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FREE DOWNLOAD Û America Before ê Was an advanced civilization lost to history in the global cataclysm that ended the last Ice Age Graham Hancock the internationally bestselling author has made it his life's work to find out and in America Before he draws on the latest archaeological and DNA evidence to bring his uest to a stunning conclusionWe’ve bEs Have archaeologists focused for too long only on the Old World in their search for the origins of civilization while failing to consider the revolutionary possibility that those origins might in fact be found in the New World America Before The Key to Earth's Lost Civilization is the culmination of everything that millions of readers have loved in Hancock's body of work over the past decades namely a mind dilating exploration of the mysteries of the past amazing archaeological discoveries and profound implications for how we lead our lives toda. Graham Hancock has become a victim of his own success what an amazing problem to have Let's face it there is no way to ever top Fingerprints of the Gods or to even match it Heck this latest book isn't even as good as Magicians of the Gods Months and months of buildup and promotion and you read this book and it's really good but it isn't earth shattering Perhaps the worst part is that Hancock's great storytelling gets lost in endless talk about scientific papers and a comet—which I thought we got than enough of in Magicians of the GodsIt is a good book it really is But for me it did not live up to the months and months of hype

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Lished picture and we know now that the Americas were first peopled than 130000 years ago – many tens of thousands of years before human settlements became established elsewhereHancock's research takes us on a series of journeys and encounters with the scientists responsible for the recent extraordinary breakthroughs In the process from the Mississippi Valley to the rainforest he reveals that ancient New World cultures share a legacy of advanced scientific knowledge and sophisticated spiritual beliefs with supposedly unconnected Old World cultur. I was really enthused to read this book given the glowing reviews and how little I know about the Americas before colonization And this book does have some really really interesting insights including ancient man made mounds crop behaviors in the and our ancestors' radically different relationship to the celestial universeHowever these insights are just buried between page after page of criticism of the scientific community I understand that Hancock fundamentally disagrees with their methods and conclusions and he might be totally right But this book is 34 criticism of existing theories and 14 insights about America Before For that reason it's incredibly hard to readPerhaps I am the wrong audience but this book is clearly not for someone like me a lay person that wants to learn about the ancient Americas Instead it's an extraordinarily in depth examination of all the reasons existing science on the Americas is flawed; which is fine it's just not the topic the cover suggests


America BeforeWas an advanced civilization lost to history in the global cataclysm that ended the last Ice Age Graham Hancock the internationally bestselling author has made it his life's work to find out and in America Before he draws on the latest archaeological and DNA evidence to bring his uest to a stunning conclusionWe’ve been taught that North and South America were empty of humans until around 13000 years ago – amongst the last great landmasses on earth to have been settled by our ancestors But new discoveries have radically reshaped this long estab. Hancock delivers another winner The book takes us a step further towards finding definitive proofs of the existence of one or advanced civilizations during the Ice Age civilizations that collapsed with the cataclysm that started the Younger Dryas Hancock focused on America because of a detail found in Plato’s references to Atlantis a detail that others caught on to as well the location of the home of the Egyptians’ ancestors was far from the Atlantic shore in an island larger than “Asia and Libya put together” There’s of course an “island” that fits that description far from the Atlantic coast of Europe and Africa America The continent was also called Turtle Island by thesome Native Americans for some reasonHancock delves into the recent paleontological and geo astronomical developments regarding human presence in the Americas as well as the cataclysm that ended the Ice Age Turns out there’s plenty It’s better to start from what the average person assumes as true regarding that mysterious yet very recent period of human history and the human inhabitation of AmericaWhat everybody needs to realize first is that the Earth during the Ice Age was a different world Look at a map of the landmasses from back then You can see a small version right below but open the enlarged version and compare it with what you know about modern geographyThe British Isles didn’t exist In fact Europe was about twice as large Australia was attached to Papua New Guinea Indonesia wasn’t a series of isles but a large subcontinent called Sundaland about as large as India Japan was attached to China There was no Bering strait a land called Beringia connected Asia and America; in fact you could walk from Galicia in the northwest of Spain to Tierra del Fuego the southern tip of Chile There were a myriad of islands all over the world that are now submergedAs you can see in the following image most of North America was buried under 2 miles of ice There was close to nothing exposed of what is now Canada and the ice caps reached as far south as Chicago Most of northern Europe was buried under similar ice capsThe Earth didn’t change a million years ago to its current state but only 12800 years ago After a cataclysm for which we now have a lot of evidence and until 8000 years ago because the sea levels rose in distinct pulses the ice caps melted to the extent that the sea levels rose around 120 meters395 feet Human beings witnessed an area of exposed land as large as Europe and China put together disappear under the seas and oceans And this didn’t happen when our species had barely descended from the trees when the cataclysm ended the Ice Age we had been anatomically modern for about 117200 years in conservative estimates The coasts entire islands and valleys the best places to build cities got flooded in some cases in a matter of days or hours It’s no wonder that the myths of floods destroying the world have been the most prevalent in hundreds of culturesOur species wasn’t alone during the Ice Age either because we shared this planet with other