to say something mean and it seemed that she would never be forgiven for what she did seven years ago I wondered throughout the last few books what it was that Kim could have done that was so bad I am not sure if I was disappointed or not in this book and the revelationsI know that there was a lot angst in this book than I expected and I didn’t really like that too much Both Xander and Kim are very broken and it isn’t because of what Kim did when they were eleven Both of them have awful parents that have really messed with their minds Kim is basically a mother to her younger brother because her Mother can’t be bothered to do anything motherly At one point during the previous books I thought that maybe her brother Kirian was her and Xander’s child and Xander hated her for letting her parents claim him as theirs However I realized that wasn’t possible when I found out Kirian was too old and Kim would have had to have been ten or eleven when she had him Though I do think that would have been a great story if Kirian would have been youngerOne thing I really liked about this book as well as the others is the supporting characters I love the four horsemen Xander is known as the horseman war which is fitting because he is full of anger Ronan is a great guy in this one and he sets out to make Xander jealous throughout the book by dating Kim Aiden and Cole even jump in to help a few times to try to get Xander to make a move or at least do something differentI won’t give away the strife between Xander and Kim because it all came as uite a big surprise But I will say that they were best friends when they were young so they have had a connection for a long time The chemistry between them is explosive and the tension is high I loved the romance and the steamy intimate scenes Great book but a bit too much angst to give it 5 stars So I will stick with 4I voluntarily read reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own Blog|Goodreads|Facebook|Instagram|Twitter|BookBub

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Nder We started as a dream now we’re a nightmareKimberly Reed is pathetically fakeTerribly innocentSecretly blackShe can hide but never from me Black Knight is part of Royal Elite Series but could be read on its own Fo. Updated review posted after processing everything that has happened but you can get the gist of it here UPDATE 06162020 view spoilerFirst things first I would like to point out I am not a spiteful or malicious person by any means which I hope my fellow Goodreads membersfriendsfollowers can testify to with my interactions with them Everything that has happened in and out of these groups not to just me but others as well the author addition to her little minions need to be called out on their shit All of that rambling and ranting that you’ll bear witness to below aside everything that has transpired has left a bad taste in my mouth and I can’t support authors who treat readers or anyone in general like this So I would like to apologize in advance for this long ass message so without further adieuThe behavior of RK and her PR manager Brittany Franks has led me to add this author to my trash pile and personal shitlist I will no longer be reading any of her future works nor anyone that she decides to collaborate with If you haven't already seen and read through the link posted above as part of being on RK ARC all readers are reuired to provide a minimum of 4 stars along with rave reviews and check out her BK reviews if you don’t believe something fishy is going on If the 4 stars are not provided to any or all releases you basically get the boot when they originally made it out to seem to wait a few days after speaking to Brittany to get the okay hey girl before posting any negative reviews No joke I was removed and blocked what warranted this exactly from Rina's Gritty Gang and Team Zero without any notice for what I am assuming is because I didn't provide the reuired rating and uite possibly showing my support for WhoIShallNotBeName who has been vocal about her experiences with them which was abruptly changed unbeknownst to me with ‘Black Knight’ release I would like to point out when I first joined the Team Zero ARC team group initially there was a 3 star rating policy which I had always abided by and even gave ‘Black Knight’ Though I'm not a fan of still supported because with my RK reading history I had normally rated her books 25 rounded up stars above so I still decided to join for the time being Then with the sudden change of the policy it was a big no go for them when members didn’t flock to their demands and ridiculous review rating policy I'm sorry but the last I checked don't authors typically want reviewers to provide honest feedback and criticism Even if they're unfavorable Haven't you heard any publicity is good publicity On that topic there's no way in hell I could ever give her book such a high rating RK is NOT that good of an author Her stories are repetitive unoriginal and the characters that she built up she completely ruins with the next release She's an author that reminds me too much of LJ Shen eye fucking roll and to be blunt if you want me to give you a top notch rating you better write something to damn deserve it because I'm sure as hell not riding anyone clit for a fucking ARC I chose to review your book because either the blurb caught my eye theme or set of characters Don't think for a moment that I owe you anything for the ARC The whole purpose of creating an ARC team is to get feedback good and bad from readers to draw attention to your novel Google what the purpose of an ARC team is because you lack knowledge on anything pertaining to it And while you’re doing that do me and everyone else a favor and reeducate yourself and your underling Brittany on what it means to be an actual authorPR team because it’s only a matter of time before you're called out for of your bullshit and problematic actions Speaking of problematic I’m reminded of the most recent troubles that have occurred with your team Didn’t other ARC readers pirate RK particularly ‘Black Knight’ books online and to their non ARC friends That also led to problematic RK being exposed as a xenophobic If you didn’t know she falsely threw out accusations and remove Brazilians readers mainly blaming them for piracy from her ReadersARC team and when members called out her behavior she or her little minion Brittany leaning towards since RK doesn’t have a backbone to do anything herself deleted the comments and banned them from the Facebook group Now why would anyone stand by an author who is xenophobic Why would anyone stand by an authorteam who treats readers and people in general like this Perhaps with the recent piracy issues maybe that's God's way of telling you to stop being ugly Karma's a bitch huh hide spoiler

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Black Knight Royal Elite #4R better understanding of the world you might want to read the previous books first This is a high school bully romance mature new adult and contains visceral mental health situations that some readers can find triggerin. 5 starsWarning This book contains sensitive topics about mental health that can cause triggersYou know there's really something in Rina Kent's books that makes so freaking addicted to itI have been impatiently waiting for this book to be released and alas It was released and got the chance to read it asap To me this was absolute perfection It contains strong emotions that will make you feel alive Kim and Xander's chemistry is so strong that I felt high while reading this It's very unputdownable Rina Kent is genius Period