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Summary î Truck de India! ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ì a travelogue rich in feeling and insight Mint The share auto I sueeze into next seems unusually vulnerable after a night in the truck too compact too low down Perhaps these are the usual side effects of prolonged riding with the king of the road I think to myselfA travelogue rich in feeling and insight Mint The share auto I sueeze into next seems unusually vulnerable after a night in the truck too compact too low down Perhaps these are the usual side effects of prolonged riding with the king of the road I think to myself But it is only when I fill in ‘truck’ as my mode of transportation in the hotel ledger at Udaipur does the utter ludicrousness of my endeavour truly hit homeThink truck driver. “Gaddi jaandi ae chhalanga mardi Mainu yaad aaye mere yaar di” The truck goes hoppingAnd I miss my belovedThe one image that I have always associated with the thought of truck goodscarrier on Indian roads is a boisterous Punjabi driver driving the truck in abandon while singing this song in full throttle Part of the reason lies in my spending my early childhood years in Punjab and part in being enamoured by the bitter sweet song which is as much about love as it is about lamenting the distance between loversBut apart from this sweet image one other image that has been deeply ingrained in my mind about these trucks is that of a formidable giant body on wheels which must never ever be overtaken on a highway This was one of the first lessons I was given while learning to drive – Don’t ever overtake a Truck or a Bus especially Haryana Roadways on a road So while I have adhered to this rule most of my life sometimes I have indulged in the guilty pleasure of overtaking the giant on a highway specifically whenever I found it trudging painfully slow but also because it gives an exhilaration to beat the king of the road on road itself But other than this the sight of a truck never evoked much contemplation That was not until I came across Truck De India Really I thought A book on trucks WOWAnd then I read the subtitle – “A hitchhiker’s guide to Hindustan”In the prologue of the book the author narrates the incident which kind of seeded the idea of discovering the country through road “Staring outside the window on that trip the wind tousling my unruly hair I remember being struck by a sort of epiphany that India is bigger than the boundaries of my imagination or anyone’s for that matter You didn’t have to go the scale of the cosmos to imagine something vast – India was enough”That the author chose Trucks to hitchhike to undertake the journey was at first kind of bewildering to think But then as I read on I realised what better way to discover a country if not through the eyes of one of the most vulnerable yet surprisingly one of the most underrated and suspected class in the workforce of the unorganised sector which forms the backbone of logistics across the country Another reason might be the mysterious air that hovers around the sight of a truck on a highway It seems to be destined for discovering vistas unknown to commoners like us and so the experience of its riders may seem much richer than that gained through journeys undertaken by conventional means Rajat starts the journey from Mumbai moving all the way upto Kashmir and then Far East to Nagaland before finally reaching Kanyakumari in the South A journey across the country hitchhiking thus with truck drivers and their helpers gives him a first hand experience of the many tribulations and dangers that they go through while transferring goods which we don’t even give a single thought while purchasing What I find immensely likable about his hitchhiking with truck drivers is that he enters their world when taken kindly in and maintains a respectful distance while asking uestions about their lives their experiences He finds that apart from paying “taxes” on road to braving harsh weathers the threat of insurgents or evading highway robbers the drivers also spend long periods away from family only to save a couple of thousands But none of the problems that they face make them hostile while talking about them with a total stranger In fact as opposed to the commonly held notion he finds most of them very friendly and warm “Aap humare mehmaan hain” you are our guest How else can one define the gesture of paying for a stranger’s meal when even a single penny counts Or sharing the already cramped space for two to sleep with someone they have barely met Does what hold them together just a common journey from one destination to next Or is it the inherent human desire for the need to be understood respected and treated kindly by fellow beings In the journey of life each of us has chosen a path most suitable circumstantially and so a comparison materialistically is not only naïve but also degrading While on his journey to initially discover the unseen India Rajat discovers what really counts in the transit which characterises life We are fortunate that he has penned his experience in the form of a book for otherwise we might never know what really goes on in the life of the people who spend most of their lives behind wheels away from their loved ones to ferry the goods and materials which not only run our country’s economy but also bring comfort to the lives of millions of strangers I would recommend this book to everyone who wishes to explore how truckers brave the uncertainties of highways to earn their livelihoods and how their incomes are dependent on circumstances they come across

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Cinating tradition of truck art in Punjab; travels alongside nomadic shepherds in Kashmir; encounters endemic corruption repeatedly; survives NH39 the insurgent ridden highway through Nagaland and Manipur; and is unfailingly greeted by the unconditional kindness of perfect strangersImbued with humour empathy and a keen sense of history Truck De India is a travelogue like no other you've read It is the story of India and Indians on the road. Travel is always fascinating doubly so when you've been trapped indoors for over a month — when all the comforts of home take the shape of exasperating confines What makes Truck De India the perfect read to dispel the uarantine blues is its bracing exploration of an uncharted and much maligned territory — the lives of India's truck drivers Euipped with journalistic curiosity and candour author Rajat Ubhaykar sets out to travel the length and breadth of India by ingeniously hitchhiking with the kings of the road writing a one of its kind travelogue that brings together a heartfelt ethnography of a colourful and nomadic sub culture with a crisp study of the political economy of the trucking industry Be it the informal sector's politics of jugaad and overloading or the web of extortion and humiliation that truckers are susceptible to;the art of truck building or the ornate language of truck art itself; the allure of bhukki chilled beer and sex on the highwayside or the simple pleasures of very sweet tea in the morning Truck De India navigates through all stops on the truckers' dangerous routines; a humanising account of the agonies pleasures and tricks of the trade Friendships are forged with colourful people on this journey — notably the brothers Jora and Jagdev and the secular trio of Rahul David and Muhammad amongst many others — inside cramped and customised truck cabins hearty descriptions of their capers punctuated by the author's own observations such as the following I wonder if much of ‘unskilled’ India—like Jora—earns whatever little it does by being resourceful in small ways which salaried folks then patronize as jugaad or contemptuously term corruption Morality after all is a luxury when one struggles to meet basic needs It is a construct created by the powerful to hold the powerless in check Indeed if a genuinely subaltern history of India were ever to be written it would probably upend our self conception of the nation because while we like to harp about the fact that India used to be a sone ki chidiya a golden bird how all that gold came to be hoarded is never uestioned Even today the popular narrative around India centres on its rising superpower status Its allure on the global stage is almost gravitational subtly influencing the rest of the world through its sheer weight But traveling through it India essentially seems the same Unchanged Yes the mud huts have given way to ugly bricked towns But if we talk about the lives of its people how much have they changed Just as it brings a nuanced study of the transport sector out of the confines of academic journals; this book with its vivid and observant writing and redemptive even humourous understanding of the lives of many a 'Road King' takes the reader on a memorable journey through highways byroads and hinterlands of India All in all Truck De India is a highly engrossing important read — even when you've turned the last page there is joy in remembering that the paperback or e reader in your hand has likely journeyed the same way with the same people you just read about before it became your companion in these strange days Isn't that something to be thankful about

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Truck de IndiaS and movie scenes of them drunkenly crushing inconvenient people to their gravelly deaths come to mind But what are their lives on the road actually likeIn Truck De India journalist Rajat Ubhaykar embarks on a 10000 km long 100% unplanned trip hitchhiking with truckers all across India On the way he makes unexpected friendships; listens to highway ghost stories; discovers the near fatal conseuences of overloading trucks; documents the fas. To see India from the perspective of a truck driver is a fascinating journey