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Free read ã PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ñ Robert V. Cox The true story of terror in the Pennsylvania mountains Deadly Pursuit follows law enforcement officials on their hunt for a mysterious mountain man responsible for a number of. Robert Cox won the Pulitzer for his vivid deadline reporting of the kidnapping of Peggy Ann Bradnick and the massive manhunt that followed but I'm sorry and I'm not saying this to be glib you wouldn't know it from Deadly Pursuit The writing is pedestrian at best not vivid; the efforts to build suspense clumsy obvious and annoying; Cox writes from the point of view of the victims of each of Hollenbaugh's attacks before the kidnapping the murdered FBI agent the murdered FBI agent's wife for pathos Mary Lou Broderick Bradnick one of her younger sisters was actually named Mary Louise which makes this seem like a pretty damn tactless choice on Cox's part a news photographer police officers sheriff's deputies and oh yeah Robert V Cox himself There's something unspeakably creepy to me about the way he writes about himself in the third person not just that he does it although he'd really be better off to 'fess up and use first since his identity is not secret but the weird flat way Cox's PoV seems not a shred real than that of Terry Anderson which Cox is blatantly making up given that Anderson was killed before the manhunt was even over I found myself surprised that he didn't drop into the PoV of one of the dogs several dogs play critical roles in the story because that's just the sort of cheap emotionally manipulative stunt that seems right up Cox's alley He does not organize his facts well and the way he wanders from PoV to PoV makes it really uite difficult to keep track of what the hell is going onAlso while I'm complaining hoo boy is it 1966 in this book All the police officers and FBI agents and volunteer manhunters are men manly men men in tights; all the women are victims or providers of food no really that's the most contribution any woman in the book makes toward this massive effort they contribute less than the German Shepherds Which are male Women can also cry while men are manly and uncomfortable While Margie and Brenda sobbed both agents remained silent 156 The malefemale activepassive divide is absolute And this is so completely Cox's understanding of the way the world works that it took me two thirds of the book to notice it I don't know if there were really no women actively involved in the manhunt or if Cox just didn't see themSix of the book's 200 pages are spent on Peggy Ann Bradnick's side of the storyHe also keeps raising the uestion of whether Hollenbaugh was really the Mountain Man the guy who'd been terrorizing that part of Pennsylvania for two years but every shred of evidence he gives us indicates the answer is yes I can see why there might be reason to doubt the Mountain Man raped one of his victims but Hollenbaugh did not sexually assault Peggy Ann Bradnick despite holding her captive for eight days the vague confused eyewitness descriptions of the Mountain Man don't match up with Hollenbaugh but Hollenbaugh from Bradnick's testimony was using devices to alter his appearance and otherwise Cox doesn't explain Is there a plausible theory that Shade Gap and environs were being plagued by two such predators If there is I need details; if there isn't stop trying to manufacture mystery out of nothingAccording to Cox Terry Anderson was the sixth FBI agent killed in the line of duty The blog of New York radio station WFMU says ninth On the FBI's list he's number fifteen I think I know who to believe hereSo far as I or Wikipedia know this is the only book about Hollenbaugh's crimes

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Free read Ö Deadly Pursuit Ê PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ The true story of terror in the Pennsylvania mountains Deadly Pursuit follows law enforcement officials on their hunt for a mysterious mountain man responsible for a number of attacks committed over a two year span near the small t S country that proves fatal for several people involved The case was the inspiration for the movie Cry in the Wild The Taking of Peggy Ann starring Megan Fellows and David Mors. I read this story because it was true I read this story because it happen where I once lived I read this story because my family knew the people terrorized in this book My dad was appointed to serve as pastor only a short time after the capture of the mountain man It was chilling at some points

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Deadly PursuitAttacks committed over a two year span near the small town of Shade Gap The case escalates when a woman is abducted sending police on a seven day manhunt through the mountainou. Chilling straightforward 'true crime' story before such books became excessively common on the market about the abduction of a teenage girl in the spring of 1966 and the ensuing large scale manhunt for her criminally insane kidnapper in rural central PennsylvaniaI had first heard of the incident when NBC produced a decent TV movie adaptation in 1991 starring David Morse and David Soul If you can't get a copy of the book check for the flick on YouTube or cable stationsThere is a particularly sad death during the pursuit serving as a reminder of the inherent danger and sacrifices in the law enforcement profession