intelligent species Both Neanderthals and Denisovans developed sophisticated art and jewelry when our own species was still in the Paleolithic The Denisovans have been in the news in the last few years because a refuge of theirs the so called Denisova cave in Siberia millennia old remains are preserved far better in caves but it doesn't mean that they were hanging out in caves all the time is being worked on The next picture is of a bracelet made by Denisovans at least 40000 years ago Look at it and understand what it means proof of absolute intelligence by an intelligent species that isn't usMany or most of our modern stories in the fantasy genre are set in a mythical past where we had to deal wage war and negotiate with other intelligent humanoid species It’s maybe an echo built into our collective unconscious about a period of time much longer than our modern history in which we had to do exactly that Apart from other intelligent species enormous animals generally referred to as megafauna roamed the forests and valleys They had to be sights as taken for granted as the existence of lions elephants giraffes rhinos etc are for us and yet around a hundred species of megafauna went extinct practically overnight from a geological perspectiveNone of the other intelligent species managed to adapt to the post Apocalyptic world either Asterix feared the sky falling on their heads a terror that likely persisted for a long time because that’s exactly what happened for around 21 years the Earth was bombarded with comet fragments from the Taurid stream It’s something of a miracle that anything significant of us survived at all As I mentioned in another review the Apocalypse already happened and we are all the descendants of the wasteland survivorsThe average person with a minimal knowledge about so far back in the past might have retained the following notions That the Ice Age ended because of gradual climate change That the ancestors of the Native Americans crossed the Bering strait to get into the continent some time after the North American ice caps melted You might have heard about a Clovis culture that during the last centuries of the Ice Age managed to cross the narrow path between the Cordilleran and Laurentide ice sheets and settled in North America only to go extinct when the Ice Age ended for no particular reason beyond climate change That the megafauna disappeared because the aforementioned Clovis culture overhunted everything way beyond their ability to exploit it That there used to be other human species but they were barely intelligent That the vikings might have gotten to the Americas before Columbus but that there was no significant contact between Native Americans and the rest of the world That civilization started with Sumeria in the Middle East around 6000 years agoMany of those points were demonstrably false but additionally these last few years there have been enormous discoveries regarding the first inhabitants of the Americas along with their genetic profiles and regarding the cataclysm that changed the face of this planet and started the Younger Dryas You can look at the changes in temperature of the last 17000 years or so in the following graphI’ll list the updated knowledge as of 2019 regarding both topics There are impact proxies and tell tale signs of gigantic wildfires that burned around 9% of the world’s biomass that can only be explained by a comet impact or by a solar micronova and geographical pole shift maybe but a world changing cataclysm in any caseThose impact proxies are materials that are only known to appear in that distribution when an extraterrestrial rock hits the planet with enough force They present the evidence that something produced heat high enough to melt iron for example The last time from the geological record that such a thing happened to this degree a comet had erased the dinosaurs While a lot of Siberians and Asians must have crossed the Bering strait when the Ice Age ended there were already people in the continent way before the Clovis culture that for a long time were considered the first people to inhabit it How far back is troublesome In just these last few years sites with intelligent activity have been found from 20000 30000 50000 and around 130000 years ago The last one is particularly mind boggling because anatomically modern humans have only have been supposed to exist for around 130000 years Many tribes in the are genetically similar to Australasians than to Siberians and Europeans In fact the genetic signs support that there were different founding populations for the Americas and that maybe even North America was populated from the South Many scientists consider that the “out of Africa” theory of human development must be scrapped The genetic links around the world support that anatomically modern humans started in Australasia and that in fact Africa was one of the last places to have been inhabited Native Australian genes pop up in the strangest places The overhunting hypothesis for the extinction of dozens of species of megafauna is blatantly ridiculous Not only they disappeared in different continents and amongst them were vicious predators that early hunter gatherers would have serious trouble with but massive die offs have been unearthed in which thousands of mammoths and other species died almost instantaneously buried by cement like mud some flash frozen to the extent that the content of their stomachs were preserved There are many skeletons of megafauna that have been torn apart as if hit by a gigantic fist for example a mammoth with its feet lodged in the ground but the body having been ripped from them Human beings didn’t kill off the megafauna Saying otherwise is like stating that if a comet hits us today and every duck species goes extinct the fact that people hunted ducks up to this point contributed to their extinction Well yes Only in the most meaningless technical sense Our cousin human species were intelligent and in the case of the Neanderthals even intelligent than us or at least managed to evolve uicker They had a greater brain size as well; although that doesn't necessarily correlate with intelligence they reached the Neolithic about a couple dozen thousands of years before homo sapiens sapiens They were artistic and sensitive That all the remaining species of human beings went extinct is an almost unimaginable tragedy Look up Göbekli Tepe and absorb what it impliesIt was built in the 9th10th century BC around the time the Younger Dryas ended in one of the few areas of the world connected to the oceans through the Mediterranean that didn’t change significantly in comparison with so many other places of the world that went underwater Although I’ve seen other maps better than the shown below the idea is that