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Free download ↠ Selection Day ¸ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Manju is fourteen He knows he is good at cricket if not as good as his elder brother Radha He knows that he fears and resents his domineering and cricket obsessed father admires his brilliantly talented brother and is fascinated by CSI and curious and interD begins to change and he is faced by decisions that will challenge both his sense of self and of the world around himAs sensitively observed as The White Tiger Winner of the Man Booker Prize 2008 was brilliantly furious Selection Day reveals another facet of Aravind Adiga's remarkable talen. This was such a nightmare Literally struggled to reach the finish line Had picked this for the love of cricket But each and every character is so much convolutedRead this during a reading slump and this only contributed to itWhy I hated it Abstract narration The booker kind Twisted characters could have been fun But somehow these became depressing

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Manju is fourteen He knows he is good at cricket if not as good as his elder brother Radha He knows that he fears and resents his domineering and cricket obsessed father admires his brilliantly talented brother and is fascinated by CSI and curious and interesting scientific facts But there a. From the slums of Mumbai a father strongly encourages his two sons to excel at cricket and become selected for the teamAravind puts the reader in the picture about modern day life in India and you get the feel of Mumbai with the contrasts between the slums and the flash wealthy parts I enjoyed the local colour and the reflections of the father who had moved from a rural Indian village to the vibrant city of MumbaiBut this story is a drag and very ordinary It has your usual hopes of the father sibling rivalry between two brothers the challenges of teenage years growing up finding your way into adulthood and your sexuality Yes folks I found Selection Day to be regular soap opera fodder Think EastEnders moves to Mumbai to see the relatives on an extended holiday Don’t be put off by the boring sport of cricket as this is as relevant as one character having a stall on Walford MarketAravind won the Man Booker Prize in 2008 for his novel The White Tiger which I thought was an okay 3 star read But I found Selection Day to be a POOR read and a big disappointment I did not get pleasure from reading this novel I did not find it entertaining Okay it did not bore the pants off me about cricket as this was only a tiny bit of this sorry novel I did not develop an empathy for the father or his two sons There wasn’t even some spicy sex to liven things up Even the handling of the differences between the Hindu and Muslim faiths was tame So sorry Aravind Selection Day only gets 2 stars from meThanks to NetGalley and the publisher Scribner for giving me a copy of this book on the understanding that I provide an honest review

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Selection DayRe many things about himself and about the world that he doesn't know Everyone around him it seems has a clear idea of who Manju should be except Manju himselfBut when Manju begins to get to know Radha's great rival a boy as privileged and confident as Manju is not everything in Manju's worl. Selection Day is a coming of age story about two talented young brothers Radha and Manju Kumar as they train to become professional cricket players Living in the slums of India with their legit crazy and domineering father they are desperate to get out Their cricket skills eventually get noticed by scouters and then by a rich businessman who offers to sponsor them if they agree to train with a renowned coach in the hopes that at least one of them will be selected to play on a professional teamWith a little extra cash from the sponsor life gets better for the family Their father finally moves them out of the ghetto and they all begin to live a middle class lifestyle But things also getcomplicated Their father gets crazier The boys's relationship with each other gets extremely competitive and destructive Plus the brothers begin to forge new friendships with others that make them uestion their devotion to their father cricket and each other In the end they are forced to decide which relationships are worth fighting for and if they even want to play cricket at allThis is a weird book not gonna lie I've never read anything else by Aravind Adiga but my understanding is that all of his books are like this crazy characters hard to follow dialogue and confusing storytelling Reading this book is definitely an experience but it's an experience you kind of just have to let happen to you I struggled to get through those first 100 pages and only once I stopped obsessing about actually understanding what was going on did I begin to like the bookDespite my struggle reading it I probably would have still given the book four stars but the ending was so disappointing I don't know if Adiga was intentionally trying to make this a road less traveled cautionary tale or something but it fell so so flat I could not have been disappointed with where the story ended upSo three stars it is and no I won't read another one by Adiga Booker Prize winner or not Hmmm I've said that before Maybe Booker Prize winners aren't for meARC provided by publisher through Net GalleySee of my reviews at wwwBugBugBookscom