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Read ´ Start With Me ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB è Lacey O’Connor is finally a sure thing for the promotion she’s spent ten years working for But when a scandal rocks her firm she finds herself on a collision course with the one person she has spent five years trying to forget Only to discover he doesn’t even remRlisle has spent the last three years trying to convince his family he’s no longer the playboy alcoholic who tore their life apart When a company merger is announced with a US sister firm he’s presented with the perfect opportunity to prove he’s changed Only to find himself fallin. “The thought split through his brain like an ax through kindling leaving him feeling like he'd just had a lobotomyKara Isaac once again delivers witty clever writing infused with beautifully layered and broken characters heart breaking past and tender uplifting redemption and forgiveness all nestled in a meticulously fine tuned plot that will entrance every reader from the first page Victor and Lacey's story will make you weep laugh and cheer as they confront their insecurities fears and failures Victor is a recovering alcoholic committed to turning his life around when a company merger lands him in the path of Lacey who is climbing the corporate ladder to senior management They're thrown into one adventure after another together from a company sponsored wilderness experience to Victor's brother's wedding to family suabbles and their relationship is fun raw and real Victor is an admirable hero learning to own up to his mistakes and rectify them even when it hurts Lacey is a strong and loyal heroine who is stubborn and set in her ways but soft hearted enough to realize when she's wrong There are plenty of romcom moments in the book that had me laughing out loud but also achingly heart rending moments that had me tearing up If you enjoy contemporary romance you won't want to miss this oneReading Can't Help Falling about Victor's brother Peter and Lacey's cousin Emelia prior to this book will give background story into Victor's family and his past but you can still read this book as a stand alone like I did For those new to Kara Isaac's writing the book One Thing I know is a previous book about one of Lacey's best friends Rachel which I highly recommend as wellI received a copy of the book from the authorpublisher and was under no obligation to post a positive review All comments and opinions are solely my own

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Lacey O’Connor is finally a sure thing for the promotion she’s spent ten years working for But when a scandal rocks her firm she finds herself on a collision course with the one person she has spent five years trying to forget Only to discover he doesn’t even remember herVictor Ca. 'Living life only for himself had turned him into someone he didn't like and hurt everyone he loved'It's been a while since we've had a new Kara Isaac book to read and it felt SO good to bury myself in one again I remember when I read her first book and realized I wanted to be a forever fan My opinion has only solidified further with each book she writes 'How much stupid did she have to deal with before the sun had even gotten above the trees'Lacey O'Connor is banking on the promotion she's spent a decade striving for when the company goes through some huge changes Then she walks in her office and sees the one man she has never forgotten on her office sofa He made a big impression on her five years ago; now he has no memory of her at all Talk about hurt Victor Carlisle isn't trying to be forgetful but he's spend most of his life as a playboy alcoholic and has hurt nearly everyone he's come in contact with Now with a company merger in the making he finds himself in competition with Lacey for a promotion Of course there's much at play here than this but the way Isaac brings everything together is nothing short of absolute amazement She delves into the emotions of these two people so deeply that I was stunned at their feelings Truly When I start reading one of her books I just can barely bring myself to stop for necessary things I stayed up well into the wee hours to finish this one and still the characters are deep in my heart Isaac probes well beneath the surface of all parts of these characters' lives to bring to light things that have been hidden by each for their entire lives Then they are there laid out before them and waiting for a solution I was completely captivated the entire time it took me to read this book Seriously captivated I was cheering for them crying with them and loving them too The spiritual aspect is uite good here we see the wonderful mercies grace and redemption of God As well as His forgiveness It brings to mind the verse that tells us all things work together for good to them that love the Lord It doesn't say there won't be mountains to climb and many hurts to deal with I loved this book so much I already want another Kara Isaac is a forever favorite of mine and always will be And let me tell you this the woman can write a pulse pounding unforgettable ending I have went back and reread her endings on previous books many times I highly recommend this bookMy thanks to the author and publisher for a copy of this book The opinion stated in this review is expressly my own

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Start With MeG for his competition and the one woman his family will never acceptAs the competition intensifies the choice looms between the professional and the personal Can they find a way beyond their past decisions and present aspirations to take a chance on the one thing they’re not looking f. I am so pleased to see a new book from author Kara Isaac At one time I thought there might not be any from her and I was so disappointed but understood that life throws us curve balls and sometimes you just have to keep your head above water Thankfully Kara Isaac is back to writing and I'm grateful Because of the gap in time it took me a bit to remember the last book this author wrote and how those characters lapped over into this book I think this book can stand alone but you will be satisfied if you read Can't Help Falling first It really sets the stage for this book and it's main charactersThis is a story of forgiveness redemption and love in many forms Lacey and Victor both have complicated family relations There is strain tension and guilt for them both as they struggle with decisions they have made and how to repair mistakes and accept what cannot be changed It's like they are dancing a similar dance facing outward until they bump into each other turn and really see the other person for the first time Then they realize they are both dancing similar dances They can see themselves in the otherI enjoyed the slow burn romance and the attraction on the fringes I love how Victor was willing to put so much on the line to prove himself to everyone He felt so stripped down and vulnerable for so much of the book that I couldn't help but cheer for him He was the underdog in need of a good cheering section for sure On top of the familial tension there is the professional tension for both Lacey and Victor They are battling against those things for most of the book It definitely felt like a sigh of relief to get to some resolution by the end of the bookThe players for the next book have been set up nicely and I'm excited to read their story This book is on KU if you have thatContent talk of substance abuse intimate relations outside of marriage no details at all kissing Talk of God praying