agriculture started in the same area as Göbekli Tepe which displays knowledge and sophistication that had no precedent in the historical record It supports the idea that some civilized people who lost their homelands resettled there and taught the locals; one of Hancock’s main points Additionally the whole thing about civilization starting 6000 years ago is based on Abrahamic numerology Even the Egyptians and Sumerians had records of kings having reigned around 30000 years from their eras and the Egyptians themselves taught that their ancestors had left their homeland 9000 years before their era which would coincide as well with the end of the Younger DryasRegarding contact with the ancient Native Americans and the rest of the world here is where Hancock found new clues that links its inhabitants from North to South to Egypt Australasia and other places that the survivors of the lost civilizations visited in order to rekindle civilization in isolated groups of hunter gatherers Some Native American myths are nearly identical to Egyptians’ stories about the afterlife down to absurd details see uotes I added from the book Some of the ian tribes have origin myths of their cultures that are almost identical from those in non ian South America that a band of “supernaturals” somehow associated with serpents taught them agriculture construction astronomy etc and built mounds where in the future monuments should be constructed Same thing happened the mound building in EgyptIt looks like echoes of the lost civilizations endured in the ancient world right until the point when Christianity took over Rome and began the burning and destruction of temples libraries and in general anything related to the prehistory and polytheism The lost ancient civilization was intriguingly very often associated with serpents had serpent like canoes seemed to pass on the symbol of serpents as the image of gigantic winding floods andor the Milky Way the headdresses of the most ancient cultures that featured mound building astronomically aligned monuments etc also used serpent symbolism for their royalty etc In fact the Genesis of the Hebrews could be translated as those serpent people interacted with our women and that's why everything went to shit Serpents didn't use to symbolize evil before the Abrahamic religions eitherI remember that one of the first concrete clues that we had about a sea faring civilization from deep antiuity that had explored the world comes from the Piri Re'is map when the Ottomans conuered Constantinople in the 15th century they took for themselves manuscripts that had been kept in their vaults many of them that in turn came from the library of Alexandria Piri Re'is compiled his world map of which only part of the Western half survived through copying extremely ancient crumbling maps and they showed not only somewhat controversially Antarctica hundreds of years before it was discovered in modern times but also islands and parts of the world as they were when the sea levels were far lower for example the Bimini road which is now submerged therefore at least 8000 years ago but likely during the Ice Age If the library of Alexandria had survived we likely would have known already everything there was to know about our collective past before the cataclysm We had a second chance but monotheistic barbarism killed it as well when my ancestors those who were Christians at least invaded the Americas they imposed their religion on the Incas and Maya The Incas were illiterate although a lot could have been learned from their oral history but the Maya were very literate and in fact the Spanish chroniclers gloat about how they burned thousands and thousands of codices that contained all they knew about history and their ancestors Anything that wasn't Christian belonged to the devil and so it goesAs an aside the people we know as the Inca apparently weren't The society was divided between the plebs and a ruling class that intriguingly and according to the mummies found didn't belong to the same race The term Inca was used for the ruling class and they had been exterminated in a civil war shortly before the Spanish came Brien Foerster has attempted to do genetic research on those strange mummies some of which seem to have genetically elongated skulls as well as differences in dental development but it seems to have gone nowhere because reputable laboratories don't want to touch controversial topicsRegarding the paleontological and archaeological evidence waiting in North America beyond what’s buried under a Walmart or that during the expansion of the United States was demolished because it was “Indian nonsense” consider that North America suffered possibly the worst floods in the history of this planet I leave it to the great Randall Carlson to explain the almost supernatural floods that scoured thousands of kilometersI had heard that Hancock had suffered from health issues but after his explanation on this book I worry that he doesn't have many books left When he was a teenager he had the bright idea of touching the outlet of his parents' fridge while barefoot and on a pool of water The shock threw him against a wall and he had the kind of out of body experience we've heard before he saw himself from above while feeling relieved from having gotten rid of the weight of his body That likely started his interest in alternative states of consciousness Although he ended up surviving obviously from then on he suffered from numerous migraines that he apparently needed to inject himself daily to prevent However while writing this book he suffered a stroke through which he discovered not only a previously undiagnosed heart condition but that the medicine he had been taking for the migraines was going to kill him So now he has to tolerate disabling migraines or risk dying I have a migraine once every twothree months; it makes me unable to work or even think coherently If I don't take medication in time the next couple of days I'll suffer a terrible headache There's also a risk that any of them might do permanent damage to your brain After the initial stroke Hancock suffered a few and ended up getting put into an induced coma and intubated There's always the risk of getting out of a stroke so diminished that you can't barely think properly or that what used to drive you doesn't any because that function of your brain has been compromised; for example after the brilliant novelist John Fowles author of The Collector and The Magus suffered a stroke he found that he didn't want tocouldn't write any I haven't heard much of Dawkins either after he suffered hisUPDATE Hancock has just gone on Joe Rogan to talk about this book videoIn summary don't you dare die before you find the definitive proof of the lost civilization Hancock