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Read & Download Death in Her Hands ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub É A novel of haunting metaphysical suspense about an elderly widow whose life is upturned when she finds a cryptic note on a walk in the woods that ultimately makes her uestion everything about her new home While on her normal daily walk with her dog in theEality weakens until finally just as she seems be facing some of the darkness in her own past with her late husband we are forced to face the prospect that there is either a innocent explanation for all this or a much sinister one one that strikes closer to homeA triumphant blend of horror suspense and pitch black comedy 'Death in Her Hands' asks us to consider how the stories we tell ourselves both guide us closer to the truth and keep us at bay from it Once again we are in the hands of a narrator whose unreliability is well earned only this time the stakes have never been highe. Audiobookread by Ann Marie LeeI like Ottessa Moshfeghborn the same year 1981 as my older daughter The first book I read rather listened to was “Eileen”shortlisted for the 2016 Man Booker Prize I couldn’t pull away I thought I had never read anything gut wrenching grimbut damn if it wasn’t fascinating in my entire life I became an instant fanGiven how successful ‘listening’ to the audiobook of “Eileen”I chose the audiobook again with “My Year of Rest and Relaxation”GREAT different than “Eileen” greatbut eually thrilled with the book and my chosen “Audiobook FormatSooooo having had great luck with Ottessa’s audiobooks in the pastI pre ordered the audiobook “Death In Her Hands”Only this timeI kept wondering if I made a mistake Should I have ‘read’ this one rather than listen to it Immediately I had a judgement with the narrators voice when listening to the famous words they are included in the blurb summary and a dozen other places “ Her name was Magda Nobody will ever know who killed her It wasn’t me Here is her dead body”“But there is no dead body”Okgot the picture Those words They are definitely eye ear gripping for sure Who wouldn’t be shaken — what the hell was Magda to make of the note It was CREEPYalso frightening BUTwith Ann Marie Lee’s voice — I was fighting with my desire to know where the story would go with the way she soundedI eventually got use to her voice but noting her voice wasn’t thrilling me in the way the last two Ottessa books didI don’t mind slowbut my godthe unraveling was REALLY SLOWsooooo little was happening for the longgggggest time Ottessa Moshfegh I LOVE THIS AUTHORand will read her again I’m okay with weird eerie satire haunting suspense loneliness delusional thinking self deprivation obsession narcissismI expect these things from Ottessabut this wasn’t her best book — not for me Sluggish plotA very lonely bitter unreliable 72 year old womanA deceased husbandA horrific scene with a dogLots of ramblingsA very un fun dark comic crime thrillerthat this time around I didn’t jive with the humor 2 stars I personally don’t recommend ‘this’ bookbut I do the first two books I mentioned but even those Ottessa Moshfegh is not for everyone

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E home after the death of her husband and she knows very few people And she's a little shaky even on best days Her brooding about this note uickly grows into a full blown obsession and she begins to devote herself to exploring the possibilities of her conjectures about who this woman was and how she met her fate Her suppositions begin to find echoes in the real world and with mounting excitement and dread the fog of mystery starts to form into a concrete and menacing shape But as we follow her in her investigation strange dissonances start to accrue and our faith in her grip on r. Ottessa Moshfegh has written a twisted genre bending detective story Her protagonist Vesta Gul is a 72 year old widow who lives in a remote former girl scout camp with her dog Charlie But mind you Vesta is no Miss Marple or Jessica Fletcher; rather it becomes very clear early on that there is something psychologically wrong with this lonely female narrator who tells us that she found a mysterious slip of paper in the woods with the words scribbled on it Here name was Magda Nobody will ever know who killed her It wasn't me Here is her dead body There is no dead body though and the suspense of the whole novel relies on the uestion what really happened in how far Vesta is delusional what her delusions point at and whether Moshfegh has broken the main rule of the murder mystery The detective and the murderer can't be the same person Vesta sets out to investigate what happened to Magda but her conclusions mainly rely on projection her rambling thoughts her restless mind and her obsession with the note seem to be driven by her lack of occupation and social contacts She constructs her own suspects and their backstories gives them names feels like she recognizes them in people she meets by accident and we follow her further and further down the rabbit hole As the story progresses it becomes clear that Vesta's deceased husband of almost four decades Walter Gul a German epistemologist with Turkish roots did not treat her particularly well and Vesta who has Croatian roots still hears his voice telling her what to think and do Now two fun facts 1 Vesta is the name of the Roman goddess of home hearth and family 2 Moshfegh herself is half Croatian Throughout the text we are trapped inside Vesta's mind which leads to feelings of claustrophobia although the topic is completely different the whole narrative experience is not unlike Milkman What fuels the story is Moshfegh's typical disregard for narrative conventions and her playfulness Mystery was an artless gernre that much was obvious Many of Vesta's thoughts are darkly comic and her ideas freuently point to wider concepts We have a potential victim called Magda Mary Magdalene and a potential perpetratator called Ghod which might be a reference to of course God or mock deities or authorities in general or to Walter or just check out Urban Dictionary; then there are two poems in there one Vesta cannot identify it's WB Yeats' The Second Coming the famous line Moshfegh does not uote but that applies here being Things fall apart; the center cannot hold and the other William Blake's The Voice of the Ancient Bard; plus lots of other puzzling stuff like childless Vesta's unsettling fixation on uestions of abortion So all in all Death in Her Hands has all the classic ingredients of Moshfegh's fiction mainly the potential to disturb and challenge readers and I love her daring fearless unusual writing This effort might prove to be uite divisive because the author refuses to leave the self imposed restrictions of her narrative voice but I think that's also the special appeal of the story There is no outside of Magda she lives entirely within her misaligned perceptions and while immersed in this story so do we the readers

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Death in Her HandsA novel of haunting metaphysical suspense about an elderly widow whose life is upturned when she finds a cryptic note on a walk in the woods that ultimately makes her uestion everything about her new home While on her normal daily walk with her dog in the forest woods our protagonist comes across a note handwritten and carefully pinned to the ground with a frame of stones Her name was Magda Nobody will ever know who killed her It wasn't me Here is her dead body Our narrator is deeply shaken; she has no idea what to make of this She is new to area having moved her from her longtim. Despite the title I somehow did not expect to read a book dealing with a murder of a woman not to mention a capture of a culprit For me the story of a 72 year old widow who moved to a small town of Levant New England and lives in a modest cabin with a dog Charlie whom she gave a forever home is a story of loneliness and bitterness she suffered in her life The note found during one of the walks with Charlie becomes the opening to her speculations on whether there wasreally a murder committed and who the murderer is She spends her days observing the people around and creating the story of Magda giving her life and identityVesta Gul is not a character you come to like however perhaps owing to a good narration by Ann Marie Lee I felt for her at many moments as she seems to have had a rather unhappy marriage and now she lives in an environment that she finds unfriendly to say the least On the other hand she keeps the distance and is not a senior citizen who seeks to blend in the neighbourhood I suspect she likes her isolation even if she does not realize that as it gives her independence of which she was deprived in the past Vesta is an unreliable narrator my favourite kind hence my warm feelings towards her