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DOWNLOAD Again Again ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ From the New York Times bestselling author of We Were Liars and Genuine Fraud comes a complex novel about acceptance forgiveness self discovery and possibility as a teenage girl attempts to regain some sense of normalcy in her life after a family crisis and a broken heart If you coE finally confronting the secrets she keeps her ideas about love and the weird grandiosity of the human mindA raw funny story that will surprise you over and over Again Again gives us an indelible heroine grappling with the terrible and wonderful problem of loving other people. This book is tough to rate because while I did have some problems with the story l appreciate how the author was creative in her storytelling There were aspects of the story I really loved particularly the storyline involving the brother But as a whole I wouldn't say this was the most satisfying read I do think there are readers who will connect with the story and character than I didHigh school student Adelaide Buchwald is spending her summer as a dog walker And that's pretty much all you need to know other than the story explores alternate realities or scenarios or whatever you want to call them Throughout the course of the book a situation plays out but then you get the chance to see if the outcome is different if something else had been said or done differently by Adelaide Sounds confusing Well yeah it kinda was confusing I've read a couple other books that went the alternate scenarios route and really enjoyed them but I wasn't impressed with the execution of it in this book The heart of the story for me was everything regarding Adelaide's brother Toby There was just so much raw honesty that resonated with me It's amazing how I've seen the same subject explored in many other novels but yet I walked away from reading this one and felt like the author managed to convey something in a new way I actually would have preferred if of the book revolved around him instead of so much devoted to Adelaide's love life Other than a few moments here and there I just wasn't invested in the romance elements of the story This was my first time reading a book by this author and even though this wasn't a perfect read I can at least recognize she is a talented writer Not all books are going to be an exact fit for every reader and I would much rather read a story that aims high and misses the mark a bit than one that doesn't even attempt to bring something new to the table I received a free advance copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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Ou could live your life again what would you do differentlyAfter a near fatal family catastrophe and an unexpected romantic upheaval Adelaide Buchwald finds herself catapulted into a summer of wild possibility during which she will fall in and out of love a thousand times whil. Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestDNF p40I have a new policy where if a book doesn't grab me within the first 30 40 pages I no longer finish the book unless I absolutely have to I feel like if a book fails to grab you from the beginning or at least make you think it will that is a shortcoming great enough that it warrants a review AGAIN AGAIN was a book I was excited about ever since I first heard about it because I've been a fan of Lockhart since high school don't ask how long ago that was with her Ruby Oliver series which was much edgier than a lot of the offerings that were being promoted to me and my fellow kiddos at the timeWith books like WE WERE LIARS and GENUINE FRAUD she seemed to get edgier and trying to capitalize on the growing trend of Gillian Flynn esue mysteries among the 13 18 set A lot of my friends didn't like WE WERE LIARS but I actually really enjoyed it far than Ruby Oliver even I love unreliable narrators and I liked the fact that there were no easy answers or flawless characters in the bookAGAIN AGAIN isn't like Lockhart's earlier or later stuff so if I am to give kudos for one thing it's that this is an author who constantly seems to be evolving and trying new things She doesn't stagnate Which is a check when it comes to creative progress but kind of hard for us readers who will never really be 100% certain whether one of her books will be for us they're all so differentThe premise is that there are two timelines in this book and I guess we get to see how the heroine Adelaide makes different decisions that change the progress of each world It's not science fiction so much as a speculative young adult work with some mild supernatural events fueling the plot kind of like how BEFORE I FALL did the same thing with life after death only this heroine isn't dead I thought the premise was interesting but I couldn't easily tell the difference between the two timelines which made reading confusingI was also really not a fan of the writing style This had a pretentious forcibly artistic Maggie Stiefvater vibe to it that I really did not like at all The heroine likes poetry and some parts are in verse and it just feels way too affected and pretentious and I did not enjoy it at all Some might particularly if you enjoy Maggie Stiefvater but I hate that author's work and steer clear of it at all costs so seeing one of my faves start writing in that kind of style felt like a betrayalYour mileage may vary of course But I know what I like and don't like in fiction and it seemed pointless to force myself through this book as soon as it became clear that it wouldn't be something I enjoyed I think if you enjoyed her newer books because of their edge you should avoid this one because it has none It feels like a YA that is being targeted at a much younger audience Thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review 1 to 15 stars

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Again AgainFrom the New York Times bestselling author of We Were Liars and Genuine Fraud comes a complex novel about acceptance forgiveness self discovery and possibility as a teenage girl attempts to regain some sense of normalcy in her life after a family crisis and a broken heart If y. 4 12 stars Now this is the sort of YA contemporary I love wistful bittersweet and sad but hopeful tooAgain Again is actually uite different to anything Lockhart has written before I was a big fan of her earlier fun chick lit stuff and never really got on board with her dabbles in the mysterythriller genre but while this one is definitely suited to my tastes I would say it is not much like her recent thrillers OR her older fluffy books It's a book about love and loving but it is not in my opinion a romance At the start of the book we meet Adelaide as she struggles in the aftermath of a devastating break up as she tries to juggle her feelings about her brother and his opioid addiction as she falls in love maybe possibly with someone new Alongside the main plot we also see Adelaide's story play out in different universes in snippets of what might have happened what could have happened what never did if she had made other choices I was unsure about this at first but I really grew to love it as the story progressedThere is something about the multiverse theory especially when applied to love and relationships that might have happened or never did happen that makes me uite inexplicably sad I think Lockhart taps into that here There's a lot going on here for such a short book 304 pages and that's including many pages of texts; a lot of food for thoughtThe author sensitively portrays grief though not the kind that follows a death as we most often see in YA and the effects of addiction on the families of the addict Emotions are complex in this book just as they are in real life and Adelaide battles with complicated feelings of love fear and anger following her brother's relapse Which emotion wins out Well that depends on what universe you live inIn the end Again Again shows there's good and bad happiness and sorrow wins and losses in every universe For every chance you didn't take there's another one you did It's about accepting the good with the bad I thought it was all uite beautifulFacebook | Instagram