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CHARACTERS ✓ NATURAL-TREATMENT.CO.UK ´ Shelly Laurenston M everything he's been missing out on A move that might be the dumbest thing she's ever done once she realizes how far her enemies will go to wipe her out Too bad for them Zé is willing to do whatever it takes to keep her alive and honey badgers are just so damn hard to kil. This had me laughing so hard my sides hurt I was recommending this to friends before I even reached the 25% mark it was that goodMax was one crazy whack a doodle and I loved how protective she was over those she cared about I’ve never read another heroine like her but she’s the type that I could definitely get used to With her madcap group of friends she was scary good at taking down the bad guys or just anyone that ticked her off And when it came to Ze she didn’t do the insta anything She doesn’t like cats and Ze was very much a catof course he doesn’t know thatWatching Ze as he watched the sisters was hilarious His reactions to them although mostly internal kept me in stitches Theirs was a life he didn’t even know existed and suddenly he was thrust into the center of a house of family full of chaos Lots of prime material for hilarity This story branches off in several directions and while I was a bit confused a time or two it wasn’t hard to catch up How the plot all begins to interweave together was a pleasant surprise and made me love this book even This is definitely a rereadMulti POVSafe view spoilerno owom drama; no sexual background for either h or H hide spoiler

CHARACTERS Badger to the Bone (Honey Badger Chronicles, #3)

FREE READ è Badger to the Bone (Honey Badger Chronicles, #3) É She's the woman he's been hired to kidnap But ZeZé Vargas has other ideas like getting them both out of this nightmare alive Just one problem She's crazy Certifiably Because while he's plotting their escape the petite Asian beauty is plotting something much She's the woman he's been hired to kidnap But ZeZé Vargas has other ideas like getting them both out of this nightmare alive Just one problem She's crazy Certifiably Because while he's plotting their escape the petite Asian beauty is plotting something much deadly Max Kill. Well that suckedIt's bad enough that there is a fucking apocalypse going on and we don't even get to kill any zombies and instead are stuck at home cooking for a bunch of ingrates all day but now the book I've looked forward to for months suckedJilly's feeling stabbyOh yeah I'm ordering this model when we all get our robot bodies I like his sweet movesSo you might wonder why it took me almost a week to get through this book when I can usually knock out 2 or 3 in that time It's because this book is so damn put downable Where was the hilarity Where was the fun Did the Rona kill it or somethingThanks for making me spend time with the hubs killjoy All he wants to do is spend time with me and shit instead of letting me read and internet all day sigh It's so hard to be meOkay so this one was about the last sister getting her mate The sister was hilarious in past books but completely fails as a romantic heroine She is basically a sociopath without any empathy I don't think a person like her can feel love so romance Doesn't work Also what's supposed to be funny is mostly just mean Don't get me wrong bitchy can be funny sometimes but this wasn't like that She was rude and mean to people for no reason not jokingly either Yeah that's the vibe she was throwing out Good job mean dollyThe other problem with this mess of a book is that it was too jumpy There was a constant mixture of POV's in each chapter some of people who were very peripheral characters some of people we didn't know some of old characters some from other series by this author and then occasionally the main characters It was messy And they were just jumping from place to place the whole time It was hectic in that way but then there would be pages of the play by plays of a basketball game that was just filler I would have preferred that the page time had been spent on developing the romance we were supposed to be buyingBut the romance was not believable The only thing these two had going for them was having been in the same massacre at the same time There was absolutely no chemistryAs a Houston resident I can state this is true And much like vegan food I ain't buying the romance in this bookHowever I will admit that the hero character Ze was the best part of the book He finds out he is a cat shifter at the beginning and I love how his cat like personality traits show up My favorite is when he looks at another guy who is annoying him and swats the guy's drink onto the floor That is one of my favorite cat moves Those evil little bastards crack me up with that oneI love himStill all together avoid this hot mess The first two were fun but this is not in the same league

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Badger to the Bone Honey Badger Chronicles #3It Again MacKilligan has no idea what one of her own is doing with all these criminal humans until she realizes that Zé has no idea who or what he is Or exactly how much power he truly hasBut Max is than happy to bring this handsome jaguar shifter into her world and show hi. Snarkyoutrageoustongue in cheek humorShelly Laurenston at her best475 stars I loved this one so muchbut then I never had any doubts to start withmad Max Mackilligan and her crazy honey badger sisters such divine stuffabsolutely hilarious readingplus the added benefit of super cool cat ZeZé Vargasand all the usual suspects OUTRAGEOUSLY FUNNYI SAVORED EVERY MINUTE OF READING TIMEIn fact I am totally incapable of being objective here as this is my absolute favorite type of snarky tongue in cheek humor So I say if you like to laugh or enjoy uirky paranormal romances then with this series you have hit the motherlode Max “Kill It Again” MacKilligan possibly my most favorite of the honey badger sisters Not to overlook the eually as wonderful first two books received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review truly I would have begged for this one