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Free read The Bright Side Sanctuary for Animals 107 ✓ From the winner of the 2016 Flannery O’Connor Award for Short Fiction comes a tender and funny debut novel set over one emotionally charged weekend at an animal sanctuary in western Kansas where maternal romantic and community bonds are tested in the wake of an estranged daughter’From the winner of the 2016 Flannery O’Connor Award for Short Fiction comes a tender and funny debut novel set over one emotionally charged weekend at an animal sanctuary in western Kansas where maternal romantic and community bonds are tested in the wake of an estranged daughter’s homecomingThe Bright Side Sanctuary for Animals is in trouble It’s late 2016 when Ariel discovers that her mother Mona’s animal sanctuary in Western Kansas has not only been the target of anti Semitic hate crimes but that it’s also for sale due to hidden financial ruin Ariel living a new life in progressive Lawrence and estranged from he. It took me about two pages to bond with Mona She loves animals and hates Trump She is my kinda gal Mona runs the Brightside Animal Sanctuary in a small town in western Kansas She’s recently been hit by a hate crime the burning of her barn and graffiti on the walls of other buildings She’s been estranged from her daughter Ariel for six years But when Ariel learns of the hate crimes and that Mona has put the sanctuary up for sale she returns home The book made me realize my east coast prejudices You mean there are actually liberals in KansasNone of the characters are perfect Both Mona and Ariel make dumb mistakes that hurt the other They have no idea how to communicate with each other and neither can really forgive The book made me feel incredibly sad for these two hurting and hurtful souls At times the book drags But Mandlebaum has an ability to paint a scene so I could easily see it with my mind’s eye She reminds us of all that animals have to teach us if we would only pay attention My thanks to Netgalley and Simon Schuster for an advance copy of this book

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Her life in Lawrence and whether she belongs with Dex or with someone else somewhere else Acclaimed writer Pam Houston says that “Mandelbaum is wise beyond her years and twice as talented” and The Bright Side Sanctuary for Animals poignantly explores the uniue love and tension between mothers and daughters and humans and animals alike Perceptive and funny moving and elouent and ultimately buoyant Mandelbaum offers a panoramic view of family and forgiveness and of the meaning of home Her debut reminds us that love provides refuge and underscores our similarities as human beings no matter how alone or far apart we may feel. I’m pretty much a sucker for animals But absolutely will avoid novels where animals play such a heavy role As you all know animal deaths hit harder You have to mentally be up for uncontrollable ugly crying on the couch over an animal that never existed Yet it happens every damn time So you can see why I was apprehensive Fortunately still interested Send reuestUpon approval I knew exactly what I could expect We’ve seen shows heard firsthand stories and know a few novels where a farm or sanctuary is on the chopping block This story line isn’t new or original but it does apply modern views and beliefs into it Overall I liked the story enough But the ending was infuriating and unnecessary Took my 4 star rating down to a 3 Beyond animals The Bright Side Sanctuary for Animals has a few other story lines going on There is a major disconnect between a few of our narrators Mona mom and Ariel daughter are essentially estranged After a pretty bad incident Ariel returns home after disappearing with no contact for years and years And all this does is muck up the works especially for Mona and Jake Lastly we have Ariel’s recent engagement to celebrate All of these pieces with a little political jargon and you have a decent enough story Minus that horse shit Mandelbaum called an end As far as characters go I find the men to be the better in the bunch Which is interesting considering our main protagonists are female The female characters kind of suck Ariel especially I found her hard to like and even so as the story progressed She was a selfish dick and that really didn’t change in my opinion Jake is unreasonably good and Dex while a goof is also a good dudeNow let’s talk about that shit show of an ending Everything I’ve discussed has been pretty average drama There was nothing profound Farm is in trouble Engagement is rocky Mom Daughter relationship non existent Old lover returns All story lines that should have some sort of wrap up But Mandelbaum for some un fucking known reason decided she didn’t have to wrap up any story lines with anything definitive No answers I’m sorry but this story wasn’t good enough deep enough or profound enough to be left subjectively This isn’t The Leftovers homie people aren’t disappearing There was absolutely NO reason for all of the loose ends to remain unresolved This book is too simple and too overdone for you to leave readers with no answers And if Mandelbaum went with this approach because she is thinking a seuel then the Flannery O’Connor award went to her damn head Fortunately my opinion matters very little in the grand scheme of things But I am curious to see how others feel about this awful approach Thank you NetGalley and Simon Schuster for approving my reuest

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The Bright Side Sanctuary for AnimalsR mother for six long years knows she has to return to her childhood home especially since her own past may have played a role in the attack on the sanctuary Ariel expects tension maybe even fury but she doesn’t anticipate that her first love a ranch hand named Gideon will still be working at the Bright Side Back in Lawrence Ariel’s charming but hapless fiancé Dex grows paranoid about her sudden departure After uncovering Mona’s address he sets out to confront Ariel but instead finds her grappling with the life she’s abandoned Amid the reparations with her mother it’s clear that Ariel is uestioning the meaning of. Thank you NetGalley and Simon Schuster for providing me with a digital copy in exchange for my honest review The cover is what initially drew me to this book because it is so pretty by itself but when I read the title I knew I would have to reuest this one And I am going to say that this was a book that was 100% back and forth for me At times I thought it was going to be 5 stars and at other times it was all the way down to two stars In fact until the last ten pages it was going to be two stars for the win Let me preface all of this by saying that I never 100% connected with one of the main characters Ariel I can completely understand where she was coming from and why she was the way she was but I never really liked her I liked her mother I liked her ex boyfriend and his new girlfriendand even HER mother I liked her new boyfriendfiancéactually I liked him bestand occasionally his best friendand that is saying a lot but till the last ten pages I did not like Ariel Monathe mother was a woman with a dream to save animalsand when that dream had a chance to happen she jumped at it Unfortunately it affected just about every relationship she had even the one with herself in the end She let that dream take over her entire lifeand that is what the book is about Recovering as best you can from such a huge thing I loved reading about the animals and each one clearly had their own personalityHippoBam Bam was my favorite as I am a pitbull Mom myself What kept it from being 5 stars in the end was that I wish it had gone on just a tiny bit I want to know what happened AFTER the end Maybe just ten pages to explain how things ended up all the way around